Developing an influential personal brand can dramatically increase your influence, credibility, secure contracts, close deals and attract media exposure, and the thought of possessing enough natural ‘X-factor’ (charisma, magnetism, whatever you’d like to call it) to instantly appeal to anyone is a very powerful and seductive one…

…especially when you want to play a bigger game.

The challenge, how do you brand yourself and develop an authentic personal brand that’s merely an extension of you and not a regurgitated version of a competitor that you’re trying to mimic?

Hit play now to watch a video I filmed for Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S, who is followed by over 2.5 million entrepreneurs world wide to uncover the true secret to building an authentic and compelling personal brand. Enjoy!

To me, Personal branding comes down to one simple, yet powerful thing and that is in its essence, its definition. I coined my own definition back in 2009 when I first wrote a book on the subject.

“Personal branding is, self expression amplified to influence and command attention.” Ben Angel

I want you to stop and really think about this: personal branding is self expression amplified to influence and command attention.

how to build a personal brand

It’s not about trying to be someone else, it’s simply taking key characteristics and turning up the volume on them that have the ability to truly captivate an audience, boss, colleague, the media and more.

And, just as the conductor of an orchestra places emphasis on specific sounds at crucial moments to incite specific feelings and emotions, the same is to be said when developing your own personal brand. Only, you get to choose what’s amplified that is in alignment with your own personal values.

The fear that most face is this, because personal branding is personal, many attempt to manipulate themselves into being something they’re not to avoid the criticism being about them directly, a shield if you like. However, it’s this shield that creates disconnection with the audience.

It’s put in place to avoid rejection and ridicule.

You see, the problem is, when you create a personal brand that isn’t based on who you truly believe yourself to be, you’re in fact creating a false economy.

It won’t last and it will never feel authentic.

The first place to begin is to find a quiet moment in which you can sit down and ask yourself without the clutter of the external world beating down on you;

“Who am I and what do I stand for?”

And, if the answer isn’t forthcoming. Ask your subconscious mind for some help.

how to develop your personal brandPose the question, and ask your subconscious to guide you to the answer when you’re good and ready.

The answer might come within a matter of minutes, days, hours or even months, but it will only come when you allow the space for it to enter.

And when you get that answer, you’ll uncover the foundation from which you can create a personal brand that’s a direct reflection of you, your core values, beliefs and you’ll become unstoppable in an industry that’s plagued with lookalikes.

The next step, well, that’s to overcome your fear of what people think about you, that’s a never-ending process that requires much insight and the ability to step outside of yourself to further evolve.

building your personal brand

Be unapologetic for who you are, as it’s this that allows you to shine and stand out and be embraced with welcome arms.

It’s only when you’re an authentic expression of who you are, that you allow others to connect with you in ways they never could before.

Does it take courage, yes, is it worth the pay off, absolutely.

And  finally, understand this,  just as everyone else has a right to stand up, have an opinion and own their field of expertise, so do you, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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