According to a recent study by Ascend2, 46% of businesses find it difficult to create compelling content.

Seeing as though content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads, this is one strategy that must be in your marketing arsenal to help you reach brand new clients that are ready to buy right now – even if you’re working with a minuscule budget.

And, when combined with strong viral video marketing strategy, you can achieve something that your competitors can’t, and that is to truly communicate the “essence” of your brand that captures the hearts, minds and wallets of your target audience.  

how to create viral video content

You see, the reality is…

We often read that we “must” produce content that has the capacity to go viral, however few have been truly able to communicate the “secret sauce” in the ingredients that mean the difference between success and failure.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, marketer or start-up, here’s precisely where you need to get started and a handy little tool that you can use to measure all of your content against – not just video.  

Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone to help leverage the latest online tools, push from Facebook for video in our newsfeeds to successfully generate high engagement, social media fans, credibility… and the one that gets me a little hot under the collar – CONVERSIONS.

Here is your 5-step process on How to create viral video & content to get new clients (without a budget)

1. Lean in & listen closely… here’s your kicking off point

create viral content, video marketing, how to use video

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you want to speak to your customers personally, you want to connect with what solutions you can provide for them, you want them to spend their hard earned money with you – you want to make sales!

Even if the video is not a sales video and it’s more of a brand video or personal message video, the ultimate end result is still sales.  

In today’s new social media economy, video is reigning with an all-powerful yield, creating the biggest return on investment.

However, to create that powerful yield, you must have valuable, shareable advice to give to your subscribers or a message that captivates them.

To create powerful content with value, you must know your purpose, your audience, your solution (that answers a key problem of theirs) and the result you’re aiming for.

Begin by asking yourself this question;

What expertise, ideas or questions can you share with your subscribers that will create a ‘significant’ change for them?

What is the product or service and its benefits that you’re sharing in the video?

How is it going to impact them emotionally? (more on that later)

And, what is going to make it stand out from everyone else in your industry?


2. Prepare for and Guide Viral Results – You Don’t Always ‘Just’ Get Lucky You Know!

Once you know the purpose of the video, and what you’re aiming to achieve, you need to plan for those results.

Planning for it means understanding your intention: what is the end result of the video?

Whether the video is designed for branding, sales, entertainment or mass exposure, creating the video and putting it out into the world is just the first step.

It could be to re-engage an audience that has fallen out of love / interest with you or even to create content that can be shared on other channels to drive new leads into your sales funnel.

Either way, just as with any piece of content, there must be a solid marketing strategy behind it to support its ability to go viral.

A groundswell of activity if you like.

To do this, ensure your marketing toolkit and strategy is up to speed:

  • Make sure that you have your social media sharing tools switched on so your subscribers can share the content if you’re placing it on a landing page / blog post. Using fantastic tools such as Social Locker” plugins on a wordpress site mean that they have to share to their social media channels before they can see the content. In a recent test, we were overwhelmingly surprised by these results and the high level of interaction it achieved.
  • Double check that your subscription option to your email list is set up on your website or landing / blog page so when the video is guiding people back to your site, you can leverage that traffic. And, did you know? It’s been reported that for every dollar spent, you get a $43 ROI on email marketing. This is a crucial part of your campaign and where the serious dollars will come from. The video is the face of the campaign, your CRM system (click here for our recommend one) is the machine that drives the revenue.
  • Ensure your sales funnel is working exceptionally well so once the video is out there in the world, and people are visiting the site, they can become part of the tribe easily and purchase, not just once, but multiple times to increase your average dollar spend per customer – where the real profits reside. (Click here for our recommend CRM)
  • Review if you’re doing everything in your power to increase the video’s exposure? Are you leveraging the network’s you’re a part of, the groups you (and your subscribers) belong to? Are you sharing the video with media sources in your industry? Creating fifteen second trailers for Instagram and Twitter to hit as many people as you can as possible within a short space of time. Re. Twitter, schedule to post links to the video multiple times per day. A tweet has a lifespan of approximately 30 seconds. One post won’t cut it. We leverage tools such as Meet Edgar for our social media scheduling.

Once you’ve gone through this checklist, answer the following questions;

Where will the video fit into your marketing mix and what is the result you’re hoping to achieve from it, i.e. number of leads, conversions, engagement etc.?

Do you have your systems set up for virality, i.e. are people encouraged to comment, enter a competition or share with their friends?

