How to Achieve $43 ROI For Every Dollar Spent on Email Marketing

It’s no secret. The fastest and most effective way to power a 6-7 figure business model without a massive team is by using the latest in online technology to support your marketing efforts 24×7.

Regardless of the type of business you have, or product or service you sell, there is massive untapped potential in email marketing and the automation of your campaigns. Search Engine Journal reports that the ROI from email marketing is greater than $43 for every dollar spent.

The only problem is that in their frenzy to take advantage of social media, companies have forgotten about the conversion ability that is in their current lists, and they’ve failed to engage with them like they have in the past.

Let me be clear; email marketing was never dead and will never be dead. Those that have asserted so are, in my opinion, lazy marketers who have failed to test and measure their campaigns, and keep their lists clean.

STEP 1: Unlock 6-7 Figures in Your Email List by Using The Art of Context

6-7 figure profits can be found within your list and, as discussed in my article covering The Hub Technique, all social media marketing must drive people to your ‘hub’ – your website.  There they opt-in to your mailing list via a compelling offer that creates context within the minds of your consumers as to the message and the type of content you share.

Context is everything when tapping into this underutilized resource. The first few emails that engage your prospects will set-up the entire style of your future communications, and set the standard for the quality of interaction, and the products and services that you sell.

There must be clarity in the message that you share. For example, the core message I promote is ‘shape the world we live in.’ This is broad, however it encapsulates the fact that whether I’m educating people about advertising via Facebook, Adwords, email marketing, or by using the art of influence, all of the tools lead to a final outcome, which is to shape the world we live in by giving you the ability to more effectively communicate to an ever growing audience, no matter what you do or what you sell. It is the umbrella message from which all other messages are birthed from.  

It’s absolutely fine to be known for different things, however you ‘must’ have an overarching message that is powerful enough to connect the dots for a consumer, no matter what product or service you are selling.

What is the context of the message you wish to share with the world?

Get clear on it now, as a lack of clarity will always and without fail impact on your bottom line. If you need help getting clear on what your message is, click here now.

STEP #2: Consistency Converts

Now once you are clear on this message, and to ensure the context and relevance of your message is clear, we must tick all of the following boxes throughout our marketing campaigns. Does the content of your communications to prospective clients via the following means, all share the same message?

  • Facebook
  • Landing pages
  • Website
  • Google Adwords
  • Free e-books
  • Articles

For example, you may be a business consultant who purely focuses on assisting a client to achieve high ROI’s. Is this core message reflected through each step of your communication processes?

Or, you might be a fitness coach that has a vegetarian angle. How is this consistently reflected through all of your campaigns, including email? It could be a simple slogan that is used in your email sign-off, or it could be consistently communicated throughout the body of your content marketing strategy, i.e. articles, videos, infographics, quotes etc.

If it isn’t, it creates a conflict for the prospective client and throws them off track.

Consistency converts.

Any lack of consistency creates red flags for a new individual who is still psychologically processing whether or not you are credible even though they may or may not be consciously aware of this when it’s occurring. To boost our sales and to guarantee we achieve a high ROI per dollar spent on email, we must tick all of the boxes for them before this question even pops up.

STEP #3: Leveraging Popular Content & Campaigns for Future Conversions

Any successful business owner knows that to successfully generate a consistent stream of revenue, you need to consistently be filling your funnel full of hot prospects. For example, they opt-in for a free resource and then receive a series of automated emails that up-sell them to your first product / service at a small price.

Some people wince when they see the impersonalised nature of an automated email series, however it is all in how you do it. You see, without creating an automated series, you face the following problems;

  • Any popular articles of the past that have helped you convert prospects into clients are overlooked because new prospects weren’t on your list when you first distributed them. It’s vital to place those articles that have received a fantastic response in the past into your automated series. You have new prospects to be converted.
  • Any previously successful marketing campaigns or offers are also missed by hot new prospects for the same reason; they weren’t present when you offered them. I’ve had clients that have run successful campaigns yielding over $80,000 in online sales, yet they overlooked potential new sales because they failed to offer it to new prospects entering the online sales funnel.

When something is working, we need to continually leverage and adapt it until it fails to convert. It’s what I call the re-visit, revise and re-launch process.

As a first step, look over your sales records to see when you’ve experienced a massive sales peak. Now, take a look at whether or not you had updated your blog or sent out a particular email campaign or offer to your list.

This message was clearly on point because it achieved the intended result. Now let’s put it into an automated email series to ensure it continues to achieve this outcome with little future effort from you.  

