The Master Media Manipulators - How to Get Thousands in Free Publicity


ave you noticed how some people are always featured in the media?  They seem to be so media savvy that they don’t miss a trick.  Such is the skill of a master media manipulator.

Manipulating the media is no crime. It just means that you are playing the media at their own game and to your own advantage, and you are winning – for their own gain.

Never underestimate the benefits of media coverage – it can surprise you every time.

A simple change of image can enhance your reputation ten-fold and grow your client base.  A well written article can secure you tens of thousands of dollars in client work if showcased on the right platform.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – you need publicity and fast.

The media contingent filed into the vast conference room on the top floor of the hotel, taking their seats before the long tables that spread from stage left to right, as if at a world summit waiting to pledge their allegiance to their country. There were producers from The View, Good Morning America, Today and Fox News, journalists and editors from Fast Company and Time magazine, and representatives from at least three prominent publishing houses and I had 60 seconds to pitch to each of them individually.” – Flee 9-5

Have you ever been in a similar situation where you had to think on your feet in order to get positive results?  “Agents of Influence” need to be able to manipulate the media ethically and manage how they are perceived in the marketplace.  Don’t let anyone dictate who you are – that is your job.  Just one appearance, one column or one interview can change everything in a matter of hours.

At this point in time, it doesn’t matter what your message is, where you live in the world or what product you have, there are thousands of opportunities for you to make your mark and leverage your time.

Online publications, offline publications, newspapers, radio, blogs can each present you with many amazing opportunities.  Without a doubt, mainstream media is critical to your success.

Think increased profits, larger followings, instant credibility, speaking engagements, endorsement deals and higher fees; all possible with your newfound celebrity branding.

Your brand must stand out and grab people’s attention in a well thought out and well executed manner.  It is the packaged and branded you that is then shared worldwide, for mass appeal.

If you’re not being noticed right now, you must redesign yourself to create attention – or controversy if necessary – in order to be heard over everyone else competing for the same attention.  Be interesting, quirky and different. Give the media something that they can salivate over by manipulating your story to fit their media outlet.

Taking the time to research their latest news stories / opinion pieces within your field of expertise and writing pitch ideas along the lines of what they are used to will pay massive dividends in getting your story across the line and getting you in front of potentially hundreds of thousands of hot prospects.

In most cases, it’s not the story that is the problem, it is that it hasn’t been pitched in a way that they can see will work for their audience. One slight tweak can mean the difference between getting featured or getting looked past.

What can you offer them?

A solution.  An event.  A ground-breaking product.  Interesting commentary.  Write your own narrative and pass it on!  You need your story to spread and you must be the stories biggest champion. Don’t just promote it once, promote it in several different ways until you get the media biting at your heals wanting the exclusive interview.

Don’t feel the need to start big.

You don’t even need to be “Somebody” to use this approach.  Start local, start small – just start.  Build your story and share it so it is picked up elsewhere.  Spread the word until someone wants to do a follow up story or an interview. Many of the worlds biggest news stories began with a little blog post, a write up in a local paper or a small interview on a local radio station. The big media outlets are always on the lookout to break a big story and it doesn’t matter where that story begins.

Know your angle & know what your story must achieve for the media.

Do your research.  Find someone influential who can release your story and approach them directly.  You can even write most of the story for them and hand it to them personally so you have control over the spin. Of course, always be aware that they will spin it whichever way they deem fit to secure as many eyeballs for their publication / broadcast as possible.

After all, understand that your story must sell papers, engage an audience and keep their advertisers happy by getting more people to tune in – all eventually leading to greater sales for their advertisers and by default you.

Which means, your story and the way that it is positioned must be compelling enough to make the journalist, editor or producer look great in front of their bosses and advertising partners – bottom line. With this in mind, think about the types of publications you’d love to get featured in and the top stories they feature under your genre. This is your first and most important port of entry.

Now imagine you had 60 seconds (as I had) to spend with the producers listed above.  What would you say to them?  How could you make an impression?

What would your 60 second pitch be?

If you don’t know the answer then you need to get back to the drawing board and find that angle that will give you a chance to play in the big leagues.

Some people are happy with just 15 minutes of fame but “Agents of Influence” like us require a little more as we know how critical the credibility and exposure from mass media exposure is to long term business growth and an instant injection in sales.

And, if you need help coming up with a winning pitch idea, stay tuned.

Enrolment to our upcoming online course, The Publicity Project will be opening soon.

Be quick when it does though. We only open it a couple of times per year.

Until next time.

Ben Angel

P.S. What are you seeking to get major publicity for?

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