How to Get Free Publicity Within Minutes

How to Get Free Publicity Within Minutes

Getting publicity for your business can give it just the boost you need to skyrocket its sales. And, did you know that there are daily opportunities for you to get featured in the media… and they don’t cost anything!

You just a. have to know where to find them and b. know how to reply to them. 

In this weeks episode of ‘In Bed With Ben,’ I share with you both, plus, how to;

  • Secure media coverage within minutes
  • 3 keys to securing an interview (including what ‘not to do’)
  • What it really takes to get major publicity
  • Create a bio that instantly gets the media’s attention

Hit play now and be sure to leave a comment below. I check in frequently to help answer any of your questions.

Yours truly,

Ben Angel

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  • Ben Angel

    Why would you love to get publicity?

    Let us know now by posting a comment today. I check in frequently to answer your questions and to help out in general. 🙂


    • Sonia

      I am a Cairns based Interior Designer/Color Consultant. My business name is Creative Interiors. I am also a trained Visual Artist/BVA.
      I promote my business through a business card and via Social Media – Facebook.
      I obtain referrals through Haymes Paint. Ideally I would like to work for Haymes Paint but still run my own business.
      I plan on opening up a showroom in the near future as I have Trade Accounts with various Suppliers.
      I have also carried out art commissions so want to incorporate selling my art to clients etc

  • Lisa

    Having invented Tubbies – The Coolest Way to Eat Ice Cream, I need media attention to get the product out there.

    I do ok but would like more. I have been using Sourcebottle for a few years now and I find it invaluable.

    Thanks Ben for your videos’.


  • renee

    I believe in One Voice, One Vision, One Victory- Sister Nations is the name of my organization.Our vision is that women of all colors, economic and religious backgrounds can come together to create a world where women who do not have a voice will have a voice because we will be their voice, where children can grow up with access to the necessary resources and opportunities to build a better world, and where women can experience the full manifestation of the original intent of their creation. Publicity will allow me to build the network of resources, inspire women, provide resources, support and products and services, as well as get the message of the Ezer K’Negado to the masses.

  • Sandi

    After building a brand and reputation over the past 7 years designing & making Australia’s largest range of handcrafted barefoot sandals in the bridal industry sales have recently slid backwards due to cheap knock-offs mass produced in China being resold in the market place.
    Where I had a niche market and clientele, many are not thinking of quality products like mine and opt for cheaper versions. (these resellers use other businesses photos of hiqh quality products, so what the customers end up getting is a “throw-away” product that is nowhere near the quality of the photos)
    And most of the time the customers don’t realise there is a difference in quality made products compared to cheap imitations because it is something they have only just found as an option to going barefoot to a beach wedding. Although the concept has been around for hundreds of years, I’m making it modern and “with the times”.
    I see so many beach brides barefooted. it bugs me they didnt think or didnt know about my products.
    Would love to get my products onto channel 7’s Home & Away for a beach wedding.
    have already been seen on Four Weddings Australia a few years ago, but no brand or name was mentioned.
    so it has set my business back many years.

  • Sonia

    My business us called Creative Interiors – business cards promote my business and also through facebook/social media. I have various trade accounts with Suppliers within Australia. Ultimately I would like to sell the products via a Showroom having over 20 years experience in Sales/visual merchandising. I promote my business specializing in Interior Design, Colour Consultancy/Visual Merchandising. I get referrals from Haymes Paint – Colour Consultancy/Recommendations (Exterior and Interior) I have worked for a major building company – my name was not recognized. My design work appeared on a business promotion with Signature Prints (Sydney) I had completed/designed bedrooms in Florence Broadhurst Designs (whilst working for Coast) I was the Interior Designer.
    I intend to promote my business through meeting with Builders and various Suppliers. My ultimate goal is to open a Showroom in the same name – Creative Interiors. I also am a trained visual artist – BVA degree James Cook University and have carried out various art commissions. I intend to incorporate producing artworks in conjunction with selling brand name furniture and homewares and would like to specialize in selling fabrics through Signature Prints etc.
    I need to devise a business plan. Complete a corse in business/marketing.

  • Julie

    Hi Ben,

    I’m Julie from Bra Dilemmas By “Abracadabra”

    I watch and read everyhthing you send to me. I hear and understand you, but boy I struggle to put your advice into practice for my ideas and business. Is it because I’m a service and don’t have a product. People ask what my idea is, but when I tell them they say, “Lots of bra boutiques or Department stores do fittings for free”. so why go with you?
    Well, 80% of women are still in the incorrect bra size, with fittings, because we are lead to believe, its all about the size on the label and not the fit. If women only knew their breast shape, spacing, position on their chest etc they could find a bra style to suit their exact body shape. If women knew what a bra should look like on, and how it should feel on. It would make such a difference to their clothes, posture and confidence etc.
    I have left business cards at Plastic Surgeons rooms, written free articles and even paid to be in a glossy Cosmetic Surgery magazine.

    When you say Ben, its not about me. I have my cridentials up on my Website to back up, that I am trained in all areas I say I am, is this wrong?
    I see celebrities with their own Lingerie ranges but know nothing about bras. Especially when it comes to a photoshoot for their brand, and the fit is dreadful on the models.
    I responded to a twitter article that Marie Claire wrote on bras, that was so in correct. It infuriates me that I don’t have a voice, because I’m a nobody! Everything is aimed at making the sale, (whether or not it fits, just make the sale) nobody really cares any more, but I do. I still care and I don’t know where to go from here.

    Love your help if you can, I really do care and could make a difference!

    Thank You Ben!


  • Alicia

    Beard oils and balms are one of the latest crazes in mens fashion. Not only are oils and balms fashionable, they also offer multiple health benefits to their owners. Being the only female producer of Australian Beard Oils, and noting their popularity globally, I would love to share what we are doing on a much larger scale. Last year we raised money for a QLD charity and later this year we will be running our second charity event. Our aim is to make this an event where bearded men from all over the globe come to share their bearded magnificence.

  • Alicia

    Oh, and thanks for the opportunity to share Ben 🙂

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