What time have you invested in coming up with a headline that grabs them by the eyeballs?


Your headline will make or break your campaign.  

It’s the first thing that people see in many cases. Test your headline using the fantastic online tool by Co Schedule – (opens up in new window)  

How can you leverage your systems to induce virality, i.e. how many times will you email links to the video to your email list, can it be built in as part of an evergreen campaign to introduce every new lead on your list to it to establish that instant connection and create a solid relationship that will help to drive future purchases – even if they’re not ready to buy just right now.

Once you think very carefully about these elements, you’ll notice we’re not just creating a video that can go viral, we’re shoring up your “entire” marketing strategy.

One isn’t exclusive without the other.

3. Understand the Benefits of Viral Video or You Won’t Last The Distance

You have a list of subscribers, a tribe, a community – by connecting with them through video, where they can see your face, hear your voice and resonate with your message.

With video, you can establish massive credibility, give information of your expertise, share strategies, give practical information, entertain, create change, guide a sale and get your message out to millions of people.

A viral video can absolutely change the direction of your company’s revenue and reduce your advertising spend.

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, according to ComScore.

So the more people watching = more sales = more revenue.

Here is a fantastic viral video from Organic Valley, called “Save the Bros.”

Now, before you think you have to have a massive marketing budget to do this…


You don’t. Keep reading to find out why shortly, but first, for your entertainment, hit play now to help save the bros – they need you!

This video has had 2.4 million views at time of writing this post.

It cleverly introduces a new product in a clever light by making fun of stereotypes in a fresh new way – instead of trying to shove just another protein shake down their throats.

There are soooooo many!!!!

They’ve since produced a complimentary viral video in which you can anonymously tweet a bro to help them. A key component to leveraging every marketing dollar possible.

The key objective has to be to stand out against all of the competitors in the industry vying for their attention, whilst embedding virality into your strategy.

And, this is just one of countless examples.

Now you understand the purpose behind the video, you know the results you want to achieve (build your list to get people into your sales funnel, get them to spread the word on your behalf or even pixel them if they land on the video via a landing / blog post to retarget them via direct Facebook or Instagram ads), and you know the benefits… now it’s time to understand the emotions behind virality.

Here’s the ‘secret sauce.’

4. Energetic Scale for Viral Content Creation – Save, Print & Share!


One of the most important keys to virality, is allowing the video to create an emotional reaction to your message.

You want them to feel as though they’ve found something too valuable to keep to themselves.

Read that last sentence again. This is key.

Hugely successful viral video / content causes an emotional reaction and creates social currency.

Michelle Thai from MediaCause says:

Social currency is the idea that people are more likely to take action or share something if it makes them look good. People want to feel cool, smart, and in-the-know, so give them opportunities to feel special and they’ll tell others and spread word of mouth about your organization along the way.”

Side note: Begin by writing out a list of video’s that you could create around each of these emotions, tying it back into your offer, service or message.

To help you understand the emotions we want to draw upon further, here’s what I call the “Energetic Scale for Viral Content Creation.”

And the great news is, it can be applied to “any” type of content.

Articles, books, podcasts, TV / radio segments, presentations, graphics – you name it, it has an application.

I first introduced this concept in my book Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business back in 2009, and it’s even more relevant today than it was back then.

free marketing book

(FYI, you can download that 300 page marketing book for free right here – opens up in new window)

This book in itself is also a perfect case study for content that goes viral. It’s had tens of thousands of people download it due to the cheeky nature of the name and the groundbreaking content that backs it up – nothing without a strategy.

how to create viral content, how to create a viral video
The perfect example of this scale in action is;

“Have you ever walked into a room and have just known with every essence of your being that something was up?”

You could cut the air (energy) with a knife!

Understand each time you engage with someone, your energy affects the interaction. It’s the underlying communication that results in relationships springing forth, or falling apart.   

IF you’re feeling down, you can bring everyone down with you – unless they are the master of their own energy, of which few are.  

If you’re feeling vibrant and alive, you lift people up, regardless of the format in which you’re engaging them in. It’s simple.

The purpose of this scale isn’t to always engage your audience at any one level, i.e. at a level 10.

Can you imagine a Harry Potter movie constantly engaging you at a level 10?

It would get exhausting as it would be to constantly engage someone neutrally.

