If you’re putting off important tasks, then this video will reveal to you the number one reason why you do it and how to stop procrastinating right now.

You see your productivity levels as well as your procrastination habits are intrinsically linked to your self image & who you believe yourself to be.

As far apart as these concepts might appear from each other, remember that thoughts and beliefs are self-fulfilling prophesies.

So, to discover how to stop procrastinating, hit play now to watch a video I filmed for Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S, who is followed by over 2.5 million entrepreneurs world wide. Enjoy!

Your identity and who you perceive yourself to be, at this point in time, allows you to achieve a certain level of success and reach certain goals.

However, if you are struggling in your business, not getting through work, not making the sales, finding it hard to concentrate, procrastinating, not achieving the results you want – I can guarantee that who you are and who you need to be are two different identities.


“Because you can never out-perform your own self image. That in which you believe yourself to be right now.” 

Your current identity won’t allow you to reach your future goals because it does not believe it can.

Say for example you’ve transitioned from being employed to running your own business or becoming an entrepreneur.

The self-image you hold as an employee is vastly opposed to one of an entrepreneur. An employee knocks off at a specific time, an entrepreneur will do whatever it takes.

And employee gets a cheque every week.

An entrepreneur may not get a cheque for months & sometimes won’t get a big pay off for years.

So, to help I want you to think about who are you right now.

how to stop procrastinationIdentify what your thoughts and feelings are towards the tasks that you’re procrastinating on.

Who do you have to believe yourself to be to procrastinate & what kind of behaviours would you have to demonstrate to back up that self-image.

Do you have to believe that you’re someone who gets overwhelmed, can find distracting tasks to do but the one you need to.

“Once you’ve identified who you believe yourself to be, it’s then time to identify who you need to become to obtain your goal.”

I want you to really think about this right now.

Your current identity & self-image is dictating your current reality.

how do I stop procrastinatingIf you want to reach your goals, you need to evolve into the next self image.

You won’t be able to achieve that next step, without altering your identity and evolving to the next stage.

So, I’m going to ask you a question:

Who do you need to become tomorrow in order to reach the goals that you want right now?

Write it all down right now and you’ll suddenly uncover why you’re failing to hit your goals, but more importantly your path to success in business in a new and enlightening way.

How do you stop procrastinating? 

You transform how you see yourself and your behaviour will begin to shift dramatically.

And, finally, leave a comment below. Tell us who you’re becoming in your business.

Until next time.

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  • Yanna

    Awesome video Ben, I needed to hear this today! 😉

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks so much Yanna, glad you enjoyed.

  • Emily Burnham

    I need to stop procrastinating & get back to work!!! lol

    At least I know now why I do it. I’ve been putting off a major project for sometime now.

    Thanks Ben!

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks Emily!

      Now you can do something about it. 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I just paused the video to do the exercise & map out each of my self-images.

    As you mention, they’re in direct opposition to one another. Makes total sense now.

    Thanks Ben. I’ve got no where to hide now!

    • Ben Angel

      It kinda hits you in the face doesn’t it Jonathan! 😉

  • Marian

    Great video!

    Question, how do you evolve into this new self-image quickly? Is it a daily ritual, etc.?


    • Ben Angel

      Great question Marian. Your first step is to complete the exercise in the video. Once you’ve got a before & after self-image outlined, I would research techniques such as NLP, anchoring & practice visualisation on a daily basis to help you step into the new self-image.

      I also find it incredibly useful when doing a particularly challenging task that I’ve been procrastinating on, to ask myself, what would my mentor do in this situation?

      Then, I’d imagine taking on their self-image for the duration of the project. Works wonders! 🙂

  • Adelina

    I actually watched your “who am I” video a while back. Gave me shivers. I can see how the two tie directly into one another. Do you have the link please? I’d love to watch it again.

    Thanks Ben. 🙂

  • Neil

    Great video Ben, keep up the awesome work. I found you through Entrepreneur Magazine’s Youtube channel.

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks Neil. I always love to know how people have found out about my work. Drop me an email if you’ve got any future video suggestions. 😉

  • Anne Marie

    I love watching your videos. They’re short and to the point. A wealth of knowledge in them all. Now to put what I’ve learned to good use. Thanks 🙂

    • Ben Angel

      So glad to hear Anne Marie. 🙂 Plenty more where that one came from. Stay tuned & let me know how you go with the activity.

  • Nes

    Brilliant! Love ya work, a great clip to share with my clients for a little pick me up 😉 ha. Have a great day!

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks so much Nes. 😉

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