CASE STUDY How to Boost Your Sales by 100% in 30 Days

Every time you struggle to get new sales, in the heat of the moment you come up with a ‘quick-fix’ solution, right? Well, how’s that working out for you?

It’s unfortunate, but most business owners marketing strategies produced in this state of panic are fundamentally flawed – they don’t take into consideration the bigger picture, profit margins, the cost of customer acquisition, branding, marketing messages, offers and more.

They take a scattergun approach to their marketing and well… fail miserably.

Which is why, today I want to share with you the strategies that Wayne applied to his struggling business to generate an incredible turnaround within a 30 day period.

You see Wayne, like many business owners, was at a critical point in his business and needed an immediate injection of sales. Let’s now see how he did it and how you can apply it to your own business today.


“We needed a kick-start to get off the ground and we needed it fast!”

Wayne J. Morris is the Managing Director of Workwear Collection, an online supplier of quality staff uniforms to Australia’s Hospitality Industry.


Wayne’s vision is to establish Workwear Collection as the go-to people for Hospitality workwear in Australia and ultimately go into production with their own brand of Chef’s apparel to unleash on the world.

Like many, his business is in the start-up phase but Wayne is not the sort of man to let the grass grow under his feet, especially when his business profitability depends upon it.


“The future of the business looked certainly doomed…”

Wayne said, “As a new business we needed a kick-start to get off the ground and we needed it fast! Our marketing (or lack of) was all over the place and costing us money and the future of the business looked certainly doomed, not to mention the stress and heartache of the thought of failure, I couldn’t let that happen, so changes had to be made.”

While looking for a place to start, Wayne found The 30 Day Business Turnaround Program and realised it offered exactly what he needed…fast results!

“With Ben’s knowledge and experience in business to mentor you through the program with every step, it was an easy choice to sign up,” Wayne said.


Stop Wasting Money on Marketing That Doesn’t Work

Wayne said that what he needed was the right kind of guidance to fully understand his market so he could put a strategic marketing plan in place and stop wasting money on marketing activities that weren’t working.

While starting from scratch might seem to be difficult, it actually lets you plan for all sorts of possibilities, rather than just for the ones you can see. There is nothing to limit you.


The Solution: Identifying Areas for Rapid Growth Within Your Business

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Where did Wayne start?

He began by targeting his local media, knowing that he was more likely to find exposure locally than nationally while his business was still new.

He looked for referrals from current clients and from people within the industry who were familiar with the product. Word of mouth is always a great seller.

He made himself known to local businesses which formed part of his ideal market, working on developing an ongoing business relationship.

He developed a marketing plan rather than simply performing marketing activities. This structured approach let Wayne build on successes as they happened, and kept him on track to his target.


How to Increase Your Sales by 100% Within 30 Days

Wayne’s day has become more structured, way more organised and relaxed since implementing his new business model. He now has time to work on the business in other ways that in the past he could not have managed.

Wayne put in the work and followed each of the steps in The 30 Day Business Turnaround Program, and his results speak for themselves.

“I’m so happy to say that within the first month of completing the program our average monthly revenue had increased by 100% with projections for this month of over 200% increase in revenue” he said.


Taking back control of your cash flow…

Wayne has achieved outstanding results in a very short time.

He says, “I have a newfound drive and passion for what I do and complete confidence within myself of truly knowing that my business is back on track for success.”

Wayne is just one of hundreds of other businesses that have used Ben Angel’s powerful marketing and business strategies to significantly grow their business.

Join in now and get started in The 30 Day Business Turnaround Program right here on your 7 day trial for just $7.95.

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