Flee 9-5 & Make a 5 Figure Monthly Income From What You Already Know


hat’s the most important thing that you could do in your lifetime?

Turn your knowledge and expertise into a regular income and do what you love wherever and whenever you want – in my opinion.

The reality is that each of us possess knowledge and that knowledge is bankable. Information is a billion dollar industry and there are millions daily Googling for solutions to their problems – answers that you could potentially solve.

The question is how do you turn this into a viable business model and flexible lifestyle by becoming an Agent of Influence – an individual that shapes the world we live in with the message they share and makes a real contribution to society, in whatever industry you could imagine possible.

Let’s take a look now. Here are 10 critical steps to help begin your journey that I’ve learnt from trial and error over the past 10 years.

Plus, here’s a video I filmed exclusively for Entrepreneur Magazine in the U.S.

Hit play, then continue reading on below. Enjoy!

  1. EKP solution – This is the start of your journey and essential to your five figure monthly earnings goal.  The idea is to focus on three core areas to extract and define your knowledge and turn it into information products that can be sold online – morning, noon and night.
  • E (Expertise) List the expertise you currently have or would like to specialise in, i.e. health and fitness, business, marketing, weight loss, career, sales etc.
  • K (Knowledge) What specific outcomes can be achieved by this expertise?  What knowledge can you share? i.e. how to get a pay rise, how to lose weight, how to juggle kids and a career.
  • P (Products) If you could turn this knowledge into online products, what formats would you be interested in? I.e. audio, video, online courses etc.

By understanding these three core components you will be able to uncover your talents and see what information products you can create, e.g. how to lose that baby weight (online video tutorial) or how to get fit in 30 days or less (audio and digital manual with supporting email series to help them maintain motivation).

2. Suite of Products: Now once you have one product – double it, triple it – offer a suite of products to fill your potential prospect’s needs.  Focus on three levels:  introductory products (free or low priced), principal products (less than $100) and forward looking products (high-end products). This forms the basis of your entire business model.

3. Remarkable Vision: Do you have the power or the courage to create a remarkable vision for yourself?  In Flee 9-5 I mentioned that I knew I had to be different in order to become an agent of influence; I had to know exactly what I wanted for myself and for others.

You are a ‘limited edition’ so tap into your essence and use it to your advantage to make things happen.  Never be afraid to let the real you shine through.

4. Hit The Ground Running: You need to spend a little to make a lot.  Build a paid campaign on Facebook or Google AdWords in order to start creating a database of people to market to.  A little exposure can go a long way especially if the exposure is highly targeted. Prior to this, set-up a simple Facebook page and website with a blog and starting sharing your knowledge online to establish content and credibility that can be shared via social media and later go towards getting mainstream media coverage.

5. The Driving Force: Think about what is inspiring you to make this change. To be successful you must understand the why, or the reasoning behind it. As I said in Flee 9-5,  “Know your why and the how will present itself” Don’t get lost in the detail.

6. Polarise: Do you care if you rock the boat?  Do you care that your opinions differs wildly from others?  I don’t and neither should you. Be proud of your difference. In order to achieve great success you need to be different from others and unafraid to create some ‘industry disturbance’ to get yourself noticed. Polarise individuals and you’ll soon gain a tribe of loyal followers that will defend you against those that dislike you. Even Oprah has her haters! If you haven’t got haters, you haven’t been exposed to a wide enough marketplace yet. Embrace them – just don’t argue with them.

7. Know Your Customer.  Try this formula out for size.

  1. What are the top 5 challenges your customer faces in relation to your field of expertise?
  2. What are the top 5 outcomes they expect to receive?
  3. How do you define your customer?

By understanding your prospect’s mindset you know exactly how to reach them with minimal cost and effort and you can also further develop products that serve their immediate needs.

8. Sharing your story, experiences and message is the secret to creating a lifestyle business that can generate long term profits.  Think about what sets you apart in your industry.  What is your story? What is unique about your personality that you can draw out and use as a ‘personal branding’ exercise to get noticed.

9. Use your knowledge to identify media to bring you to the attention of your prospects.  Target companies and conferences to secure paid speaking engagements.  Look for opportunities that yield high conversion rates to enhance your reputation and your bottom dollar.

10. The Money Is In The Metrics:  Pay attention to your offline prospects, online marketing and email activity and do the math.  How many sales did you achieve; multiply this by the dollar amount and divide by the unique number of users.  Now think about how much your campaign cost you to start with.  Are the numbers working out in your favour?  Keep an eye on the numbers to stay ahead.

These steps will set you in the right direction.

Now, although it make take you a few months to get set-up and established, the reality is that there is nothing more rewarding than being able to make 6-7 figures and do what you love from wherever you want in the world. You create for yourself an opportunity to shape opinions and make a real difference to society.

So, if you’re ready to turn your passions into a 5 figure monthly income, pick up your copy of Flee 9-5 here today.

And, be sure to let me know below. Which skills, knowledge and expertise would you like to turn into a 6-7 figure business?

I’d love to hear from you. 

I check in regularly to help out where I can.

Until next time, shape the world we live in!

Ben Angel


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