It is predicted that 80% of the world’s internet traffic will take the form of video in 2019 and 72% of mobile traffic will be video content.

Add to the fact that viewers are now anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (what???!)

The bottomline, you need to pay attention to video and start seriously planning your video marketing strategy.

And as the old saying goes, “there is no time like the present!”

I’ve been using video marketing for a number of years and I am 100% clear that when properly planned and produced, video can more than double your conversion rates  – fast.

If you’re not using video in your marketing you are seriously missing out.

In my recent blog post “Report: Ushering in a new era of marketing: are you ready” I mentioned some stats around facebook shaking up the video marketing landscape and ‘coming for’ YouTube.

It’s simple – we cannot escape the power of video as a powerful marketing tool – now and in the future – and looking at the stats, why would you want to?

That’s precisely why you need to know the formula and have a checklist to review as you’re setting out to create a brilliant video marketing strategy for your own business, regardless of the product or service you sell, or industry you work in.

How to create engaging video for your tribe.

Well-oiled marketing machines run on formulas. To create engaging video for your tribe, you can follow this simple formula:


Let’s dive into the formula now in more detail. I also recommend printing off this blog post right now, so you’ve got this for future reference. 



Outline your strategy for your video and it will be easier to create!

At this stage you need to identify the ultimate aim of your video and how you are going to create ROI by creating a marketing plan around it.

Firstly, what is the goal of the video – are you looking to use the video as a branding exercise?

Are you creating a sales video to drive immediate cash flow into the business, or is it to be used as an added educational bonus for your subscribers or on a landing page to achieve other key objectives such as, new leads, upsells, reduce refunds / cancellations etc?

Is it an interview that helps to assert you as the authority, or lend credibility from another who is already established within your industry?

Are you telling a personal story, sharing a case study or selling a new course or product and aiming to create buzz that converts?

Are you starting to see how versatile video is!

Secondly, what is your plan for the video once it’s produced?

Yes, upload it to your website, to YouTube, to Facebook, to Instagram (and anywhere else). However, to create virality you need a little bit more. An email series to your subscribers about the benefits of the video, a Facebook campaign based around the video, YouTube advertising using your video as a teaser, post it in any forums you’re a part of – with video the opportunities are endless.

Creating the videos are just one part, you must drive views for it to convert sales 24/7.

Finally, within your strategy you should outline what you would like your viewer to do once they’ve watched the video. Is your aim for them to share it as part of a viral branding strategy to expose your brand to new prospects and generate more leads, or do you want them to move to the next stage in a sales process and ‘sign up’ or ‘buy now’?

STOP: A note on sales videos

If you’re creating a sales video then your video needs to outline the key problem or problems that you set out to solve for your viewers. Then, as with any simple and effective marketing message – ensure you also outline the solution you’re offering.  

Sometimes when presenting a video you can miss these essential steps, blinded (almost literally) by the lights and camera, trying to convey a million things at once, and stick to a script, and suck in your stomach, and not sweat…plus so much more.

There’s an art to writing video sales scripts that convert – more on that later.

The key is to be clear on your strategy from the beginning so you can stick to the game plan. Entrepreneurs, small business owners and social media marketers quickly get kicked off the field if they haven’t got a strategy. Which is why, this first step, is the most crucial. 




The tools you use to create your video can be the difference between a stylish, polished video and something that looks very cheap and nasty.

There’s a plethora of options available to you to do this cost effectively. Especially if you’re on a budget.

Here’s a just a snapshot of some of the tools I consistently use to produce high quality video for my tribe;

1. A winning video script (more on that later)

2. CRM system (This is how to create automated conversions) A CRM System is designed to follow up those that opt-in to your website with a series of targeted emails that help them to convert – otherwise known as Lifecycle Marketing. We recommend and use Infusionsoft. Click here for a Free Lifecyle Marketing Planner

3. Camera & Laptop – you’ll have a need for speed with your laptop and you’ll need to discover the settings for the camera that will make your video pop. (stay tuned, I’ll be delving into these details very soon.)

