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aving worked with thousands of business owners over the past 10 years, the biggest challenge I’ve found they have been facing is how to turn their social media into clients and profits.

They’re struggling to create a social media and content strategy that will successfully yield 6-7 figure results.

Well, to celebrate the release of my brand new book ‘Flee 9-5, Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love,’ I’m giving away a Free Social Media Template direct from the book that you can download and print off immediately.

This template will help you;

  • Generate 6-7 figures from your social media networks
  • Outline a simple structured process for immediately engaging your audience
  • Take the guesswork out of converting engagement to profits
  • Simplify your marketing and make your life easy

To get started now, click here to download your Social Media Template today.


Not to fear! Thankfully this is easily fixed. In many cases it is simply the browser being used.

To begin, clear your cookies and refresh the page before you try again. Or, alternatively, if it is still not working, use the Google Chrome Browser. It is by far the quickest and least ‘buggiest’ out of all of the web browsers available.

And, for a full explanation of how it works, grab your copy of Flee 9-5, Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love today. Available at all good bookstores, including Big W, Dymocks, Collins Books, Amazon, Ibooks and many more.

Good luck!

Oh, and post your social media comments and or questions below.

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  • Conrad Palmer

    really handy – thank you

    • Ben Angel

      My absolute pleasure! Thanks Conrad. 🙂

  • Kylie - DIY Decorator

    Thanks Ben. Being in the Interior Decorating industry our readers are very visual so we share a lot of photos. I’ll try some video links. We share our posts daily but I’ll try doing a follow up post – same article, different heading. We do this on instagram, but I’ll try it on Google+/Facebook. Kylie

    • Ben Angel

      It’s my pleasure Kylie. Video moving forward, especially on Facebook is going to be massive. We’re currently about to start testing short little educational videos and uploading straight to Facebook. It’s important whenever FB or any other digital platform start focusing on a new advertising method, to jump on board immediately. The advertising is always cheaper and gets greater reach when you’re in the early adoption phase. Just a random quick tip to help you further. Ben 🙂

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