Note from Ben: If you follow my social media accounts you might remember a few weeks ago we were running a promotion competition for any of my 80,000 subscribers worldwide to enter. Well the lucky winner was UK Life Coach, Chris Dudley and today Chris is our guest author for the blog with an awesome article entitled 7 Steps to Being a Balanced and Successful Entrepreneur. Chris talks about some key topics that all small business owners and entrepreneurs should really take to heart, so enjoy and share your comments below.

It’s a truth universal that your mindset directly impacts the performance of your business. Ultimately it determines how successful, productive, happy and healthy you are. I am blessed to work with entrepreneurs and small business owners every day – and the number one thing they ask for is…

“I need a quick fix to keep my stress under control”.

Although I’m a firm believer in long term change as opposed to quick fixes, there are some ‘hacks’ to living a more balanced, less stressed entrepreneurial journey. I have pulled together a list of the interventions I most often use with my private clients, so let’s dive in.


Here are your 7 Steps to Being a Balanced and Successful Entrepreneur.

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1. Connect with your WHY

I’ve actually experienced business owners complaining that they have too many customers! Gone are the months of nothing happening and suddenly your hard work has paid off and customers are queuing at your door, now is not the time to lose it!

It’s important to know from the outset, and to remind yourself daily of the answer to the following questions;

  • What is the reason I am running my business?
  • What is the difference I make?
  • Why do my clients need me?


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2. Understand what you & your business need right now

Most entrepreneurs are vivacious readers, constantly looking for top tips to maximise their success – it’s one of the reasons you’re reading this right now! However, it’s important to actually implement the tips and tricks you come across – reading them is simply not enough.

Think about completing a SWOT Analysis on yourself; what are current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Then really hone in on your weaknesses. Which of these development areas do you need to focus on immediately to make the biggest impact on you and your business performance?


Understand what you and your business need right now

3. Stop delaying & start actioning

Really ask yourself – what am I putting off until tomorrow?

One of the initial pieces of work I complete with my clients is reviewing their to-do list. This initial insight can often be the key to releasing the high-octane performance you need. Simply review your to-do list and identify the activities you keep moving from day-to-day, week-to-week or even month-to-month. And what activities are stopping you from moving forward – and ask yourself why?

Now here are your options: One, complete these tasks immediately and be mindful to prioritize them in the future. Two, my preferred option, outsource them, find someone else who will complete the tasks for you at a competitive rate.

End procrastination immediately

4. End procrastination immediately 

There are two core reasons why an entrepreneur or small business owner consistently procrastinates:

1. You don’t know how to complete the activity you need to complete. Simply, you’re not skilled in that area. So ask yourself: ‘What do I need to know in order to complete this activity?’ Find the solution, return to the activity and get it done.

2. You don’t have a strong enough motivation to complete the activity. So again, ask yourself: “What’s in it for me?’ What’s the reason you need to complete this activity? What will it mean for the business and yourself. Connect with the bigger picture first – then get to work!

Ben also has some excellent tips for how to stop procrastination right here.


End procrastination immediately

5. Understand the place between ‘to do’ & ‘done’

This is the Land of Doing!’. Monitor your to-do list and proactively move items from ‘to-do’ to ‘doing’. The key here is to ensure only a few items, ideally just one, are you actually in the process of being done. This is the key to ensuring activities are taken through to completion and you avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Review your to-do list now, how many of these items have you actually started but not yet completed, I’m thinking there’s a lot going on in your Land of Doing!


Visualise your success and your outcomes

6. Visualize your success & your outcomes

This old chestnut. Visualization allows you to take time away from the constant motion of the world, finding a quiet space and visualizing everything you’re aiming to achieve. You have to program your unconscious mind to understand your final destination.

Who is it you’ll be? What is it you’re going to achieve?

Spend time focusing on what you’ll be as oppose to who you are today. Let your mind create a clear picture in order that it can change your journey in order to meet your destination.


Take care of yourself - and get enough rest!

7. Take care of yourself, and get enough rest

Sleep is not just a ‘maybe’ – it’s a must!

Over the next few years you’re going to be hearing a lot more about the positive impact sleep has on all areas of your life, not least on your performance. Don’t let sleep be something that accidentally happens at the end of each day and is ultimately a state you enter in to begrudgingly.

Focus on creating a regular sleep pattern of 8 hours, it’s time to go back to childhood and have a bedtime you stick to! Stop your device use at least an hour before bedtime and let your mobile phone sleep in another room, get a retro alarm clock to wake you up. Make your bedroom a place of rest and consider replacing the TV with a book, maybe one which satisfies a development area identified in tip 2. Then, as you slowly drift off, make your final message to your unconscious,

‘Thanks for today, take an opportunity to get my mind organized and treat yourself to some dreams of the future I’ll achieve. I’ll be back with you in 8-hours.”


Remember, you’ll only benefit from these 7 Steps to Being a Balanced and Successful Entrepreneur if you take the time and energy to implement them! I challenge you to try each of the 7 tips for the 7 days, and track your progress. Your mindset is the key to the success of your business – and by taking the time to make change, you are allowing yourself and your business, to benefit from the long term balance and success you deserve.
Until next time… be more tomorrow than you are today.


Chris Dudley
Guest Author
Life Coach


Chris Dudley

Chris has over a decade’s experience in the personal and professional development industry. Chris has a unique understanding of the mindset of the entrepreneur and understands what makes a business successful. Chris says “I believe the success of your business is uniquely tied to you and your knowledge, skills and attitude.” Find out more about Chris at:

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