4. Quality Audio – don’t use the microphone on the camera. It makes it sound echoey. I always recommend a lapel mic.

5. Final Cut Pro (This is a production and editing tool)

6. Envato Marketplace (A great source of backgrounds, images, music and graphics that you can buy a license to for use in your videos)

7. Lighting – Softbox lights are a must for quality. On ebay, they can be as little as $150 for a set of three.

8. Teleprompter software – search the app store. There are countless options.

The equipment and the tools you use do not have to cost a fortune. In fact, once you have a video recorder, lighting and an editing tool you can consistently produce high-quality video on a tight budget. Or, you can hire the equipment out to dip your toe in the water first.

For my business, 100% of our income and sales are influenced as a result of video. For us, it’s a no brainer to invest in great equipment. It’s a driving force in our business.




Presentation goes hand in hand with Strategy.

You know the aim of the video, you know what you would like your viewer to do once they’ve watched it, you have all your tools (hardware and software) in place… now it’s time to present it!

Before you present you should structure the flow of the video – trust me this will save you A LOT of time (and energy and money).

Write out the key points you want to talk about, explain and provide guidance on (remember – all aimed at solving a problem and solution).

Think about how long you want your video to be, what are the main questions you want to ask, and what emotions and feelings are you trying to convey in the video?

The presentation should be structured in such a way to pull psychological triggers based on proven techniques.

This is in the words you use, the tone you use, the facial expressions, music, graphics and backgrounds.

The presentation creates the entire feel of the video.  It also has to be authentic, true to your brand values and resonate with your viewers, enticing them to take the action you’ve set out for the video to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to have fun!

The only thing your competitors can’t copy, is the essence of who you are. Ben Angel

Now is the time to let your personality shine through. Relax into it and even imagine you’re talking with friends to create that instant connection with your audience.

Once you have your strategy, your tools and your presentation covered, you can edit the video (a crucial step that I go through in my new video marketing program – stay tuned for details) and review the content to ensure you’ve hit all the key points you set out to achieve, and publish it!

Quick tip – You can have fun with video and still create a ROI.

In 2015 I produced a video in response to sending out a call to entrepreneurs to post their Halloween Entrepreneurial Horror  Stories. This video was purely a fun, anecdotal story about a few weeks in my life when I first travelled to New York and nothing went as planned (in fact Hurricane Sandy happened)

If you haven’t seen the video, watch it below.

This video was fun to produce, took less than an afternoon and cost less than $100, however it contains all the elements we’ve just talked about.

There was a clear strategy and story, I was authentic and true to my brand, I talked about my book, Flee 9-5: Get 6-7 Figures and Do What You Love, I created some fun editing sequences and backgrounds and music… It was published on’s YouTube channel, and is still getting viewed to this day.

This video shows a different side of my personality that many may have not been exposed to yet to create connection.

It’s vital that your video marketing strategy contain different aspects of your brand. Just like a person, your business must convey a well-rounded personality, i.e. fun, serious, credible.

Different videos are used for different outcomes. Speak to your audience and watch your following grow.

Your video marketing checklist!


Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you create share-worthy video for the new social media economy:

1. Are you clear (and will your viewers be clear) on the purpose of the video?

Is the video aimed at educating, inspiring, motivating or informing your audience? Are you offering a solution to a specific problem for your viewers? Is this video going to generate sales and does it have a specific call to action?

2. Are you optimized to benefit with Lifecycle Marketing?

Having a full video marketing plan that includes how your CRM System will kick in after they’ve engaged with your video is crucial. A CRM System needs to be part of your overall marketing plan, otherwise, you’ll find leads, sales and profits leaking out of your business daily. Click here to download a free Lifecycle Marketing Planner from Infusionsoft for more details on “LCM”

3. Are you using a tested, templated video script?

Starting from scratch and writing the script yourself can waste time and money. Some companies have paid tens of thousands to award winning copywriters to write a winning script. So do your research, look at the best video scripts that convert – then see how your product or service – and your personal voice and company tone – can work towards the same script. Context is key here!

(I have a winning sales script that has consistently generated 6-figure sales and I am sharing this script in my ground-breaking video program, which I’ll tell you more about in the coming weeks.)

