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If you’re posting to your Facebook fan page daily, yet no one is liking, clicking or engaging, then read very closely because you don’t have to pay to promote your posts because…

Guess what!?

Organic reach is not dead – far from it in fact.

The reality is, there are phenomenal opportunities for savvy marketers and entrepreneurs to reach their Facebook fans without having to pay one cent.

To do so effectively though, you first need to understand what Facebook’s new game plan is and how it will impact your business moving forward.

With over 1.55 billion monthly active users – over 1 billion of those users logging in daily – Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views.

Yup, video views!

Editor at TechCrunch, Josh Constine says;

“Facebook aims to “connect users and help them share what they care about. Video is becoming the top way to share”.

But what does this mean to you as a business owner, entrepreneur and online marketer?

Let’s look our 4 Key Insights into how can you capitalise on Facebook’s video strategy to boost your own sales and reach 45% of your fan base organically.


1) What You Need to Know: Facebook’s Plan to Beat YouTube with Video


In a recent post, I mentioned the scary (exciting) fact that viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product or service video. Key insight: we like to watch!

And Facebook is doing everything in its power to not only plant the flag, but storm the beach as the number one platform for video viewing. In turn – Facebook is out to help you as an advertiser – in establishing video as a cornerstone of your marketing plan.  

With the auto-play feature as well as the fact that the Facebook algorithm ranks video content a lot higher than text or image content, plus the fact that you can retarget a video ad as you would any other ad, video marketing on Facebook is here not to play – but to dominate.

Facebook is also currently testing a dedicated video feed for viewers “when they exclusively want to watch video—whether that’s videos they’ve saved for later, or videos from friends, Pages they follow, and other video publishers on Facebook.”

Sound familiar?

YouTube look out.

We really are on the forefront of a completely new way to communicate – with each other, with customers, with businesses, with the world around us.

“Our new social media economy ensures that we have smart devices in our hands that allow us to directly connect to brands, people and products at the swipe of a finger.” Ben Angel


The little devices have the capacity to record, store, download and share footage and information to the likes of which we have never seen, and the power of this instant connectivity, for you as a business owner and marketer is immense.

And, if you immediately jump to the conclusion that video is out of reach for your business due to the cost – you’re wrong!

I’ll be revealing to you shortly how anyone, with any budget can produce high quality videos that convert with ease – regardless of the product or service you sell.

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Social media draws the curtain for your brand to be in constant, compelling communication with your audience…and Facebook is still the world’s leading social media platform.

But now, to be effective on it, you must include video as a key element in your marketing strategy.

2) I have a video, but I’m not sure what to do with it?

facebook video marketing strategy

In a recent post – The Ultimate Video Marketing Checklist for 2016 I took you through the formula for creating highly engaging marketing videos, which is: STRATEGY + TOOLS + PRESENTATION = ENGAGEMENT & CONVERSIONS

So once you have a video, you need to roll out the strategy that you’ve devised.

Knowing the aim of the video and how you are going to plan a marketing strategy around the video is going to see a bigger return on investment for you.

Here are 12 ways that you can use video through Facebook:

  1. Share an inspirational or fun video that generates a specific emotion (more likely to go viral)

  2. Post a behind-the-scenes or blooper video to create strong engagement and a lasting message with new prospects

  3. Publish a ‘quick tips’ video to add value and to drive new leads

  4. Share a video that Illustrates your brand’s story or history

  5. Create an ad campaign with video, and use the video as part of an evergreen campaign (using an evergreen campaign with Facebook ads is brand new – watch out for a future feature post on this one)

  6. Share a video testimonial from a raving fan to get those teetering on the edge of buying, buying right now

  7. Film a short teaser video as an introduction to content on an upcoming webinar or course

  8. Post your brand and host it on your business page

  9. Embed Facebook videos in blog posts (just like on YouTube) This has a twofold effect, it can also help increase engagement and your organic reach over on your Facebook page too.

  10. Use your page Call to Action button and change it to “Watch Video”

  11. Create a video playlist

  12. Add a featured video to your page

Side note: Featured Videos are being rolled out across Facebook. Facebook are enabling this, there is no way for you to request this. You will know you have it when you see the “Add Featured Video” button in your video tab. When you have this feature, then you can add a video. It will appear above the “About” section. Use this space to promote your latest brand video.

Facebook About Video Example

Example: Facebook About Video

I’d advise against using this section for a direct sales video, for the simple reason, this is the first encounter of your brand for many of your fans.

It’s about establishing that initial connection through a “branding video” (stay tuned to learn how to create one on a budget), then introducing your offer later once a relationship is better established.

The myriad of ways that you can use video via Facebook is endless.

It just takes a little imagination and a solid strategy…


3) Why using video advertising as part of your Facebook marketing strategy is a MUST for any online business in 2016.

facebook video marketing strategy

Would you like a lift in brand equity and awareness?

3X higher click through rates?

20% lift in sales from Facebook ads?

13.8% increase in reaching target audience?

