Creating a winning press release from scratch isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Even if you have all of the knowledge and skills you need, it still takes time and a creative and compelling story that layers intrigue, credibility, colour and contrast to captivate the interest of producers, editors and journalists to compel them to feature your product, service, event or not for profit in front of millions of prospective interested parties.

And, when time is of the essence, using a press release sample to form your base is by far one of the fastest ways to get your release completed on time and ready for distribution to media outlets.

The problem, most sample press releases available online have had limited success or the provide you with a ridiculously basic press release template… Which is why today, I’m going to change the game up for you and give you access to an actual press release of mine that achieved international success.

You see a little over a year ago I had the TV networks fighting over the exclusive story for the release of my bestselling book, Flee 9 to 5. In the end, we had our pick of who we wanted to feature the story and ended up running with Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise show.

The release even captured the attention of Forbes, with columnist Jennie Maria Xue tweeting; “Great inspiring book!” The press release was also syndicated across CNN, the BBC, ABC and more within less than twenty four hours.

The press release we used was structured in a very specific format and by dissecting it carefully and writing it out word for word, you’ll see why it gained such traction… and quickly.

Read through the press release sample below now and then we’ll dissect it together.

Aussie Author Faces Hurricane Sandy Demons

Bestselling Australian author Ben Angel, faces Hurricane Sandy demons and reveals more Americans are expected to escape the rat race in 2014 in his brand new book, Flee 9 to 5, Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love. Flee 9 to 5 instantly became a bestseller under self-help and entrepreneurship on Kindle.

“Great inspiring book!”

Jennie Maria Xue – Forbes Columnist

More Australians and Americans are expected to escape the rate race, ditch nine-five and do something that inspires and enriches them, according to bestselling author, Ben Angel. Followed by over 40,000 worldwide, Ben has released his latest book, Flee 9 to 5, Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love. Already an Amazon bestseller, it shows people how to become part of a growing international trend of ‘Agent’s of Influence,’ that are turning their expertise and knowledge into profits.

“Agents of Influence are everyday individuals and entrepreneurs who are sick of making peanuts by sharing their knowledge and expertise with their employers who make millions from it,” says Ben.

Flee 9 to 5 was born out of a trip Ben took to New York in 2012 that saw him come face-to-face with Hurricane Sandy. Currently touring America, Ben says, “I was stuck in a natural disaster on the half of Manhattan that was plunged into darkness. It almost wiped out my business back home in Australia. The business was too reliant on me. I had to reinvent it within a matter of days before the hurricane hit and I went off the grid.”

Ben says that this game-changing book will put bosses on notice, redesign people’s lives around their passions and show people how to profit from their knowledge in simple and easy steps by doing what they love and already know, but in a brand new way. Ben’s top tips for fleeing 9 to 5 include using his EKP Solution;

  • E (Expertise) List the expertise you currently have or would like to specialise in, i.e. health and fitness, business, marketing, weight loss, career, sales etc.
  • K (Knowledge) What specific outcomes can be achieved by this expertise? What knowledge can you share that will help others? i.e. how to get a pay rise, how to lose weight, how to juggle kids and a career.
  • P (Products) If you could turn this knowledge into online products, what formats would you be interested in? I.e. audio, video, online courses etc.

“We’ve been educated into believing that we need to get a job and sell our skills straight to an employer instead of going straight to market,” Ben says, “Millions are searching for answers to their questions every single day online, questions that you can help them answer in a more leveraged way in the new ‘automated economy. Popular Agents of Influence such as, Tim Ferriss, Betheny Frankel and Anthony Robbins have paved the way for us all.”

Just one year ago Ben was working 12 hour days and helping others make millions. The total transformation took less than six months and included selling digital products worth more than $100,000, paying off $50,000 in debt his business had accrued due to poor management, taking back full control and landing a cameo role on the upcoming series of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Ben believes that this will redefine the way people think about making money. “The most valuable asset known to us is knowledge,” Ben says, “It’s time we leverage it in a way that allows us to truly do what we love and help others in the process of doing it.”

About the Author:

Ben Angel is an author, business and lifestyle columnist and marketing specialist on personal branding. Also known as the Agent of Influence, he is Australia’s number-one personal branding and influence expert, specialising in helping authors, entrepreneurs and companies become more appealing to the media and their target markets.