“If you stay in one place for too long you either bore people or exhaust them.” Ben Angel

Flow up and down the scale throughout your presentation / video / article / blog just as a movie storyline would do. It has its quiet moments to incite thought, as well as its energetic moments to create lasting emotions and ultimately change.

Its purpose is to shift people energetically up and down the scale to then end on a peak to leave them remembering you and your message to propel them to share, comment, like and pin.

Engaging them negatively, doesn’t have to be a negative experience.


Taking your audience below a level 5 can bring about the change they need to shift up the scale and to take real action. Just don’t leave them in that negative state for too long or they’ll remain stuck and they’ll associate with you / your brand negatively.

“Each level has its purpose and can be achieved through storytelling, pace, tone, images, humour, music, frustration, fear, language, presence and most importantly, your energy and how it is expressed.” Ben Angel

It’s how you master this that will see you create massively viral content.

When you create content picture yourself in control of where the audience goes. You’re at the helm. It’s your responsibility to take them where they need to go to get the outcomes that they desire – no matter what topic you’re speaking on or in what format.

It’s this injection of “emotion’ that instantly sets you apart from others in your industry.

Look over some of your existing blog posts.

Where does it land on the ‘energetic scale?’

Does it only hit one note?

If so, look at how you can potentially re-work it to hit several. Think highs and lows, eb and flow.  

Think about the various emotions you can weave into your work that will leave them wanting more.

Case study: How a Video That Cost Less Than $300 to Produce Ended up Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Website & Generated over 35,000 Views

If you’ve recently subscribed to my email list, you’ll notice that at some point you will have been introduced to the following inspirational video I filmed.

Hit play now if you haven’t watched it already.

This Will Be One of The Most Powerful Videos You'll Watch This...

You'll never be able to look at the world in the same way again.

Posted by Ben Angel on Saturday, December 19, 2015

This video was produced to highlight content of mine that would create a deep emotional connection with my brands, the dreams, wants and challenges of my audience.

The results have been staggering!

Countless retweets, hundreds of comments, personal emails, greater engagement and higher conversions.

It doesn’t sell any product / service directly, but what it does sell, is what myself and my brand stands for – continual evolution and reinvention.

And, an unforgettable experience that have seen our audience resonate with us in a way they never have before. Don’t just think about what you’re ‘selling’ think about what you ‘stand’ for.

Hint: It’s the second element that makes up part of the ‘secret sauce.’

5. How to Create a High-Yield Video


You have your strategy, you have an understanding of the benefits, you have prepared for results and you’re guided by understanding the emotional benefits of using video in your marketing.

Now you have to physically create the video!

I have created a step-by-step 4 week online program called The Instant Video Marketing Machine designed to show you how easy it is to not only create viral videos that get thousands of views, but how to create direct sales videos that sell 6-7 figures per year on auto-pilot.

I go through ALL of the tools I consistently use to produce high quality video for my tribe, all that are very reasonably priced and won’t break the bank (which is what we like!)

Click here to enrol now & enter the promo code: VMMANGEL

… to uncover a VERY special offer.

Be quick though, enrolment will be closing very shortly. 


Setting the stage, Filming, Editing – that’s the fun part.  


We hope that has dispelled some of the myths around viral videos and sparked some ideas for you to create some video content that will resonate with your tribe, be shared, create impact and ultimately – lead to sales – because – we’re in business to make a profit whilst we make a difference.

It’s hard to guarantee the success of a video “going viral” however you can ensure that the video is incredibly on point for your audience, provides value, connects emotionally, is sharable and achieves something for your readers.

We at want to help you get started on your video marketing journey!

The world of online marketing is changing quickly – and our viewers are becoming far more attached and ‘turned on’ by visual stimulus.

Don’t get left behind online – learn how to create your own high performing video marketing plan and exceptional videos on a budget now.

Click here to enrol in my brand new program now before we close the doors.

Chat soon.

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  • Charlie

    This is awesome. It spells out some of the struggles I’ve been having with creating viral content. Thanks Ben!

    • Ben Angel

      Glad to hear Charlie. It’ll make a massive difference. 😉

  • Emma Carman


    Awesome post Ben. I’ve been following you for a while now. Thanks for the tips. I love the energetic scale. It’ll become a base measurement tool for our team when we’re creating our content. 😉

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks so much Emma. So glad to hear you’ll be putting it to use. 😉

  • Steve Bourjard

    Hey Ben, just signed up to your Video Marketing Machine Course – I’m loving the content already! Busting to start filming very shortly. Thanks for this post. It’ll come to good use.