4. Do you have a marketing plan for your video?

Are you going to upload your video on your website or facebook page and expect it to ‘go viral’? Good luck to you if that is your strategy. As with all successful marketing campaign, planning is key! It would be a shame to go through all the work of staging, producing and presenting a high-quality video without then having a strategy to back up your visual message. Step one is filming the video, step two is ramping up the promotion and getting eyeballs. The two go hand in hand.

5. Have you included a ‘call to action’ or next step?

Spell it out! Whatever action you are hoping your viewers to take once they’ve seen the video so you can create the best ROI for your time and effort in producing the video.

 6. Are you being authentic?

Do you come across as yourself? Is the video in the same tone as your brand? Be YOU+ and what I mean by that is, be 20% more energetic, enthusiastic, and emotive. Once you produce a few videos you will be able to see the difference in yourself, when you don’t follow this rule – your viewers will know and it will impact your conversion rates.



Think about 3 videos that you can start planning and producing today that will go miles towards increasing your conversion rates, attracting major publicity (many media interviews I’ve done have come after a journalist has viewed one of my videos), generating new leads and filling your sales funnel full of prospects that your CRM system can convert on autopilot.  

And, I want you to stop and really think…

How will it impact your business if you leave it another 6 months before leveraging video to grow your business… and your competitors jump the queue ahead of you and beat you to the punch?

Underestimate video marketing at your own peril.

Get out there and get started with video – you’ll be ecstatic you did!

My aim with sharing some of my tips on how to plan and produce a phenomenal video, is to help you unlock some of the secrets behind this amazing marketing medium and help to set you up as an expert in your industry – leaving your competitors scratching their heads.

If your 2016 goal is to incorporate effective video campaigns into your marketing plan, then get ready!

I’ll be releasing some details about a brand new, ground-breaking online video marketing course that I have developed, from my experiences using video for a number of years now.

In the course I will be outlining all the elements that I use to create videos that sell, engage and go viral.

Get ready!

In the meantime, let us know below.

What are 3 videos you’d love to produce to help market your business this year?

Post your ideas in the comments below and I’ll be back again with another post on video marketing very shortly, but not before I throw out some suggestions to your ideas below. 😉

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Showing 20 comments
  • Natalie Stokes

    Ooh! Good question. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Here are my ideas so far for my life coaching business;

    1. Motivational video on procrastination
    2. Sales video that better sells the benefits of my coaching (it’s just not jumping out at them when they visit the site through a written word)
    3. Doing regular educational videos based on questions they email me.

    Thanks for your posts FYI. I’ve wanted to do video for a while, but haven’t known how or had the confidence. I’m looking forward to more from you. 🙂

    P.S. You make a great Wolverine!!! lol

    • Ben Angel

      Awesome start Natalie! 😉

      Shoot me an email when you put your first one up. I’d love to see it.

  • Tay Reynolds

    Hmm, we sell designer handbags. I’m thinking….

    1. Doing a short feature video with handbag of the week in it, maybe a really simple one showing how the bag could be paired with different clothes etc.
    2. The latest fashion tips
    3. We also need some kind of branding video, you’ve mentioned a lot about doing something around your message – not directly selling a product or service.


    • Ben Angel

      Fantastic ideas Tay. You’re absolutely on the right track. 🙂

  • Chelsea H.

    We’re in real estate Ben. We’ve dabbled in video, but with no real success yet. I can see now we didn’t have a strategy attached to it. Just got caught up in the excitement. Thanks for the tips!!! Printing off as we speak.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Chelsea, glad to see you’ve uncovered why. I always tell my clients, revise, and relaunch. Each time you relaunch, you get closer to your outcome. Most try once, then give up! Great to see you’re not one of them. 🙂

  • David Haverly

    Hey Ben, I actually found out about you via your entrepreneur halloween video!

    We offer insurance and we’ve noticed a lot of people getting ripped off lately or selling the wrong package. So, I’m thinking;
    1. A “how to” not get ripped off
    2. What they should be looking for
    3. One that introduces our ethos – I know we don’t stand apart in marketing, we all look the same these days. I think this will help separate us from the rest. Our industry is slow to catch onto new ways of marketing. I think we’ve got a great opportunity. Thanks for your work!

