Recently, our team was talking amongst ourselves, asking exactly what our customers really wanted from us when it comes to solid marketing strategies, and what could add the most value.

A few things came to mind.

One was The Entrepreneur Insider Series – The Secrets to Fast Growth (of which this is the first article), one was a more one-on-one solution (which is our IGNITE program) and one is this list of all the best ideas and marketing strategies that we would implement if we were starting from Zero to generate $20K in consistent sales online per month.

Whether you own a gym, a café, a fashion brand, an audio visual company, whether you’re an online marketer, a blogger or a coach I bet you’d like to consistently be generating $20K in sales online per month right!?

And I can bet that you might be thinking “Yes Ben, but tell me how????”

So here’s the list of 8 Key Actions that you can use in your business right now to see immediate growth and start generating online sales.

These marketing strategies are not for the faint of heart.

They are serious strategies that we apply to our clients businesses.

You’ll also note, that some of them, albeit are minor changes, they can quite literally quadruple your conversion rates, but nonetheless, many rookie business owners will overlook them.

I know you’re not one of them, right!?

But first, let me get one thing out of the way before we dive in…

I don’t believe that longevity in business can be achieved by always taking the quick, fast route.

You need to have some excellent foundations in place to be able to capitalise on fast growth strategies. For the purpose of our growth strategies list, we’re assuming you already have an established business, a website, social media accounts and an email list.

If you do not have these things in place, you can absolutely gain information from our article, but you might also want to read our 6 Secrets to an Effective Launch.

So here we go!

Here are your 8 Key Actions (with over 33 tips) for you to get started on right now:


1. Review your highest converting asset – your website (from a user’s point of view)

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experienceThis might seem simple, but trust me when you put yourself in a user’s point of view you start to see some black holes and you begin to understand that a powerful marketing strategy is nothing without a high converting website. Things to review at this stage that can have the largest impact on your sales, include:

1) Logo and branding: Is it fresh, clean and in line with your field? Or is it old and musty and in serious need of a professional touch?

2) When a customer lands on your site can they understand what the brand is, the brand message and core offering within 15 seconds?

3) Are you offering an attractive opt-in? And by that I mean is your offer of a free e-book, email course, product sample or discovery call attractive enough for your customer?

4) Is it easy for a user to navigate your page? Are there a million pop ups getting in the way, is there language or copy that doesn’t make sense? Are you trying to be too fancy (or the alternative, too simple?) Are there broken links, inconsistent branding and copy? Comb through your site and look at everything!

5) Are the graphics and images used clean, fresh and approachable, and do you have a good balance of white space? According to CrazyEgg, white space around text and title increases user attention by 20%.

6) Go through your check-out process as if you’ve not been there before. Better yet, ask a friend to do it and review the process. 46% of online shoppers said that checkout speed is the number one factor that determines whether or not they will return to a site.

7) Is the content up to date? If the blog hasn’t been used in 4 years, it will raise a red flag for a potential client. If you have out-dated images or information referring to events and promotions from spring last year, that will raise some red flags also. Look for anything that a potential client will look for in clarifying whether your brand is reputable, trustworthy and secure.

8) Is your website responsive? This is crucial as google is now penalising sites that are not mobile responsive. Also, 4 out of 5 consumers use a smartphone to shop and research…so this is a no-brainer.


2. Review your website (from a business owner’s point of view) & Multiply Your Conversion Rates

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

1) What is the speed of your page? Slow loading pages can equate to frustrated and switched-off (literally) potential customers. We’ve become so accustomed to instant gratification that we are so impatient when it comes to slow loading websites. A 2 second delay in load time can see an abandonment rate of up to 87%… that’s right.

2) Does your site have attractive and simple CTAs (Calls to Action)? Are you clearly articulating what you want users to do next? And have you tested your CTA? (more on that later). If you were to visit your site right now, where are you compelled to click next, and does it lead into your sales funnel?

