Email marketing is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and drives more conversions than any other marketing channel.

Social media & email work hand in hand to deliver six and seven figure sales results.

Email is by far one of the most lucrative activities you can do to grow your business, and whether or not you’ve signed up to Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Aweber or one of the other countless email marketing platforms, the reality is, many get it epically wrong!

So, how do you flip this on its head immediately.

Well, you’ll need to come up with some eyeball grabbing emails to send to your customers.

Emails that are not only going to get opened & read but clicked and actioned, because if no one is opening or reading your emails, then no one is clicking to your landing pages & if no one is clicking, then no one is buying.

The problem is….you don’t know how to write a subject line that immediately grabs their attention & compels them to learn more.

So, to help, hit play now to watch a video I filmed for Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S, who is followed by over 3 million entrepreneurs world wide to uncover powerful secrets to FINALLY getting your emails opened!

And, if video isn’t your thing, here’s the 4 different styles of email subject lines proven to get your emails opened for a quick boost in sales, in text form. Give them a go today and test your results!

1. The Outcome Subject Line;

Simple and straightforward, you’re telling the reader exactly what they’re going to get if they take the action in the email.

Something like “Download this free report & double your sales.” It’s simple, straight to the point and the reader can see the benefit of opening the email before they even click.

Hit play for some extra powerful tips in the video above to discover how to write them quickly and easily.

2. The Mystery Subject Line;

This subject line plants a seed into your reader’s mind that they have to click to satisfy their curiosity.

Subject lines such as; “have you seen this?” or “this simple trick will see you triple your sales!” get the reader to stop and wonder about what the answer is.

Human’s have an in built need to for completion, these email headings start within the reader a thought process which can only be satisfied by reading the email itself or better yet, clicking through to your website.

Now be warned, these kind of subject lines are great… in moderation.

Send all your emails with these kind of subjects and you will likely put off most of your readers, especially if you can’t back it up with quality products or services and content.

3. The Sense of Urgency Subject Line;

Showing scarcity of something tells your reader that they have to act now or they won’t get your offer at all, i.e. limited time only, offers closing down tonight, limited places left, exclusive bonus ends at midnight.

The problem with 99.9% of websites is, they ALWAYS have ALL of their products and services up on their site, which means… there’s no urgency for people to take action.

Take Ebay as an example. When an auction timer counts down, it compels their audience to place a bid. Millions watch that timer countdown to place a last minute bid to get the best price. This same strategy can be applied to your own email marketing campaigns.

Look at your email campaigns and ask yourself, if you were reading it, would you take action or would you brush it off because you know you can visit the site later to get it at the same price?

In the video above I reveal a story of a client of mine who begrudgingly tried this style of subject line. Her sales skyrocketed from $5-$10k per month, to well over $80,000 per month.

If you think it won’t work for your business, you’re wrong!

It’s based on human behaviour.

4. The Social Proof Subject Line;

Like the “Sense of Urgency” subject line, this one plays into one of the biggest human traits, the Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO. i.e. thousands of others have x, y or z, now it’s your turn or, you’re about to miss out!

Social Proof provides instant credibility and drives us to want something even more because if everyone else has it, I have to have it too! This FOMO taps into a primal part of the human psyche that has us conditioned to need to be a part of a group or ‘pack’.

This can be achieved by letting your email list know how many have just purchased, or the media buzz around your brand.

And finally, one point to consider, using only one particular style of subject line over and over again will often have the opposite affect on your readers. If all they see is subject lines telling them that they only have 24 hours to get something eventually they’ll have email blindness & simply tune them out.

So mix it up and combine different elements in one headline like, like an outcome with some scarcity, or social proof with a little mystery.

email marketing tips

When writing your emails be sure to spend time getting this element right, it’s the difference between sending emails and hearing crickets…. Or making consistent weekly sales because your emails are hitting the mark.

This is the part you should spend the most time on. When writing emails I’ll start by writing out 10- 20 subject lines without thinking & no matter how they may sound.

Next I use a headline analyser by Coschedule to test each subject line for impact and sharability.

Think of a subject line like a Facebook Post or a tweet, you want it to stop people from scrolling past, and if your subject line has the likelihood to be shared as a tweet, it’s much more likely to be opened as an email.

But remember, this is only ever used as a guide, like all online tools, they’re not designed to predict the future, merely to point you in the right direction.

Now, if you’ve got your subject lines mastered and your email open rate is going through the roof, you’re next step is to ensure your emails are structured to get your readers excited to take action straight away and buy or engage with your brand.

To help you even further you can download my epic and free email marketing checklist right here , entitled, 81 of The Most Powerful Ways to Drive a Massive Boost In Sales Leveraging Email Marketing.

In the meantime, good luck take care and I’ll see you again shortly.

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