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Is Website Push Notifications Is Killing The Email Marketing?

If you haven’t gotten yourself acquainted with website push notifications yet, now is the time to get on board – seriously, these welcome message for website things are going to be huge for lead generation techniques, increasing your conversion rates and maximising your return on your website investment.

In fact, they’re already kind of huge, and they’re changing the game when it comes to online marketing trends. There are lots of tools out there to help you build your business quickly, and this is just another to add to that ever-growing list.

So what is Website Push Notifications?

And, is it an email killer?

Keep reading closely to find out and how to get started today.

In essence, a website push notification is a way to get your company’s most relevant information straight to a hot prospective customer.

Read that again: straight – to – a – hot – prospective – customer.


The beauty is, your website doesn’t have to be currently open in their browser to receive notifications. The push will appear in the top of their browser window and will prompt an action from them (more on that later). When the user clicks on the notification it will take them to your page.

Here’s an example of the notification we have setup on


Once they hit “YES” we “push” a welcome notification with a free gift to drive these prospects directly into our email marketing sales funnel as well.


I’ll explain why this step is crucial shortly.


So, why is this a game changer for your business?

In terms of marketing your business and increasing your sales, you’re going to want to learn everything you can about these notifications, because they’re going to help you with your lead generation, and ultimately, your conversions and sales.

And…. because not too many businesses have got around to leveraging this tool yet, there’s HUGE advantage to you for being one of the first within your industry. The ones that have taken the initiative on this are seeing incredible results.

Freeflys, a free sample directory in the US has used PushCrew (which I’m currently using) to see a 12.55% click through rate, from 23 notifications! Compare that to open rates for email marketing and you can start to see the real potential of adding this into your company’s marketing plan!

DOWNLOAD: How to Use Website Push Notifications to Boost Your Sales PDF Then, continue to read online below & leave a comment

Does that kill your email marketing?

No, it compliments it in a very powerful way.

More on that shortly.

If a user is already interacting with your brand, ‘generally’ they want to stay updated. A preface to how successful push notifications will can be been seen through app notifications – 68% of people who download apps take the extra step of enabling push notifications, and that number is even higher in the important 18-34 demographic.

Website push notifications take your message even closer to your tribe – helping you get relevant information to subscribers quickly, directly, and effectively.

Website push notifications can help you target users on any device with a web browser – phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and smart watches. According to IBM, over 59% of e-commerce traffic (and 76.8% of sales) comes from desktop users and these notifications can hit these users in the same way that an app notification can hit a mobile user.

So whether you have an e-commerce site, a membership site, a brick & mortar business, an online program, a e-Book – whatever your product or service, if you have a website which you’re driving traffic to, you can start to benefit from push notifications right now.


Create an avenue for a quick injection in sales

With website push notifications you’ll be able to expand the number of people that you can access with short, direct messages that encourage them to click through and buy.

We like that!

They’re a great new approach to lead generation and compliment your email marketing strategy, i.e. not every email will get through to your prospects every time. Remember the simple yet effective formula: Customer Satisfaction + Customer Retention = GROWTH!

The possibilities here are pretty endless.


Here’s a list of how you could potentially use website push notifications

To help you get started quickly, here are a few quick ideas in which you can use push notifications to increase your sales and increase engagement.

1)    Product Launches

2)    Product Re-launches

3)    Special offers

4)    Sales or deals

5)    Your latest website updates

6)    Important reminders of courses, webinars and events

7)    Update on new blog posts

8)  Compliment an email marketing campaign you’re running for a more direct sales response

Really, anything else you want to get into peoples’ hands in a hurry – even if they’re not currently visiting your website.

Push notifications keep app users interested in your brand, your products, and your messaging, and that’s absolutely the case with website push notifications as well. The difference is, you don’t have to convince users to download your app first – all they have to do is visit your website once and allow push notifications.


Are website push notifications going to kill email marketing?


The power of push notifications is; they’re direct, they’re pointed, and they get the job done.

If written incorrectly, emails can be long, written to ‘everyone’ and boring. However, 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business as it is here at and will continue to be so for years to come.

One doesn’t overtake the other.

You can use push notifications to enhance the message that you are sending out via email, thereby doubling the number of people you’re sending to your product pages to help increase your sales.

Secondly, if by chance, your email lands in a customer’s spam folder, the “Push Notification” can pick up the slack and increase the likelihood of them seeing it.

The key is ensuring that the copy is correct for both notifications and emails; that you are speaking to a targeted audience, that you are adding value, and you are providing a solution.

We just launched The Ultimate Email Marketing Template Series that will seriously help you engage with your subscribers and create a better return on investment for your email marketing – the content in this template will give you great ideas as what to write with your push notifications for an even QUICKER injection in sales.

Download our 34 high converting email marketing templates here to get started immediately.

Email and push notifications definitely have their place in your marketing mix. In a recent article we talked about a single point of failure in the business.

Push notifications can go a long way in ensuring you’re not just resting on the strength of your emails to reach your subscribers, nor are you solely relying on Facebook advertising.

They all work hand in hand to maximise your sales and your profit margins.


Push notifications can give you real and measurable results


If you’re looking for a real-world case study on how these notifications work, look no further than the folks over at

They were one of the earliest adopters of web push notification technologies, and their first notification saw a 7% click through rate. By the fourth try, they saw a click rate of over 15%, and of the 97 people that reached the product page after clicking on the notification, 71 actually made a purchase.

Want results like that?

Of course, right!?

Interestingly, they observed that once subscribers got onto the website, they engaged with other products and added them to the basket.

So if your customers are anything like me, they’ll want to hit to the free shipping threshold, and get the most for their money – the push notification can have a bigger impact than just one sale. When you think that shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included (source: Wharton) the push notification is a great way to kickstart that buying experience!


Here’s a Couple of things to help maximise your push


1) Copy is important!

Use the right copy to prompt the right action. Clear copy that is action based is best.  You can also segment your notifications, just like you do with your emails. Some providers allows you to geo-tag your notifications as well. Get our 34 high converting email marketing templates here for ideas now.


2) Direct your notification to a specific page

This is what your subscribers are assuming. When they see the word “click” it gives them the idea that they’re going to land at a specific place that’s going to show them the deal that the notification is advertising. So make it happen and use a notification to direct through to a specific product or offer page.


(source: PushCrew)


3) Test and measure

Test the time of day you send your push. Send the push out on social media and then test what the pushes saw in terms of new email subscribers and sales. See what works best for your subscribers and then replicate it.


4) Use emotive language

Like with other notifications and marketing campaigns, you need to appeal to people’s emotions. Even though emails give you a lot more words to do that, it’s very possible with push notifications. Find the right psychological triggers, and you’ll see your sales increase substantially.

Subscribers want to stay up-to-date with the right information, read the content they value, take action when they see a great deal and ultimately, purchase.

Push notifications with their simple, direct, and instant messaging appeals to your subscribers and can add some serious dollars to your monthly results – which is what we want!


Push notifications are super quick and easy to set up.


I use PushCrew, you can check them out here: (no affiliation, just sharing what I use).

There are some other options available, but the bottom line is this: why not try out website push notifications?

You can engage with your customers, enhance your existing marketing message, generate leads, gain massive clicks, and conversions and most importantly – increase your sales.

Trust me when I tell you that you’ll be glad you did.

Have you used them yet?

Leave a comment below.

I reply to everyone!

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