One of the biggest mistakes my team and I see entrepreneurs and small business owners make is that they don’t think outside the box to look for more creative marketing techniques when it comes to their campaigns.

They’re happy to play it safe and see mediocre results, not wanting to ‘push’ any further.

And the worst part? They don’t think it’s a big deal.

They settle for mediocrity. It doesn’t realty make sense to us…online marketing plan is supposed to be an opportunity to be creative, to try things out, and to set yourself apart from the crowd….isn’t it?

In creative marketing ideas article you’ll learn how to add some more creativity into your campaigns to see some big shifts to your results.

Herbert Simon said One finds limits by pushing them” this is your opportunity to play big and push your limits with your creativity and your brand’s message.

Your business in a year’s time might just thank you!


Why ‘vanilla’ doesn’t cut it anymore

email marketing, marketing strategy, creative marketing ideas

I’ll let you in on a little secret – you’re not going to be able to set yourself, your product or your business apart if you keep playing a ‘vanilla’ game.

But wait, vanilla’s good, right? Sure it is. It’s safe too. Everyone loves vanilla. You’re not going to offend anyone with vanilla, and you’re not going to get in any trouble. The trouble with vanilla is that it’s predictable and boring – really boring. It doesn’t entice action, emotion or movement. It’s predictable in its blandness. And it’s a dangerous place for a brand or company to be.

Why not mix some flavour into your marketing campaigns – then you can gain traction in the marketplace to enjoy some valuable exposure, recognition, leads and ultimately – sales.

Go for it – don’t settle for being safe and average. Try something new – we think you’ll be really impressed by the results. As Mark Zuckerberg says:

“The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”.


How your marketing campaigns can benefit from our new social media economy

Let’s talk about marketing campaigns for a minute before we get into some examples of some really excellent creative marketing ideas that can help you while you’re working on your own.

First of all, with today’s new social media economy, the best campaigns are multi-layered. Gone are the days of relying on one really great email campaign, a witty slogan or one awesome billboard.

Right now, a great marketing campaign will be able to tie all the necessary elements that exist for your target audience together coherently, highlighting your brand and your message in the best possible way to influence your audience.

A well written automated email campaign coupled with a tried and tested social media campaign, maybe TV or radio campaigns, a lead capture strategy, an engagement strategy, an actual sales strategy (you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have a planned sales strategy) a retargeting and remarketing strategy, a user experience strategy – they all work together!

As a consumer, when all the components of a great multi-layered marketing campaign are spinning together the way they should, you’re more likely to remember what you’re seeing, connect with the brand it’s attached to and actually make a purchase and start your journey with that brand.

So as a marketer – the more creative your ideas, the bigger your scope for impact. As Seth Godin says:

We live in a moment where each of us has the power of influence. What will you do with it?”


Learn how to leverage all the elements in your ‘complete’ marketing campaign

email marketing, marketing strategy, creative marketing ideas

What makes up a complete marketing campaign these days? Well it’s one that includes all the elements that are going to position you and your brand and product in the best possible way to increase conversions.

So whether you own an ecommerce site, self-publish ebooks, own a cafe, a gym, a clothing shop, or run a membership site – your multi-layered approach can include segmentation, email marketing, lead generation, landing pages, paid social media advertising, revisions based on metrics, retargeting, remarketing, and a lot more.

Now some of that can sound complicated, and it can be, certainly, but it doesn’t have to be.

Take “remarketing” for example. Remarketing is a powerful strategy to introduce to your business when a consumer has viewed your website, browsed around, maybe even added a few things to the cart, and then for whatever reason walked away.

Maybe the phone rang, they realised they were running late for a meeting, remembered they didn’t have the funds right then to purchase,  got bored, hungry, tired – anything can divert a consumer’s attention away from actually purchasing. Life gets in the way!

Either way – that consumer was engaged in the buying process and ignoring them and not “remarketing” to them through automating an action that allows for that consumer to be singled out and reminded that they were really keen to purchase something, means you’re ignoring some serious dollars in your business.

A recent study showed that 41 percent of online shoppers in the 25-34 demographic like to be contacted if they’ve abandoned a shopping cart during an online session. For your business, remarketing will draw people back to your site, at which point they’re more likely to make a purchase than they were the first time.

See, the interesting fact here is that nearly 95 percent of online shoppers are doing nothing but browsing, doing price and product comparisons, and everything except making purchases the first time they visit your online store. However, they’ll make the purchase during a subsequent visit.

Remarketing as part of your overall successful campaign is going to help you drive sales. This is just one component, but it gives you an idea of how significant each piece is to the overall picture of a great campaign with the use of some creative marketing ideas.


Timing is everything – especially if you want to drive sales!

email marketing, marketing strategy, creative marketing ideas

When you’re about to market yourself, your product, service or business you’re going to become a master of time! Know your seasons and take time to understand what it means for your target audience – for example, in April & May, your Northern Hemisphere customers are getting ready for the hot Summer months and your Southern Hemisphere folks with getting ready for Winter.