    • Ben Angel

      That’s awesome David! I think video 3 will have a huge impact on your audience. It’s definitely missing from your industry.

  • Emily Meyers

    Huh! Loved the Wolverine Ben!!! 🙂

    You’ve given me a lot to think about. I’m gonna need to sleep on this one. I’m really excited. I’ve been busting to do video for a while, but haven’t known where to get started with it. !


    • Ben Angel

      lol, thanks Emily!!!

      I got the idea to do it from a halloween party I attended – also an excuse not to shave. 😉

      Post up here after you’ve slept on it. I can’t wait!

  • Annette Deverell

    Like Emily, we’ve been really keen to use video in our marketing in ages. There’s been a lack of advice on strategy around it. Thanks for the checklist. I’ve printed it off and we’re discussing it in our next team meeting. 🙂 Stay tuned for an update.

    • Ben Angel

      I couldn’t agree more Emily – also a lack of advise on how to do it cost effectively. It certainly doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t have to be Oprah to get in front of a camera. 🙂 Keep an eye out for more tips.

  • Janet Kilalo

    Hi Ben,
    I love this insights about video shooting. It is quite an eye opener. Am thinking of ideas….can it work with with a media terms of listeners tuning in and clients booking their commercials?

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks so much Janet! I love your idea, and yes it can absolutely work. I’d produce short little promotional videos promoting the show, then direct them over to your site to sign up, download an app. etc. You want to get them off of Facebook and into what I call your “hub of influence.” That way you can then send them emails weekly to get them to tune in. A friendly reminder. You’re on the right track. 🙂 Later this week we’ll be covering how to tie videos into Facebook promotion too. Stay tuned.

  • Alex Dealy

    And if you’re a brick and mortar business, you should definitely be including business citations with your video!

    Citations are critical for local SEO, and chances are your competitors aren’t adding them into their videos. This will give you a strong leg-up in Google’s local SEO algorithm.

    • Ben Angel

      Absolutely. I also recommend ‘saying’ your keywords in the video within the first 30 seconds as well. Google and Youtube take that into consideration as well.

  • Sarah

    Hi Im Sarah I have in introduction agency in Albury… I have been wanting to put together videos for a ling time. I have had a go but not very flash….
    I few thoughts:
    How to avoid getting scammed
    Top 5 things to do before you go on a first date.
    Meeting your match maker
    I could even do a short movie for some of my VIP members telling potential partners about them.
    On your last comment you mentioned tying videos into face book promotions. 🙁 Face book wont let me advertise because I am a dating agency.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Sarah, you should see my first videos – they were atrocious, no energy, spark or enthusiasm, plus bad sound and lighting. Stay tuned in the next few weeks, I’ll be addressing all of these issues and how to do it on a budget.

      Re. your thoughts, I love the ideas. I’d also do a direct sales video for your agency addressing all the common issues / problems within the industry, and how you’re different, and end it with a strong call to action.

      Re. using video’s on Facebook. I know people get around it in your industry by not running direct ads, but posting up the educational videos like you mentioned above. Secondly, you can also send people to a blog post with pure content.

      There’s always a way – you just have to get creative in the approach. 🙂

  • jason

    hey ben
    great article….. looks like video is the way of the future, and you’re right I always click on video:
    my top 3 videos i’d like to produce:
    1. how to easily ‘ask a travel question’ through my site – most of the time in under 60 secs!
    2. the benefits of using the site – we give you more value by sending FREE travel guides and not just answering your questions
    3. the awesome benefits of buying our travel guide – ‘the TTQ guide – How to be a Travel Guru’
    thanks for your time!
    jason galea

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks Jason! 😉

      I love your ideas, re. idea 2, I’d position problem with travel sites first, then offer the solution so it comes across more helping hand, than direct pitch. I’d also produce direct sales videos for each of your travel guides. I’d purchase stock footage to add imagery to go with the guides too. You’re on the right path. Stay in touch. Let me know how you go. Ben

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