It’s your worst nightmare…

You have a product / service / event / cause to promote and you need to learn how to write a press release “STAT!”

But where do you start… what will dilate the media’s pupils enough to pick up the phone and ring you immediately?

What will get them salivating over your press release to the point they’ll want to interview you right now today and feature you in an upcoming piece or quote you in one that’s already in the works?

Whether you like it or not the media can unlock access to millions of prospective customers… and quickly. It can boost your profile, establish instant credibility and quickly increase conversion rates and sales. The benefits are endless.

The problem?

How to write a press release that is newsworthy… and ultimately drool worthy!

That’s why today, I’m going to help you, a. first come up with a newsworthy angle, then b, give you a press release template to help make writing your press release easy and quick.

I’ll even show you how to gain access to a media list of over 15,000 media contacts for the U.S, UK and Australia so you can distribute your press release when you’re ready.

But before we do that, we need to come up with the reason “why” the media will want to feature you. This is the first place to begin when writing your press release.

Let’s kick off with idea number one now.

1. Commentary on breaking / political / celebrity / stories

If you’re looking to present yourself as an expert within your field, then you’ll need to get quoted in the media as an expert in a particular area. This can be leveraged throughout your social media networks and marketing collateral to boost your credibility.

To do so, you must first identify what it is that you can talk about that is topical and relates directly back to your products / services. After all, if it’s not related to your core offerings, it won’t have any impact on your sales results. The number one reason media is so powerful. Think about current news that you can comment on and the topics that you can cover. List them down now.

2. Solutions to a negative story

The media is littered with negative news stories, yet few offer any real solutions. When major news drops in which you can offer up a proposed solution, hit the keyboard and start typing up a press release that focuses on the news and three tips you could provide to help resolve the problem. TV networks love this kind of angle. They want their viewers to walk away with something practical to use in which keeps their eyeballs glued to their network.

What problem can you solve and how and what tips can you provide their audience to help?

3. Launching a groundbreaking product / service

This one is a tricky as ‘everyone’ I meets swears they have a groundbreaking product or service and they’re doing something that no one else is doing. The issue is, this is rarely the case. A Google search catches them off guard instantly. But, if you do happen to have a new app or innovative angle on a new product / service and you’ve got evidence to back up your claims, then make this the prominent feature in your press release.

In the past twelve months alone, there have been countless new products get featured across mainstream media because they were successfully crowdfunded to such a degree their sales went viral. It is possible, but you must have something that is outstanding.

4. How to write a press release to promote an event

I ran a business to business networking event for over 7 years in Melbourne Australia, and the best way I drove individuals to attend each and every month was to ensure that I positioned myself, the “host” as the expert in the business networking and marketing arena.

To do this, understand that the story isn’t always about the event, but the people around the event and their stories. That’s the tie in for the media. They don’t want an event advertisement, they want something juicy they can share with their readers. Ask yourself, what are the stories associated with the event that can be leveraged in the media? Are their international speakers attending? What’s their backstory and ultimately will it help drive attendees?

Answer these questions and you’re off to a great start.

5. Introduction to an unpopular approach to an old problem

This is one of my favourites. There’s no better way to capture the hearts of the audience than to help solve a problem, but to do it in a way that has a unique twist to it. If you’re an expert within your field then you’ll have specific ways of doing things. Is it different to that of your competitors, if not, how can you break it down into a potential TV segment that the media will fight over? Grab a pen and paper and get brainstorming right now.

6. Announcement of survey results of your clients (requires surveying at least 500-1000 people for the media to feel it is credible)

My media contacts absolutely love surveys.


Because they’re credible and they can be leveraged in various segments for TV and radio in which their presenters can talk around and get in guest experts to add credibility to the story (i.e. you of course!)

Leverage online tools such as Survey Monkey to survey your customer base around interesting angles that tie back in with your product or service offerings. Get creative. Surveys are released every single day. They have to be interesting and embody a unique angle and actually be newsworthy to warrant a producer jumping on the bandwagon.

7. Awards your business has received or given out

In helping business owners and experts get featured in the media for the past 10 years, the question that arises the most is, how do I get publicity around an award that I’ve just received?

The answer depends on what type of award it is. If it’s specific to a very tiny niche within your industry, seek out publications and online blogs with a relatively large following of your prospective customers that will see the award as a “reason” to do business with you. Niche media will be interested in your story here, not necessarily mainstream media.

Mainstream media will only be interested in a national or international award that has broader appeal.

If you received an award from your local council, for example, go local with it. Once you get local coverage leverage up. Mainstream media maybe interested in it, but only if there’s a unique enough angle / story associated with the award. Which, can potentially tie in with the next step…

8. The story behind the brand / how it came to be

This is another favourite of mine for helping my clients get publicity – the story behind the brand. Everyone has a unique story as to how their business came into existence – a turning point in their life in which they had a massive realisation, quitting a job because they were sick of it, to later go on to massive success. Creating a product because their child got sick and they needed a better solution. The list is endless. What’s the story behind your brand and how can this be leveraged to write a press release?

9. Rising above adversity

The media truly drool over stories of adversity. What did you have to overcome to experience the success you’re experiencing today? What did your customers overcome and how did you help them? Dig in deep here. There’s magic to be had and this will come through in your press release when you’re raw and honest.

10. Responding to an existing news story

And finally, when the news breaks and you can comment on the topic at hand… flip open up your laptop and write your press release immediately. You’ve got but a few hours to hit send and get it out to your media contacts. Wait until tomorrow and as the saying goes, “it’s yesterday’s news!”


How to Write a Press Release, Here’s Your Press Release Template

Now that you’ve got 10 powerful ideas ( out of a total of 23 I share with my clients in my bestselling program, The Publicity Project ), it’s time to write your press release. To help you get started, here is a press release template.

Download your template now and start filling in the gaps with the information that would have sprouted forth from answering the many questions I’ve asked you.


Read as much as you can on how to write press releases and how to approach the media. Writing your press release is only one part of the puzzle. Once that’s done, now you have to distribute it to your media contacts.

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