Entrepreneurs struggle to market online because they get overwhelmed by all of the opportunities available to them and get completely paralysed by choice.

The great news is, regardless of the product or service you sell, you can quickly and easily categorise your marketing into three key functions so you know what to focus on and when, to be effective in your daily, weekly and monthly marketing activities.

To do so, we use what’s known as the 3D Marketing System, otherwise known as the ‘Profile, Publicity & Profits Planner.” This acts as the control centre for your business.

By tackling the 3 Dimensions (3Ds) it helps you plan for the three key projects that you will focus on each month to bring in new sales and profits.

It then allows you to break these key activities down into weekly tasks to ensure you’re constantly implementing strategies that will bring in new cash flow, while building a profitable public profile for your personal or business brand.

Hit play now to watch a video I filmed on this marketing process for Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S, who is followed by over 2.5 million entrepreneurs world wide. Enjoy!

Let’s begin now by breaking down the three key areas, beginning with the first dimension (1D)…


Of course your profile is all about the image that you want to present to the world. It’s your specialties, your niche, your qualifications, your experience and your brand personality all wrapped up together into one complete unit.

Your profile is what you want people to know, feel and experience when they hear your name or the name of the brand.

So how do you develop your profile, whether it be yours or the businesses? Well, you undertake a distinct set of activities that help build your reputation and position you where you want to be seen.

Activities that come under the heading of ‘profile’ cover anything to do with content, as well as marketing collateral creation and automation which allows you to extend your reach significantly year after year.

Your activities might include:

  1. Writing articles/guest blogs
  2. Creating marketing material
  3. Writing press releases to distribute online
  4. Producing social media updates
  5. Setting up automated email campaigns that gain loyalty and engagement
  6. Recording educational videos that help to generate new leads
  7. Fine-tuning your existing marketing messages and then re-launching them

Here you’re building up a set of materials which will all carry your message out into the marketplace. You’ve written them, so you know they carry the exact content and feel you want to get across.

But, now that you’ve created your materials, how do you get people to see them?


This is where we move into the next dimension of the 3D formula.


In 1D (Profile), we created content and marketing collateral that will attract your target market.

Now, we have to expose this content and marketing collateral to the world. Publicity is exactly as it implies; gaining publicity and exposure of your content and your personal brand to engage your tribe and increase your reach on and offline.

Here’s an example for you.

If in 1D (Profile) you wrote a press release, here in the second dimension (2D) you’re going to distribute that press release, schedule your social media updates to promote it or send out direct email marketing campaigns to elevate it’s reach.

2D is pulling the trigger on your campaigns to shoot the message out into the marketplace.

This is the step in which you officially go public and publish weekly content that engages and fills your sales funnel full of hot prospects.


Which leads us to the final dimension…


The third D is all about Monetising Your Marketing Message. Now, if you’ve successfully implemented 1D and 2D, you should be ready to profit and monetise your message.

Monetising your message is the next phase in your business evolution, increasing sales and profit margins on a weekly basis in big hits.

The questions is… how can you monetize your message?

You can begin by optimising your sales funnel further, adding upsells at checkout and addressing your abandoned shopping cart issues.

Key areas that will have the biggest impact on your ROI, as well as offering existing customers opportunities to pre-order new product or services that are yet to come to market for a quick injection of cash to help finalise fulfilment.


And that’s just the start.

Each of the 3Ds are critical to your success.

You can’t have profits without products and marketing collateral and you certainly can’t have it without publicity and exposure to your target market. They each work in sync with one another.

Missing one would be like trying to drive a car without the motor. It’s going nowhere fast.

I created the 3D Marketing System after years of testing and measuring, and I’ve found it to be the most effective strategy by far at simplifying the key activities that need to be done regularly to successfully establish a business, and shift it from a sales plateau.

To grab a free copy of the 3D Marketing Planner and a free 300 page marketing book to help with your marketing activities for the next week, month and year, click the button below.

This will help you to plan your major projects, then break them down into weekly activities for you, or your virtual assistant to help you with, or in fact, project manage.

Start now by downloading the template and I’ll see you again soon for even more powerful marketing tips that will help you shape the world we live in.

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