    • Ben Angel

      Awesome to hear Steve! 🙂 I love that feedback. Shoot me a message when you do your first video. I can’t wait.

  • Ross

    I really liked the information about injecting emotion. Makes a lot of sense. Had a ‘slap-on-the-forehead’ moment!

    • Ben Angel

      lol, we had someone say the exact same thing Ross. Sometimes it’s the most obvious things that get overlooked that also have the greatest impact.

  • Carol

    I’ve been struggling to understand how video could fit into my whole sales platform – this has answered a lot of questions! Thanks Ben 🙂

    • Ben Angel

      So happy to hear Carol. 🙂

  • Jan Kayser

    That was an eye opener!

    99% of our content has been engaging (or not) our audience neutrally. It makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for sharing Ben. Definitely a tool that we’ll use moving forward. #palmtofacemoment!!!

    • Ben Angel

      Glad to hear Jan! Many don’t realise this is the number one problem in their business. Let me know how you go!

  • Annie

    I love that quote:

    “The only thing your competitors can copy is the essence of who you are.”

    I’ve been so afraid about putting my personal brand out there that I haven’t realised that it’s the one thing that’ll set me apart. Bit of an ah ha moment happening right now.

    Can’t wait to check out your video marketing course too! I’ve heard great feedback about your work.

    • Ben Angel

      Nwah, thanks Annie. Glad to hear. We all experience those fears. It’s just whether or not you can cross the threshold to get to the other side of them. 😉

  • Lina McNammara

    Hey Ben, how did you produce that video so cheaply?

    A video like that would make our business stand out a lot – lends itself very well to it in fact. Dying to hear. Thanks in advance.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Lina, it’s a secret!!! lol 😉 Not really, I created a new online course that goes into the full details of it right here Be quick though. Enrolment won’t be open for much longer.

  • Jacob Standthorpe

    Hey Ben, thanks for the tip re. the ‘social locker’ we’ve been scared to use it until now. Any other tips you can give re. this that we should be aware of?

    • Ben Angel

      My pleasure Jacob! Re. the social locker, we set it up and run a campaign to our email list of loyal subscribers first before we promoted it via our external channels. For the simple reason, our loyal following are more likely willingly and want to share it, i.e. thereby employing the strategy of virality to expand our audience with the help of our existing audience. 😉

  • Jen

    What do you think of Infusionsoft Ben? I’ve heard mixed reviews but I see you’ve been using it for a while now. I’d really appreciate your honest opinion. FYI, great post. Love the ‘scale.’

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Jen, I get asked this a lot. We’ve been using it for over 2 years now and have seen it evolve significantly. In the early days there were a few bugs. Now, they’ve got it sorted. Definitely worth every single cent and the price tag for the ROI that we get from it.

  • Holly Thorpe

    Loved the Who Am I video Ben – really hit home for me. I’m going to start scripting a video this week – do you have a script format that I can use?

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks Holly – that means a lot to me! Re a video script format, I use the one’s contained here I don’t give it away, namely because that’s the ‘secret sauce’ that we’ve used to convert for years. Worth every cent! Let me know how you go. Ben 😉

  • Rich

    What of a percentage do you think video content should be vs email content? I’m struggling to find a balance I like and don’t want to be in my customers face all the time.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Rich, awesome question. Re. email content, I’m assuming you’re meaning emails that send people to a blog post or an actual video. As with everything, you’re going to want to mix things up and test them. When sending people to a page to buy, I’d be sending them to a landing page with a video on it – it by far will exceed conversions for landing pages that don’t have one. We’ve followed this formula for years now. Re. sending to a blog, where possible we try and include video in the blog post itself, it gets far greater interaction from our users. Ben

  • Louisa

    I’m so nervous to get started with video content. Do you suggest hiring an actor/voice over if the face of the brand (ie me) is just too scared? Do you think it will harm the brand integrity?

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Louisa. We all start at zero. You should see some of my earlier Youtube videos. They’re atrocious! 😉 Re. hiring someone, you can, but you first need to understand the entire strategy behind video marketing, the sales funnel and writing video scripts that convert. Click here to get started It’ll give you all the templates, strategies and everything you need to overcome your nerves / outsource cost effectively. Let me know how you go. 🙂

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