STEP #4: Automate Your Way to Profits With The Top Email Marketing Service Providers

Whilst there are endless options to automate your email campaigns via various platforms such as Infusionsoft, Mailchimp and Aweber, I personally use Infusionsoft.

The reason I chose Infusionsoft is that you can segment your database and better personalise your automated email series based on;

  • Whether or not they read a particular article / have a particular interest
  • Have purchased already
  • Have failed to purchase to date
  • And so on.

This makes this software far more intelligent than many on the market. Is it cheap?


But that was never the question you should be asking yourself. The question is, does it convert?

And that answer is, yes absolutely!

Never ever use a platform for the simple fact that it is cheap to use. That will cost you future sales in the 6-7 figures. I’ve had clients refuse to pay $2,000 for a site upgrade / campaign that could have yielded over $30,000 or more in immediate sales and added 30-50% to their overall sales results annually.  

What Must You Do Immediately To Put this Plan Into Action?  

To get this right from day one, or to overhaul an existing email marketing plan, click here now to checkout my 30 Day Business Turnaround Program. Over 30 consecutive days I will take you step-by-step through the precise activities that you must do to generate 6-7 figure revenues.

But most importantly, I will show you how to close all the gaps in your sales and marketing processes that are losing you thousands of dollars. Click here to get started with a 7 day, $7.95 trial now.

In the meantime, what questions do you have?

Post, comment and share this post. Let’s start a dialogue.

Until next time, go and shape the world we live in.

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  • Ben Angel

    Let’s start a dialogue.

    Post a question or make a comment here.


    • Jacqueline

      Dear Ben: Great article, now I apologise for my ignorance in online marketing, but what ROI means? maybe revenue online something? thanks,

      • Ben Angel

        Thanks Jacqueline! No need to apologise at all. It stand for return on investment. 🙂 You were definitely on the right track. Ben

  • Glenn

    Thanks for the information here. I’m really enjoying your take on marketing, and the comment you make about having the ability to target different markets through an overarching message resonates with me. However, it seems to conflict with a lot of other advice I receive.
    If I can place this in context please.
    For the last few years I have been working with athletes in injury prevention until I received exercise physiologist accreditation, which I am on the verge of and am ready to change my business model. I am keen to work with clients seeking weight loss, chronic disease management and athletes, yet I’m told this is too broad? My overarching message is that of empowerment. My goal is to educate people on the science of exercise to allow choices that are effecient and safe. This stems from having to learn how to use exercise to rehabilitate myself following a kidney transplant, though I was previously an athlete and can relate to this market well.
    Am I being too broad. Is it possible to market to these different client bases through a resonating message of empowerment?

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Glen,

      First of all, congratulations on your work. Health is so important. Secondly, when having various specialities, you roll them out in phases. I.e. you get known for one specific specialty for a solid 3 month period, then you shift to the next, whilst still maintaining the first one by way of educational articles / videos / status updates etc. Think of a 4 – 12 week article series on weight loss for example, then one of sporting injuries.

      Re. your overarching message of empowerment, it’s not strong enough. I’d suggest narrowing that down further and using the word health in it. You also need to do market research on slogan creation. A great slogan can overcome the challenge that many marketers suggest by being too broad. A solid marketing plan would mean that at any given time, you’re promoting each modality and directing people to different website pages that’s tailored specifically for them.

      That’s where you’ll see your true conversions and that’s where it gets really specific.

      Thanks Glen, I’m still jet-lagged, but I hope this makes sense. lol 🙂


      • Glenn

        I read this quickly a couple of days ago without taking the time to thank you for your response-so thank you!!
        I am taking this onboard, and even though I will offer all of these services in my business, I will just be focusing on weight loss for the next few months.
        Thanks again 🙂

  • Clara

    Ben, you are an absolute legend! The information you share and the learnings from seminars you have conducted (and I have attended) are everlasting and I thank you for the profound shift!

    • Ben Angel

      That means the world to me. Thanks so much Clara. I hope to see you at an event in the coming months. Stay tuned for details. 🙂

  • Mit

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the insightful information you have provided. I have currently got an ecommerce website designed and developed which is slowly making sales, however I need something to boost traffic and create awareness of my brand and variety of products. My main target market is the United States.

    Any tips you have for me so that I can focus on the right path? Thanks

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Mit,

      It’s my absolute pleasure! I would highly recommend Facebook advertising. The targeted marketing that you can now do using the likes of ‘conversion pixels’ is nothing short of incredible. It will take you a little while to get the hang out of it. Commit to it. It does pay off. Read how to use it here >

      Thanks Mit, and good luck.



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