Facebook is a great marketing tool but every day I see page owners making mistakes that could cost them followers and customers.  Not all of the mistakes are as obvious as others. Here are 5 uncommon Facebook marketing mistakes that you might never have considered before.

1. Not marketing articles on a daily basis to lead people into your ascension marketing model.

You’ve gone to all the trouble of creating your ascension marketing model. Now you’re just letting it sit there. It’s just like letting people drive on down the road without giving them directions to your rocking party (2 streets down on the left – BYO, thanks.). How will people find it?

Regularly create articles that lead into the lower end options of your ascension marketing model and post these articles to your Facebook page to create interest and direct your fans to your website for more information on the article.

Here’s an example from my page:

“The Painful but Liberating Lessons on Business Failure & How to Avoid It. Read them here >

It’s short but it’s catchy and it leads to an article which holds an entrance to my sales funnel. You can do the same thing and add hundreds of people to your list.

2. Not changing profile image every now and then to garner new interest

Many businesses create a page header and post a logo picture as the profile image on their Facebook page and then forget all about it. Boring! Pimp it up!

Keep the page looking fresh by changing the images, especially the profile image, keeps your fans interested and gets them talking about the changes. Why not use a business headshot of yourself as the profile pic? Let people get to know the person behind the business. Use the profile image to show off your personality and that will help you establish a connection with your followers.

Create a milestone on your page each time you change the picture – tie the change in with a product launch or event so that the milestone appears on the timeline and stands out for fans to see.

3. Not having a schedule of posts that re-engage inactive fans

Is your page like a ghost town? Are your posts few and far between? Or perhaps your posts are all aimed at generating new leads? Don’t be unfaithful to your existing fans! If they think you’ve forgotten them they will spread themselves around on other pages – perhaps even your main competitor’s page.

Not all of your followers will be at the same stage in their relationship with you, just as they won’t all enter your sales funnel at the same point. Keeping the spark alive in your existing followers is just as important as igniting it in the new ones.

Create a schedule of posts that will re-engage your fans and bring them back to the page regularly. Remember you can tag people, too, so if your post is likely to be important to someone, tag them in the conversation and invite them in. Think about your fans and what brought them to you in the first place. Prick their interest again by creating a post that will appeal straight to them. Combine images, conversations and quotes and ask for comments on each post so that people start to interact once again.

4. Not creating conversations on your page to engage fans

You have hundreds or thousands of fans but are you conversing with them on your Facebook page? The simplest way to interact with fans is often the most overlooked.

Ask questions! Get your fans involved with your business. Ask their opinion on a product or service. Be creative so that you increase conversations and therefore increase page activity. Find a relevant news article that relates to your business and post it to your page and ask for your fans’ opinions. Keeping fans engaged and involved ensures that your page doesn’t fall by the wayside in their news feed and keeps you at the forefront of their minds.

5. Not publicly acknowledging your customers on your page

Everybody loves to be acknowledged. We all like to feel that we have made a difference in someone else’s life. Your customers are no different.

Acknowledge them publicly (be sure to check with them that it is okay to publish their name on your Facebook page or alternatively just publish a first name and last initial) For example, “Thank you so much Jenny K. for helping us streamline our delivery process. Your suggestions were brilliant.”

Even something as simple as “We have the best customers in the world” shows your appreciation and we know how well that builds customer loyalty.

Facebook is a vibrant and exciting marketing platform so make sure you are using it well and connecting regularly with all your followers. Remember, they will talk about you so be sure they are saying the right things.


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