How to Build a Digital Following Over 40,000

“If a status update is posted online and nobody is around to read it, does it really exist.” – Ben Angel, Flee 9-5

What would you give to have over 40,000 digital followers?

You don’t have to give your right arm (or some other vital part of your body) to get them.  Nor do you have to buy fake followers – that’s first and foremost creating your very own false economy.

The good news is that you can have over 40,000 followers genuine, real followers who have chosen to follow you because they love what you do.

It won’t happen overnight.  And it won’t happen by accident.

You must have a plan and the best plan involves publicity.

Publicity is one of the fastest and most affordable ways for you to get your message out into the marketplace and get it noticed. It should always be a critical part of your overall marketing mix. Not the only part, but a crucial part.

What can publicity do for you?

1. It can put you on the fast track to success.

Once you have been featured in the media you have instant credibility.  When one journalist wants you, so does the rest.

2. It will increase your conversion rates.

Simply by showing off your media coverage on your website, blog and social media you can increase your conversion rates significantly, often more than 5 per cent.  Translate that into dollars and you could be talking some serious money.

3.  It helps build your following.

Media exposure is another channel which will stream prospective new clients into your website, opt in and social media pages. Even if you are not allowed to promote your links, if you’ve connected with readers or viewers they will find you.

4.  It allows you to boost your prices.

Perception is everything.  If you’ve been featured in the media you are perceived to be an expert.  Everyone wants to work with the expert and they will expect to pay expert rates.

So how do you attract all this desirable publicity?

You need to have a newsworthy story or a fresh angle on a current event before a journalist will talk to you.

So before you approach the media, think about what they are looking for and what you can offer that will appeal to their market.

But it’s not just the newsworthiness that’s important here.  So are you.  YOU are part of the overall package.  Here are three important tips for you:

  • 1. Know your message.  Be clear on what you want to speak about and be interesting as you do it by expressing excitement in your voice using your pitch.
  • 2. Know who you are.  Don’t let the media define you.  Define yourself.  What do you want to be known for and known as? Give yourself a ‘title’ that acts as a marketing handle, i.e. I use ‘The Agent of Influence.’ It’s instantly recognisable and makes you standout against the rest that are competing for their attention.
  • 3. Look the part.  There is no point in trying to convince a journalist that you are an expert business organiser if you look like you’ve just jumped off the back of a bucking rodeo bull. For powerful tips on how to dress for your industry, subscribe below to get a copy of my book Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business. There’s an entire chapter dedicated to building an influential personal brand.

Now you have a message, an interesting story and you look like the expert the media is looking for.  Who could resist you?

If your message is worth sharing and you know you can make a difference in someone’s life, you owe it to yourself to get out there and be seen.  You’ll find more tips on generating publicity with my Instant Publicity Marketing System. Click here to learn more.

Just watch the way your social media follower numbers grow after your first media feature.  Then you will understand that a following of 40,000 is a realistic number to aim for when media is part of the picture.

Why stop at 40,000?

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  • Your Creative Junkie

    Hello Ben,
    Thanks for the post. Can you send out a link to one of your previous posts that involved Publicity? I just started a blog for graphic designers so I’m eager to learn what works and what doesn’t. It would help to see how publicity posts are crafted if you have any samples.
    Thanks in advance!
    – Your Creative Junkie

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Creative Junkie!

      Thanks for your comment. Re. previous posts on publicity, here’s a link to access a 3 part publicity series that will step you through quite a lot of powerful techniques >

      I hope you enjoy.

      Warm regards

      Ben 😉

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