Having been in business for over 15 years now Ben Angel’s business has taken many turns and make overs. Initially, focused on B-to-B professional speaking, after seven years his audiences began connecting with him more online than in person. With this shift, Ben’s business began transitioning into more one on one consulting. This new business model allowed Ben to also pursue another dream of his and finally wrote his first book, Sleeping Your Way to the Top in Business.

Fast forward to 2012 and New York in the midst of one of the worst hurricanes to hit the US taking most of New York off the grid including Ben. It was at this moment that Ben saw a need to change his business model & where the transition to focusing solely on online content and creating online courses that had the ability to sell themselves online 24/7. The appeal of this “more money and less headache” style business allowed Ben to not only completely stop personal consulting altogether last year; it’s allowed him the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Growing from one simple digital program to a catalogue of 8 full online programs Ben’s most popular product right now is his Ultimate Email Marketing Template Series, which has sold 1000’s worldwide since its launch last year which has turned out to be an unexpected success story.

His wildly popular Facebook Advertising course is also a massive success story (in part thanks to SamCart), however, his latest Monetize With Messenger course recently launched is set to surpass them both.


The Change that Changed the Business

Through all of these changes, Ben had been an avid follower of Brian Moran, starting right back when Brian taught his Facebook Marketing courses because at the time, “no one else was doing it.” But he didn’t jump onto the Samcart bandwagon straight away.

Before making the switch over to Samcart a little over 18 months ago, Ben had been selling his online courses using Infusionsoft.

According to Ben, Infusionsoft offers features like the 1-click upsells, but their software had “become really clunky and slow…to set up any funnel was really painful and time-consuming”. Eventually, Ben just couldn’t justify the expense anymore, especially after adding about 30% to their fees by paying in AUD.

“their software had become really clunky and slow… to set up any funnel was really painful and time-consuming”

In March 2016, Ben took the plunge to join SamCart & was ecstatic at the results… to say the least. After using the platform for a number of months, he was able to “ditch those guys” and has since teamed his Samcart order forms with Get Response for his email provider.

One of the main reasons for getting Samcart on board, Ben says, was that “we were getting all of these orders coming through, but we just weren’t getting any of the upsells, our old solution was super clunky and slow.”


“One of the biggest changes I noticed first of all, compared to our old software, is that it was easy for me to set up, but more important, it was super easy for me to get someone else to set it up for me. So, it wasn’t dependent on me to go in there and troubleshoot.”

And How’s Business Been?

According to Ben, his Email Marketing Templates package is only a $47 sale, but the average customer value ends up being $77, thanks to Samcart. “That product has become a trigger product for all the other products we sell.” And it was Samcart’s super-easy-to-set-up order bumps and upsells that made it possible; as Ben says, “Order bumps have generated 10s of 1000s of dollars for us this year.”

“Samcart was made for someone like me and I highly recommend Samcart in all my online courses.”

Ben’s advice for anyone considering making the switch from Infusionsoft or any other clunky tools to Samcart:

“They should have done it yesterday as far as I’m concerned. I wish we’d actually made it sooner because the bottom line is that they would be losing tens of thousands of dollars every single year if not every single month, depending on the size of the business…There isn’t a better order form system in the marketplace that I can even think of…that can actually achieve the level of success we’ve achieved with Samcart.”

Stay tuned for more great things from this dynamic Aussie when he brings his brand to the Big Apple in early 2018…



Kyra Mitchell
VP of Customer Success



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