14% higher sales than competitors and millions of views?

All of this is possible – Facebook’s video strategy will significantly impact your businesses marketing results.  

Here’s just one case study.

Medibank, Australia’s leading private health insurer, used “Facebook video ads and direct response ads to connect with potential customers ahead of tax time, resulting in a 2.9X more conversions than expected.”

Medibank aimed to create awareness before End of Financial Year to increase new policy conversions. Through their Facebook ad campaign where they retargeted viewers and ran direct response link ads and carousel ads, they saw a 42% reduction in the cost per acquisition and over 3 million video views.

medibank Facebook example

Fiona Le Brocq, General Manager – Brand and Marketing at Medibank says;

“The success of this campaign was due to our ability to target and retarget people with highly relevant, sequential content and build awareness and consideration before approaching consumers with a direct sales message.”

Using video as part of an “Evergreen Facebook Ads Campaign” results in higher conversions because you’ve taken the time to connect with the customer before selling to them what they need.

A key factor in generating higher ROI’s with Facebooks latest algorithm changes.

4) Learn to love your Facebook Video Metrics

facebook video metrics

Your metrics will help direct and re-direct your strategy when it wanders off course. Watch and monitor how your audience is interacting with your video by reviewing your metrics. Facebook says:

A “video view” is defined as a view of three seconds or more and will appear for all videos, including those that come to life as people scroll through News Feed. We’ve also renamed the “video plays” metric “clicks to play video.” These register after a person has clicked to play a video and it has started.”

The power in understanding your metrics is in how you react to that knowledge.

If a video has been really well received by your tribe, understand why and how. Is it an inspirational video with a strong brand message?

It is a funny video that has them in stitches on a Friday?

What is resonating with your audience, and how can you add more of that to your mix – whilst maintaining your video marketing strategy.


And now for the big one, organic reach is not dead! Here’s what to do about it.

With over 40 million small business pages on Facebook, all sharing updates on their products, services, deals and sales, the sheer amount of content sees an average of between 1,500 – 15,000 stories appearing in a users news feed when they log in.

The content bubble has seen organic reach decline over the last two years on Facebook.

However – not all is lost.

Yes – you need to have a strategy in place to publish high value content, however you can take it a step further and ensure that your content is being seen by your key target market.  

Weve found in repeated cases in the past 6 months, when we share a video to our Facebook Fan Page, the videos have reached over 45% of our audience.

Here’s is a screen grab from a Lady Gaga video from last year when she spoke about the vanity of social media – a topic that resonated with our audience.

increase fanpage organic reach

At the time, our Fan page was sitting at around 17,000 fans. This particular post reached 8,000 of them!

As you can see, organic reach is definitely not dead.

The way we now achieve it has significantly changed.

Now, you may think, that’s a small number of fans for our brand, however, it’s not the size that counts, it’s whether or not you can convert what you’ve got that does!

Scaling your fan base is the second step, not the first step in monetizing your audience. Many get this backwards and wonder why they fail to get the ROI they’re seeking. 

A solid business and marketing strategy must function in the background to convert prospects on the front end to customers in the back end, i.e. CRM systems etc.


How to Incorporate Video Into Your Organic Reach Strategy

facebook orgainc reach

The first thing to know here is that the videos need not be one of your own, yes that is vital when it comes to selling directly (especially off of a landing page), however to drive organic reach up in the interim and warm your fans to a future promotion that features a well-crafted sales video,  you will want to post / share at least one relevant video per day to your Facebook page, then schedule your normal posts around them. 

We’ve found that the sharing of the video helps to boost all of the other posts that come after it, because all of a sudden your page becomes relevant again to your fanbase, hence Facebook favouring your other content.

Do not underestimate this powerful strategy.

When you target your posts to a specific audience – with specific interests, i.e. a well targeted fanpage audience – then you can increase your organic reach. This is because you are delivering your content straight to the very people who are most likely to engage, comment, repost and connect with the content.

(Defining this audience comes back to how well you know your target market – which is a whole other post!)

Key insight: Make it easy for your audience!

Like with your website, landing pages, email marketing and online sales – make it easy for your customers and potential customers to take action with you! And with Facebook targeting you’re helping them considerably, by taking the content directly to them.

“Video allows you to connect and interact with a captive audience on a highly emotional and engaging method.”

When you target your video and create advertising around your visual content that speaks to a defined and targeted audience, then you’re really starting to use this powerful connectivity tool effectively to see ROI. Add to that retargeting and you’ve got a clear strategy to move your audience on facebook into paying (and happy) clients!

Now that you are up to date with Facebook’s plan for video, the question I’ll ask you is;

“How are you going to take advantage of 2016 being The Year of Video using the world’s leading social media platform?”

I have created a ground-breaking video marketing course that I will be releasing in the coming days – this includes all the stages of creating videos that engage and convert, from the strategy around video, to the equipment I use, the editing and the high-converting scripts I use in my sales videos to generate 6 figure results.

