How To Hack The Agent of Influence's Bank Account


t wasn’t the way I had planned it.  There I was sitting alone in a strange apartment in an intense city at 2am in the morning.  It wasn’t how I imagined life to be in New York City either. I was picturing more Sex & The City, less sleep deprived states.

With a huge appointment waiting for me the next day and no prospect of sleep, I chose to work until either I fell asleep or the sun came up.

That’s how I came to hack the Agent of Influence’s bank account. It was never planned.

I had recently put together an online product in my spare time so I decided that now was the time to let it loose.  I wrote a promotional email to my database announcing the launch of it.

You can imagine how clearly I was thinking at that hour of the night and in my jetlagged condition.  I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the launch but at least I’d used my time constructively.


By the end of that month my late night launch made more than $20,000 in sales.

What is an Agent of Influence (AOI) and why should you hack their bank account?

Agents of influence are individuals who shape the world we live in.  They are highly respected and sought after experts in their fields and are therefore able to influence people’s opinions. They are authors, speakers, coaches and consultants that have turned what they already know into digital products that sell online on auto-pilot – the new trend of online entrepreneurs.  Maybe you can relate.

Of course I’m not really talking about hacking into someone’s bank account but I AM talking about hacking into their methodology.  My late night and sleep deprived brain managed to work out what they do and how they do it – how they fill their bank accounts.

Here’s what they do.

Stop working so hard!

Yes, honestly.  I was working so hard that I was getting in my own way.  I realised that AOI followed the Pareto Principle that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.  In other words, 80% of income should come from 20% of our work.  The key is to identify which is that important 20% and take care of it. I’ve known this principle for many years, but had failed to that date to successfully understand and execute it with precision.

AOI’s achieve this principle by turning their expertise into digital products that sell with or without them. And, the first place to begin is by using the EKP solution;

STEP #1: Expertise – identify your area of expertise that you are currently working in now or would love to work in, i.e. fitness, health, business, marketing, social media etc.

STEP #2: Knowledge – Next, identify the outcomes that your skills and expertise can generate, i.e. how to lose 7kg’s in 7 days, grow a social media following of 20,000, help someone get a promotion or even change jobs. Bring it back to its essence and what ‘they’ will benefit from it. Sounds simple, and yet it is the most critical step to ensuring you generate a solid revenue.

STEP #3: Products – Finally, decide what kind of digital products you could turn this knowledge into that can easily sell online, i.e. e-books, audio programs, email courses, worksheets, cheat sheets or even a membership program in which you charge a monthly fee for them to partake in.

It really is that simple. By turning what you already know into digital products, you immediately achieve the Pareto Principle, and take it one step further. You create these products once and then you leverage them for as long as they stay relevant, or you decide to update them.

Meet the needs of that vital 20%… and only focus on them

You know this 20% so well that you probably know their needs before they do.  You are ideally placed to design a process that meets their initial needs, and then the next… and the next… This is the Ascension Marketing Model and it helps guide your clients through the sales process, helping them recognise their need for your next level of service whilst providing high levels of value throughout.  You don’t have to SELL. Instead, you feed your customers what they want when they need it instead of overwhelming them with too much information that they’ll never use – thereby devaluing your products and services.

Stay true to the 20% you wish to focus on. These are the individuals that will purchase almost every product in your suite of offerings. Changing target market midway through can cause a disastrous situation, i.e. having to make an investment of money to get to an entirely ‘new’ market that doesn’t know who you are.

Know who to sell to.

Logic (and maths) tells us that you need to know which 20% of your database is the important one.  You need to know who your ideal prospects are.  I use my 3X Customer Formula to help me identify clearly who I can sell my products and services to.

  1. What are the top five challenges your ideal customer experiences in relation to your area of expertise?
  2. What are the top five ‘outcomes’ they would expect from an expert within your field?
  3. How would you define your prospective clients?

Answering these questions tells you how to reach your ideal customer cost effectively and with minimum effort – an instant savings on your marketing costs.

By using these methods I have hacked the AOI’s bank account, allowing me to work from or travel anywhere in the world. I’m currently working out of a Sydney café on my laptop. The AIO methodology means that I have a constant stream of income into my bank account no matter where I am or what I am doing.

So, are you ready to hack those bank accounts, too?   If you’d like some more advice on how to build a five figure monthly income like I did, pick up a copy of Flee 9 -5 and I’ll share more of my discoveries, plus, when with each purchase you’ll receive $197 worth of online digital bonuses and quick start guides to help make it even easier for you.

Get your hands on a copy today.


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  • Ben Angel

    What kind of agent of influence are you and what would you like to offer the world? Post here now. 🙂

  • Reply

    Just checked my bank account – whew!
    Great post Ben. I’m an agent for Agents of Influence and the thing that excites me most is their passion. That’s what they have to offer the world and I love helping them create a lifestyle from it.

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