Clue into your time and seasons and suddenly a well positioned and well timed campaign around Winter clothes, shoes, indoor weekend courses – anything that your customers want and desire in Winter can be incredibly successful.

In Winter people are typically more interested in staying at home, nesting, hibernating and buying! There is some excellent research around weather vs online buying habits and the stats don’t lie, when the weather is cold, rainy and uninviting, we like to spend.

So although consumers aren’t physically in store in Winter as much as in Summer, they still have money to spend – and if you time it right with some more creative marketing ideas and thinking, you can encourage them to spend it with you and your business!

Think about introducing a new product line, or run a themed event, or maybe do a couple of giveaways to drum up interest during the downtime that Winter has to offer. Spending more time at home means consumers spend more time on their tablets, laptops and phones whilst roasting their feet in-front of the fire. This presents a great opportunity for you to create some new and interesting campaigns.

Side note: Winter is an amazing time to focus on your online presence and re-vamp your strategy to get ready for the new energy, enthusiasm and spending that Spring brings.

Just like Winter, Summer presents its own unique campaigns to capitalise on. First of all, consumers post more on social media. They’re doing fun stuff on their vacations, and they want you to know about it. So Summer is a great time to run a social media contest, for example. In the warmer months, people are also more willing to go to different events and get involved with the businesses that run them, so start a community outreach program when the weather is great!

As people, we’re a lot more social in Spring and Summer and we’re looking for new, fun things to do, buy and experience. Is your brand or product or offer based around a specific feeling or sentiment? Think about your business and how you can use the seasons to create some fun and interesting campaigns.

Already, you’re probably thinking about ways that you can aim your products towards a more seasonal and timely approach – and that’s a good thing. Be creative, never stop thinking, and you’ll find ways to set yourself apart from your competitors.


Great Results from Great Campaigns

email marketing, marketing strategy, creative marketing ideas

Great campaigns take great planning, forethought and strategy. If you throw them at the wall, so to speak, and see what sticks you’re never going to see the results you want.

You want to think about them, plan them, and implement them in a calculated way in order to get the results that you really want. And along the way, you want to monitor and revise your metrics to understand what is working and why.

Some of your best inspiration will come from campaigns you’ve already seen, maybe in a completely different industry than yours. Take a few minutes and think about creative marketing campaigns that you’ve seen recently.

You can probably think of some great ones, since the best ones always stand out, don’t they?


Gamification and what it can do for your brand

A fantastic example of creativity and gamification comes from Tiger Beer in Malaysia, where it’s illegal to air commercials that advertise alcoholic beverages on television. The folks at Tiger identified a problem, and set about to find a creative way to solve it. They created an app called Gameday, which was intended to serve as a second screen during telecasts of English Premier League matches, where supporters love to go to bars (and drink beer) while they’re watching the games.

While the game’s on TV, fans can use the Gameday app to compete for Tiger-branded prizes in real time. Tiger, then, achieved the goal of putting their brand in front of their intended audience even when they weren’t allowed to use TV as the medium. A measurable indicator of success is that as many as 43% of the audience that they had targeted used Gameday.


Emotional based messages are still effective in marketing

email marketing, marketing strategy, creative marketing ideas

Another awesome example of a creative marketing campaign was one that was run by Airbnb where they were able to capitalise on a couple of major emotional themes. The first was the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, arguably one of the biggest events in our recent history. And the second was the traveler-inspired theme of “belonging anywhere.”

The campaign was creative, visual, emotional and told a story – oh and eventually, Ashton Kutcher caught on and tweeted about it, which probably helped them a fair bit – but the point is that wouldn’t have happened if it was a ho-hum idea.

What the Airbnb team created was an animated film telling the story of an actual customer of Airbnb who took her father, an ex Berlin Wall Guard, back to Berlin to gain some perspective on his past experiences. Using emotion and reality, they were able to create something unique and interesting enough to create a lasting effect.

Going viral isn’t easy, and every man and their dog – literally – is trying to do it, but if you can get to that level, tell a story that appeals to our emotions, highlights your product or service in a great way, and have influential people jump on board, you’re going to be sitting pretty!

There’s just a couple of examples that provide you with a real understanding of how important creativity can be in making memorable and effective marketing campaigns.

So what does all this mean?

The key thing here is to be creative, and think outside the box. Sitting back and being like everyone else is only going to make you just like, well, everyone else. And like we said – vanilla is just boring. Mix some flavour into your business and your marketing, and you’ll see the results coming your way.


Your Quick Action Checklist For Campaigns Using Creative Marketing Ideas

  • Think outside the box
  • Make sure you run a complete campaign – learn and know all the components
  • Timing, timing, timing
  • Be relevant!
  • Look at other examples, in your industry and others
  • Be unique, be interesting, and challenge yourself and your team to raise the bar!

If you’re ready to take some big, creative steps towards a more flavoursome brand and some interesting marketing campaigns, take a look at our IGNITE program. It’s a high-growth, 90 Day, completely tailored advisory solution. Your team and mine can sit down and create some amazingly creative campaigns with you. Watch the video now and contact my team for more information.

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