3) Have you added differentiation to your site? By this I mean, are your CTA buttons a different colour to your information buttons? Are your hyperlinks a standard colour so users understand to click through when you want them to? Are your images in line with your brand and tell a story to your user?

4) Is your site easy to use, update, and simple to integrate plug ins? This is from a systems perspective. Are you reliant on other companies or people to update your website, or can you or a member of your team action updates? Most wordpress sites are super easy to add plug ins easily and quickly. Not to mention, they are constantly introducing incredible plugins and marketing tools that can help you increase your conversion rates with ease and within minutes.

5) What is the website’s bounce rate? A bounce rate is the percentage of a single page visits. It’s the number of visits in which a person leaves your website from the landing page, without looking any further. So understanding what that number is, and then decreasing is are crucial.

Test your website speed by going here ( ) This can be quite a shock to the system!


3. Plan your customer’s experience to drive new sales (but first know your customer)

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

There are three parts to this point.

One) WHO are you aiming to speak to, connect with, create for, provide services for?

Two) HOW do you want them to connect with you?

Three) WHAT is the end result of them connecting with you?

By understanding WHO you can start connecting with the right people. The right people will become customers and raving fans because they need exactly what you’re offering. Don’t aim to speak to 1,000,000 people. Aim to speak to the 1,000 right people.

By understanding HOW you can craft your customer experience even more. How do you want your people to connect with you? Is it on social media first, then via a podcast, then email? Do you want to connect purely via an online community?

Or do you want to physically see your people at events?

You plan the HOW phase, this is up to how you want to run your business.

By understanding WHAT you are planning the success of your business. Your customer, whom you know so well, have connected with them through the medium that best suits you best now needs to be guided to the next step.

This is where some businesses falter. They’ve gone to the trouble of crafting an experience, finding their target market, connecting with them – and then they leave them alone (and leave the sale up to them).

Take control of the process, and make sure your service or product is something that your people need.

For example, high-powered C-Suite execs are not going to have time for hour-long webinars. A 15 minute power call would be better for them.

Knowing who, how and what let’s you plan for success and the best result (being that they pay for your services or products).


4. 99% of ‘ALL’ decisions are based on emotions

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

Becoming lazer-focused on your WHO, HOW and WHAT allows you to craft your customer’s experience by writing copy specifically for your target audience because by now you’re understanding their emotional needs / reactions.

You can design consistent and well thought-out headings, opt-ins, banner ads, courses, products, blog posts, email newsletters (basically everything) once you know what lights them up, what gets them excited, what makes them laugh, what evokes an emotional reaction, and what prompts them to take action.

90% of the decisions we make are based on emotional responses.

We can’t help it – it’s what makes us human.

By understanding emotional triggers you can increase your signups by over 300%.


5. Use the same tech that were once only available to companies with multi-million dollar budgets

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

We live in an age where each day there is a new start-up, Saas, social platform and service based company launching. Take advantage of the new ideas and new tech tools that will help your business grow. Tools that once used to only be available to companies with multi-million dollar budgets.


Heatmaps: where are your users spending their time on your site, what headlines are performing, what pages are users clicking on?

High-Converting Landing Pages: when you are launching a new program or product, you can create a landing page specifically for the launch. Doing a launch without a designated landing page will see lacklustre results.

Perfect check-out Pages: make it super easy for your customers to purchase from you! We have recently made the switch to Samcart – an order form tool that’s had an insane impact on our average dollar spend per customer. In a recent campaign, we sent our email list to an offer of a publicity guide for just $10. They went straight to the order form, no long sales letter. The guide did over $1k in sales itself, with over $2k in upsells to our other programs. It ‘activated’ brand new customers, and quickly! Go here to learn more now. This one step alone could suddenly make your business profitable.

Metrics: optimize your site. Optimize your blog. Understand the stats!

Editorial Calendars: Plan your calendar, your message, your emails and blog.

Social Media Scheduling: This will cut your social media posting down to a few hours a month. Set and forget. Amazing time saver and when you have a plan and a system it works like clockwork.

