Top 10 Tech Tools to Build Your Business (QUICKLY!)

Question: What’s the quickest way to increase your revenue and profit margins?

Answer: By having the sharpest tools in your toolkit.

If you want to be at the top of your industry you need to be using the best tools available. That means constantly keeping your eyes open for new systems or software to give you the edge over the competition.

Today I am introducing you to 10 of the top tech tools which will help you quickly build your business this year.  

These tools, which I use and recommend to friends, family and colleagues, are those which have had the biggest impact on my business overall.  They have sped up the processes in my business, which has in turn resulted in increased profit margins and productivity, faster turnaround times and the use of less resources.

Over 10 years of marketing online, consulting to major businesses and adding millions to their bottom lines, these are the tools and resources I keep coming back to time and time again.

1. Infusionsoft – Infusionsoft describes itself as “the only all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce into one system.” The system takes a while to get your head around but there are ample training videos available, and it is well worth the effort. It’s not the cheapest on the market but it has an unprecedented ability to respond to your prospect’s behaviour and put in front of them the products and services that they are ready to buy ‘right now.’ You certainly won’t get this capability from sites such as Aweber. This is a complete customer relationship management software. Learn more here >

2. Evernote – This is a great system for helping you remember and track things. Evernote is available for desktop or as an app for your mobile device. You can type in a note, record a voice message or even save the clipping of a web article. I used this to help me write my 3rd book, ‘Flee 9-5, Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love.’ I even keep my business plan in its entirety within Evernote to help me manage all my projects in the one place. I have it on my HTC One phone for easy access and can share notes with my virtual assistants quickly. Learn more here >

3. 99Designs – If you need graphic design work done why commit to one designer when you can choose from the ideas of many? 99Designs has designers competing for your work. All you need to do is fill out a design brief and list it, and you’ll have 20+ designers submitting possible designs back to you. You then give feedback on each one to help them refine their designs and, after 7 days, choose your favourite. It is great for logos, websites, business cards and virtually any design need. I love that you are able to choose from many options and see the different perspectives on your work. Learn more here >

4. Unbounce – I use Unbounce to host my product landing pages. It allows you to quickly set-up a landing / sales page and create different versions so you can do A/B split testing. The templates are fantastic. You don’t have to be a tech whizz to use them nor do you have to hire a designer to make them look good.  The system has saved me money. It has automatically increased my conversions and given me a quicker turnaround which boosts my revenue in a shorter space of time. In fact, Unbounce has reduced my sales landing page creation time from 3 months to just 1 week!!! Can’t argue with that! Learn more here >

5. Hootsuite – This is a social media dashboard through which you can manage all of your social media accounts.  No more logging in and out of multiple pages each day. I can post to Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Facebook through this one central point which saves me a lot of time and allows me to easily monitor all of my pages in the one place. Learn more here >

6. North Social – Through their platform of apps, you can create specialised social media campaigns to help build your brand and boost fan engagement. Each app uses a template system so it’s quick and easy to upload your content and images. Build fan only offers, coupons and competitions to attract more interest and create excitement around your brand. The platform is used by big companies such as Sony Music, MSN, Virgin and JVC so you know it works. Learn more here >

7. Sprout Video – Video is becoming an increasingly important business tool. Read a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald, called ‘Secrets to Six Figure Success’ in which I was interviewed on video marketing. Video marketing has increased my business significantly within a short period of time so it should be part of your marketing systems, too. Instead of hosting your sales videos on YouTube, I recommend hosting them via Sprout Video. It is affordable, has all the features of YouTube but makes it easier for me to track my conversion rates. Learn more here >

8. PR Web – Spreading the word about your business on the web and in mainstream media is key to dramatically increasing your sales. PR Web allows you to quickly distribute press releases on the worldwide web to major news sites and search engines, and straight to targeted audiences.  PR Web also hosts your release, putting it in front of millions of visitors every day. Learn more here >

9. Amazon / CreateSpace – If you’re an author, speaker or service provider, selling an e-book or a physical book is critical to further establishing your credibility and presence in the marketplace. CreateSpace is part of Amazon.  It allows you to post and distribute your digital content worldwide to markets that may otherwise be unreachable to you, thereby introducing your brand to new prospects. I do recommend using their professional services to upload your content as it can be incredibly time consuming. Learn more here >

10. Get Friday – Not many people know this, but I don’t have a massive team supporting me. I used too but it became expensive and dramatically lessened my personal productivity. I like having my freedom. For over 7 years now I’ve used virtual assistants at Get Friday to manage my customer service emails for me and to conduct research. Although it’s not a ‘tech’ tool, I use them to help me leverage and manage the other tools on this list, saving me time, stress and anxiety. Learn more here >

I found each of these tools as a result of trial and error. Although each has its pros and cons, I always come back to these tools because of their approach to consistent improvement and because they really work.

Do your own due diligence for each one. Which of the top 10 do you use? Post in the comments below and let us know your experiences with each.


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  • Ben Angel

    What’s been your experience with any of the posts above? Post a comment and share your thoughts today.

  • Adrian

    Great tech tools Ben! Thanks for sharing.
    As a tech myself this stuff excites me.
    My favourite tool is Google Apps for business. This syncs your emails, calendars and documents all in the cloud. Best tool on the market in my opinion.

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks Adrian! I’m a massive fan of Google Apps. I live in the cloud these days. 🙂 Thanks for posting. Ben

  • Megan Iemma

    Thanks Ben for your research. I am a technology coach, so some of those I use..but there are some fantastic free websites or tools that do make a difference esp to small business. Great to see you had evernote as number 2 on your list.

  • Melissa Rolfe

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve used 99Designs numerous times and love them! There’s nothing like having a bunch of designers showing what their vision is for your brand upfront, and then getting to choose between them. Look forward to trying out some of the others on the list.

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