How to Persuade the Media to Feature You as an Expert

VIDEO: How to Persuade the Media to Feature You as an Expert

You already know the quickest way to get publicity to help build your profile and boost your profits is by targeting a handful of media outlets at a time with a targeted pitch… 

… and then persuade them to book you for an interview or do a feature story on your business.

But how? In this weeks episode of In Bed With Ben we take a look at;

  • 3 Types of Content That Will Help You Get Their Attention
  • The No.1 Biggest Mistake People Make When Pitching to The Media
  • How to Create a Press Release in Under 30 Minutes
  • The Ideal Length for Press Releases / Articles

Hit play now and be sure to leave a comment below. I check in frequently to help answer any of your questions.

Yours truly,

Ben Angel

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  • Ben Angel

    What breaking news stories could you provide an opinion on?

    Let us know now by posting a comment here! 🙂


  • Sandi

    I’m not a blogger so I feel your exercise is not for me. But I did find some information interesting that suits what I want for my business.
    I am an Adelaide S.A. based jewellery designer and have built a fairly solid almost full time business with Australia’s largest range of barefoot sandals for beach, garden & destination weddings, Christening & Naming days for babies & kids. And also make bridal jewellery.
    I have been gifting products to many celebrities, here in Australia and the US.but I just seem to be getting no response from most celebrities. especially A listers.
    I donate products to a lot of charities for galas & fundraisers.
    I want to get my products to a lot of Aussie tv personalities as well as Aussie TV shows.
    So I think your strategies might be just what I’m looking for to grow my brand.
    thank you Ben

    • Ben Angel

      Hi Sandi, thanks for your comments. Re. not being a blogger, regardless, you are still an expert in your field of expertise. This is not to be discounted. We see experts like you in the media all of the time making recommendations for others, i.e. what’s hot right now in bridal jewellery. You could approach so many lifestyle magazines with your opinions on the latest and hottest gifts for Christmas – prime opportunity right now for you. You’ve got a fantastic opportunity to develop content around this that can help boost your sales, particularly using it in the form of ‘native marketing’ as mentioned within the video. 🙂 Re. a-listers, in most cases you may find that some of them are actually getting paid to wear certain pieces to represent the brand. I would attempt to contact their management to find out. It will most likely take numerous attempts. Secondly, never give up. I’ll never forget the story of an American brand sending Oprah a gift basket every single year for 10 years before it got featured on ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’ show. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep going with the faith and trust that something will click, whilst continuing with the strategies that are generating revenue right now. Thanks so much for commenting. Stay in touch. Ben 😉

      • Sandi

        Thanks for the response Ben,
        I have only just seen it New Years day !
        although I design & make a range of conventional bridal jewellery pieces, my niche and specialty is in barefoot sandals, foot jewellery for beach, garden & destination weddings, and barefoot sandals for baby 7 children for Christenings, Baptisms, Naming Day ceremonies and baby photo shoot props.
        Since my sales have been stolen by cheap knock-offs from China flooding the market, For Christmas my mentor suggested I design a range of all types of jewellery pieces but with a classy Christmas theme. which I did.
        I invested well into it with the best quality supplies so it was classy not cheesey,
        I gave quite a few pieces to facebook fans with giveaways I ran, and I gifted full sets of the christmas collection to 6 Australian music artists who I have become friends with through social media, so they had lovely jewellery to wear while they performed at concerts & cabarets, Carold by Candelight performances etc.
        yet I sold nothing !!

        Getting back to being an expert in my field, I research and set out regular posts on facebook & twitter about the benefits of going barefoot, what wearing high heel shoes does to your feet & body, any kind of scientific facts I come across, and try to inform & educate. I post funny facts & quirky things people do or have done throughout history being barefooted.

        But I have no idea on how to contact the right people in bridal or lifestyle magazines.
        I have been doing it the hard way getting giftings to celebrities, one by one.
        I did 2 years of paying a Celebrity Gifting PR company in the USA to get products to Hollywood A-listers for their birthdays & baby showers with no success from any of the celebs.
        Yes, I realise people like Kim Kardashian won’t wear anything unless she gets paid big $$$ to endorse it, but a quick “thankyou” note would have done me.
        I was actually chosen by the PR company to gift to “Oprah’s Favourite Things” but I have a suspicion that the PR comp. are not getting the products to many of these celebs we are paying to place.
        the husband of one recipient replied to my tweet with the press release that “it never happened” “you got ripped off” “we received nothing from that company”
        causing them to go into damage control, and since that I have been removed from their mailing lists and offers.
        So I do keep trying.. I just want to get more giftings done with Aussie celebrities now !!

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