In the meantime, let me knowHow are you going to take advantage of 2016 being The Year of Video using the world’s leading social media platform?

I reply to all comments.

Until next time.

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  • Caroline Fishman

    Thanks so much Ben!

    We’ve realised we must change strategy asap to get our organic reach up. This is precisely what our team needed to read!

    Can’t wait to learn more from you. I came across you over at Entrepreneur Magazine’s Youtube channel.

    • Ben Angel

      Great to see you realised it – many had given up on it all together.

  • Pamela Marian

    I knew it!

    There’s always a solution – we just couldn’t work out what it was.

    Thanks Ben! 🙂

    • Ben Angel

      My pleasure Pamela. There’s always an opportunity out there for those willing to look for it. Let me know how you go.

  • Michael Barber

    Hey Ben, we’ve got a fan page of 47,000 and have been struggling to get our engagement up. Thanks so much. We’ll start this ASAP! I’ll let you know how we go.

    • Ben Angel

      Stay in touch. It’s shocking how quickly it works when you hit the right note with your content.

  • Teri

    Great article Ben. In your opinion what type of videos ceate the highest engagment?

    • Ben Angel

      Great question Teri. I definitely recommend creating a “viral” type video that focuses on the messages around your brand for engagement. Direct sales videos don’t get great engagement, however they do make a lot of money when positioned on a landing page with a strong script. I’ll be covering that more soon. Stay tuned.

  • Catherine Jo

    Hey Ben, when will you be covering more about combining video marketing with a Facebook evergreen ads strategy? I hadn’t heard of that until today. Busting to know more. We need to change strategy and would love to give it a go.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Catherine, we’ve been using it for a while now, but not necessarily under that name. I’ll be covering more in the coming weeks. We highly recommend video is a part of it for full effectiveness.

  • Bernard Delrose

    I really resonated with this piece Ben. We’ve been unsure where to start. Thanks for the kicking off point, can’t wait to learn more from you. We came across you on Twitter.

    • Ben Angel

      Glad you enjoyed Bernard. I appreciate the comment. Stay in touch, I’d love to know how you go. The results are pretty quick.

  • Andy Dawson

    Ben should we still be using YouTube? Do we post to YouTube & link to facebook or post directly to facebook? Thanks for the article – I’ve been following the last few on video marketing & learning a lot!

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Andy, great question. Yes, absolutely. You should be using both. Sharing a Youtube video helps that video with organic reach on Youtube and Google. Sharing the Facebook version helps with organic reach on your Facebook page and in the newsfeed. It’s about finding a balance between both of them. They both have benefits. That’s great to hear you’ve been following the series. More still to come. 🙂

  • Maria Sibley

    Thanks Ben, we’re looking at testing video on our landing pages as well. I’ve been following your series over the past week. Very keen to jump in and give it ago.

    • Ben Angel

      My pleasure Maria. We’ve been doing video on landing pages for years. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It definitely makes you stand out from the competition and close sales that you otherwise wouldn’t get.

  • Edward Curtis

    Awesome Ben! Thanks for the headsup. We’d kind of given up on Facebook.

    FYI, when are you doing another Facebook Ads course? We’re keen to dive back into it again after reading some of your posts lately.

  • Marcy

    Thanks Ben.

    We’ve noticed our reach has shot up since trialling this. Great to see some more details about it. I’m keen to hear about your video marketing program too. Our marketing manager has been on our case to get started with it. Just haven’t known the jumping off point to begin from.

  • Shannon

    Definitely something to think about and some interesting numbers. Just have to wonder if its as easy for a small dog grooming business like mine as it is for a big player like medibank??

    • Ben Angel

      Great question Shannon, the fantastic news is, the strategy is exactly the same and works for any business, in any industry. Even though medibank has a large budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t start small and grow. We all start at zero – but those who don’t start are the ones that fail.

      • Shannon

        Well I definitely feel like I’m starting at zero. At least I have this and your check list for a bit of help. thanks ben

  • Anita V

    Ben, I’ve watched your videos on you tube for a while now thinking to myself I would love to do the same to educate my customer more and get more exposure for my consulting business. I just wish I knew where to start, I’ve tried filming using my phone but it just looked grainy and cheap. Now after reading your blog I feel like i need to find someone to help me film before I miss out. Who does your videos??

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Anita, video is fantastic for consulting businesses. The issue with most, is that their websites are plain and don’t differentiate themselves from others in the industry. Bring your personality out, and you’ll hit your mark and sales targets. I do all of my videos myself – I love the process, and creating something new. Stay tuned, I’ll be opening up enrolment to my video marketing course in the coming days. 🙂 It’ll show you how to do everything, step-by-step.

  • scotty

    Sorry Ben where do we download the 45% organic reach i can only see your marketing book to download.


    • Ben Angel

      Hey Scott, great to hear from you. It’s at the very top of the post. It’s a pdf of the blog content for you in an easier to print format. I hope you enjoy. It’s made a big difference to our Facebook strategy. Ben

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