Canva: “The easiest design program in the world” – The webbys. We use Canva to design all of our graphics, including, pdf downloads, Instagram posts, Facebook ads, you name it, this tool is our go to.

CRM: Automate your sales systems. This has changed my business!

SEO: Learn SEO tips to ensure that your site is visible.

You can read more about some of the tools I use to build fast growth strategies.


6. Leverage your analytics for rapid growth

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

Understanding your analytics is by far the fastest way to grow your business. BY focusing on the wrong numbers, you can literally “grow broke.” From the outside your business looks like it’s doing well, but in fact, the quicker you grow, the sooner you’ll run out of cash flow.

Which is precisely why understanding the following are vital to your success;

1) Know the difference between vanity metrics and victory metrics.

2) Make sure that you understand your analytics (and if you don’t, reach out to someone who does. As Kenny Fraser, from Web Analytics World says;

“If you measure the wrong thing, you set the wrong targets and if you aim at the wrong target you arrive in the wrong place. Even tiny mistakes in how we measure can lead to terrible outcomes.” Kenny Fraser

3) Review your google analytics and see where are the biggest drop off pages and review the user experience for that page. Why are your customers finding it hard to interact with your site? (Remember – we want to make it really easy for them!)

4) If you find something startling in your analytics, go straight to the source – your audience. Collect a group of users and map out the issues (go back to point one)


7. Are you sitting on new opportunities for revenue? If so, here’s where you should look…

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

All of the below tips I have successfully leveraged in my own business to see rapid growth. Some of them have resulted in six-figure turnaround in profits!

Be sure to print them off now and use them as your own checklist.

1) Are you walking away from thousands of dollars by not offering a service or product that your customers are begging for?
If you know you’re sitting on a service that your people need – why aren’t you developing it?

2) Is there an MVP waiting to be developed that could see a quick burst in sales? (MVP = Minimum viable product, i.e. it’s not perfect but it can be improved upon after launch to keep the cash flow going).

If you’re a startup, small business or an entrepreneur then you’re used to operating fast, lean and mean. You could create a product, market and start selling it within 48 hours.

3) Do you have two products that could easily be pulled together in an upsell process? Suddenly doubling sales.

4) Is there some undiscovered talent in your team that you start leveraging? Is your admin assistant also an amazing copywriter? Is your marketing manager also an excellent salesperson?

Be scrappy, startups and small businesses usually need people in the team with many skillsets – ask the questions, give your team the opportunity to shine. Your team is your biggest asset and if you let them, could actually see you go to that $20K per month (plus so much more) really fast.

These 4 points can work incredibly well when you know your market and have your systems set up exceptionally well!

8. Fix the leak to go from Zero to $20k per month quickly by doing this…

 marketing plan, marketing strategy, business plan, entrepreneur, fast growth strategies, user experience, customer experience

In an effort to go from Zero to $20K a month quickly you need to act fast on any leaks you can see. When you know there are flaws in your system and sales funnel you can almost feel the dollars slipping away. Do something about it asap!

Here are some questions to prompt you in investigating any leaks you may have:

1) Do you have a high-converting opt-in linked correctly to your email service?

2) Do you have an automatic email sequence planned for when a customer opts-in?

3) Do you have an ongoing email engagement strategy in place?

4) Do you have an upsell step in your sales process?

5) Are you utilizing an “abandoned shopping cart” sequence? This equates to at least 50-60% of our sales!!! It’s also the one step that can quickly make any struggling business suddenly profitable.

6) Have you pixeled your page and are you using retargeting techniques on social media, particularly via Facebook.

7) Are you working to a well-planned social media community engagement strategy (not just advertising)?

8) Is there a sustainable lead-generation plan in place?

9) Have you planned for virality? Start-ups in Silicon Valley go through a specific sequence of steps to ensure they are profitable. They build ‘virality’ into their products, services and marketing, i.e. when a new customer purchases, they’re encouraged to share it with their friends to receive an extra special bonus. Thereby, all new customers are marketing the product on their behalf.