ISBN: 9780730307006

Print Price: AUD$24.95,NZD$28.99

Flee 9-5 is available as an e-book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and all good online retailers and bookstores.

Ben Angel is available for interviews and will be based in New York and then L.A. from March 27th – June 22nd 2014.
For more information, or to arrange a review copy of the book, or organise an interview with Ben please contact:

To make getting major publicity even easier for you, let’s breakdown this press release sample now…

  1. Compelling Headline

The first thing you’ll notice about the heading of this press release is that it jumps out. Do you have to get stuck in a hurricane to get featured in the media? Absolutely not, that was just luck…. no, actually that was an actual pain in the arse to be honest!

But what you will notice about this headline is, it’s not about the book – it’s about the story. What’s a story that you can extract for your press release? A customer interaction, rags to riches story, commentary on key areas within your realm of expertise. Feature the story, not the product or service, unless it’s groundbreaking. In which most cases it won’t be.

  1. Your Sub-Heading Paragraph is “EVERYTHING”

The sub-heading paragraph sits directly under your main heading. It’s short, punchy and attention grabbing. It’s designed to compel the producer, journalist or editor to read the rest of your press release. Condense your ‘entire’ story down into one to two sentences that explains the who, what, when, where and why. The punchier the better. Layer in credibility here too, i.e. number of social media followers, size of client base, awards etc. to demonstrate you’re an authority within your field.  

  1. Open with a Statement

One thing you’ll notice about most news stories and features is that they tend to open up with a question or a statement on the state of affairs for a particular topic. This places your release into context for your readers and makes it easy to see why they would be compelled to read on. Leverage up to date news and tie it in with your release. Make it topical and your press release will slide nicely in with current news topics.

  1. Follow up with Credibility

Put simply, the journalist, producer or editor who decides to feature you is literally risking their job by doing so. If they haven’t done their research and put someone on camera who turns out to be a complete and utter dud, their job is on the line because it’s a very public F#*&K up.

Make their job easy by weaving credibility into your press release and include links to your social media channels so they can check out your social interactions with ease. The point here is, make their job easy. Do their work for them and your press release will get picked up much quicker than that of your competitors.

  1. Back it Up With a Tips their Audience Can Use

If for example you’re leveraging your press release to secure a TV segment, you must understand that if you’re an expert in your field, the presenters will want you to provide some quick and powerful tips that their audience can apply almost immediately. Include a few tips in your release so they can see directly how you’ll benefit their audience.

They’ve paid millions of dollars to build up their media outlets to attract eyeballs and ultimately advertisers who want to advertise on their channels. Your segment must meet this objective. Your segment must attract and retain eyeballs, otherwise you’ll be passed up for someone who can.

  1. Quote Yourself or a Third Party to Add Colour and Contrast to the Press Release

This is more critical than you may realise, quoting yourself or a third party is essential to adding credibility to your press release and your story. The print media especially want to pull out quotes from your release and copy and paste directly into their articles when they need them. Once again, make their job easy. Do you have customers or clients that have been impacted by your work? If so, ask if you can get a quote from them to add to the story and if their happy to go on camera if the story blows up. Which is ultimately the objective here.

  1. Reveal Your Story

The media want stories not adverts. Remember this when writing your press release. The story trumps the product / service in ‘every’ single case. Unless you’re a huge company such as Google / Facebook. I know I mentioned this in tip one, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

When the media receive your press release, they’re going to ask themselves, what’s the story here? What’s the angle? Will my readers share this on social media? Will they click through to our website, or tune into our radio show or TV segment just to here about this story or an expert speak on a topic of interest to our audience?

Answer these questions… and well, you’re well ahead of the pack.


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And, on a final note, have fun with your press release. Get creative, add a video snippet in it when posting it to your blog especially if you’re seeking TV coverage. The producers will want to see what you look like on camera and how you’ll come across to their audience. Don’t underestimate this.

We had one of our Publicity Project members secure a major sponsorship deal because she started using their product and filming regular videos. The opportunities for coverage are countless and they don’t always come from where you expect them too.

The more creative you are the more you’ll stand out from the competition and the greater likelihood we’ll see you featured in your target publication, TV show, radio segment, newspaper or magazine.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see you in the media shortly!

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