Your “action checklist” – what do you do next?

Your first step is to print off this post now and use it as your checklist.

These 8 Key Actions will get you started on right path to help you see quick growth in your business and work towards $20K per month in consistent online sales.

They also happen to be the elements 99% of businesses fail to look at – hence they fail to ever make their businesses viable.

Do not be one of them!

These strategies are based on science, data and crucial analytics that mean the smallest little tweaks, will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.
If you’re reading this post thinking “how can I do this all myself” the answer is, you don’t have to.

If you’re ready for massive changes in your business and life, learn more here right now.

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  • Loretta

    Wow! I have a lot to go and do… thanks for this list Ben.

    • Ben Angel

      My pleasure Loretta. Keep us updated as we share the rest of the series with you too. 🙂

  • Dan

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Very cool tools. Love that you’ve shared tips that have changed your business, especially about the website.

    • Ben Angel

      Glad to hear Dan. Still plenty more to come in the series. Keep an eye out. 🙂

  • Tammy

    All of those ‘leak’ questions have me feeling nervous. I think I have a lot of holes in my business I’ve been ignoring. Thanks for shining a light.

    • Ben Angel

      My dad always said, “if it doesn’t make you nervous, it’s not worth doing.” Live by it. 🙂

  • Robyn Obrien

    Thanks Ben, I’ve printed it off. FYI, when will you be speaking in Sydney next? I missed out last time.

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  • Heather Ford

    Hey Ben, what is your experience with Infusionsoft? I see you recommend it, but just wanted a little more insight into your thoughts. Thanks Ben! Great post.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Heather, great question. It was the best decision we’ve ever made. Made my life a whole lot easier. It does take sometime to do the initial set-up, but overall, I wouldn’t do it any other way. You have to get really clear on your objectives to use it, which makes it that much more valuable. Hope that helps!

  • Mark Sereda

    Thanks Ben!

    I’ve been following you for a while now. Loving your latest posts. We implemented Summome a little while ago based on your recommendations. Our new opt-in strategy is killing it! Thanks for the new tips. Can’t wait to try heat maps now.

    • Ben Angel

      Glad to hear Mark! That’s awesome. Yeah, we’ve been smashing it with that one little plugin. So easy to use. Noah the creator has definitely done an incredible job.

  • Sean

    Great points! I’ve just given this to our marketing team. I can see why we’re not hitting the next level in our sales because we’re failing to look for the fine little distinctions that can make a BIG difference. Thanks Ben!

    • Ben Angel

      Thanks Sean. Those little details catch entrepreneurs out every time. It’s the first place we focus on with our clients.

  • Aimee

    Hey Ben, first post I’ve read of yours. Thanks so much. I’m based out of D.C. and our sales have hit a plateau recently. I can now see why!

    • Ben Angel

      Oh wow! I’m a massive fan of D.C. I visited it twice the other year because I loved it so much. Print this post off as your checklist and just tick it all off as you progress. It’ll help a lot. 🙂 Ben

  • Matt

    With a small team of 5 sales people we’re often still outsourcing activities, but you make a great point about finding hidden talents in the team. Have already called a meeting this week to go over all the things we’re outsourcing to find out if I have some hidden gems amounts the team to better use our resources. Thanks Ben

    • Ben Angel

      So great to hear Matt. Yup, there’s so much potential in your teams. You just have to work with them consistently to draw it out. Great work.

  • Toni

    This list is intense! It really breaks down everything we need to do. Thanks for the amazing reminder… I have more things to add to my daily “To Do” list to make sure I’m on top of the game. Highly valuable list!!!

    • Ben Angel

      It is a pretty intense list Toni, that’s for sure! 🙂 It’s needed in our new social media environment to get serious ROI. Just work through each step methodically, it’ll make a massive difference.

  • Diana

    Hi Ben, Loved reading the article but when I go to download the PDF, the file isn’t there. Could you please get your team to look at this. It’s for both parts one and two.

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