20 Non-Facebook Ways to Market Your Personal Brand


our mother was right when she told you not to put all your eggs in one basket. What would happen to your business if Facebook closed down tomorrow?   Would your personal brand disappear with it?

Your personal brand is “ self-expression amplified to influence and command attention ”.   Yes, Facebook is one distribution channel for you to communicate your brand.   But what about others?

Share yourself around. (Something I’m sure your mother told you not to do!)   Take advantage of the channels out there and make them work for you by taking your message further than Facebook alone could ever do.

Here are 20 non-Facebook ways to market your personal brand and message. 

  1. Appearance: Whether you like it or not, you are being judged.   Your wardrobe, hair, and makeup are on show, so make sure they are sending the right message.   You are your brand.

  2. Photographs: Think of yourself as a media personality and invest in a set of professional photos for your marketing needs. Your brand should never be represented by a happy snap taken by your 10 year old kid with an Iphone.

  3. Website: Your website should be streamlined, professional and up to date.   Outdated or messy sites suggest that you are outdated and messy, too. Your home page should only have one core call to action… and that should be to opt-in to find out more, get a free report or guide. As soon as you visit your site, your eyes should be drawn to this call to action IMMEDIATELY.

  4. Blog posts: Write and post at least one blog post a week to keep content fresh and relevant.  These posts should up-sell into your various product and service offerings and build the need to engage you further.

  5. Twitter: Perfect your tweets and hashtags on a daily basis. Keep the conversation focused and alive. Automate what you can and then engage with others proactively as they engage with you and vice versa.

  6. YouTube: Record video segments and promote them online to maximise your views. Educate, inform and excite people with your content. Promote your video via email, Facebook, Youtube sponsored posts and Twitter. Don’t let it sit there whatever you do. Tell the world about it.

  7. Newspaper: Contact your local newspaper for editorials or offer to write regular feature articles relevant to the newspapers readership base.

  8. LinkedIn: Connect with influential contacts and stay up to date with what is going on in your industry.   Contribute to the discussion.

  9. Write A Book (again!): Whether you opt for a paperback or E-book version, a book is a great way to promote your personal brand.   Choose subject matter worthy of your name and understand what it TRULY takes to promote it and make money.

  10. Radio: Call in to talk radio shows and express your opinion whether it is popular or not. Try to arrange radio interviews to tie in with other promotions happening around you.

  11. TV: Contact national television shows for interviews and guest appearances. The media often seek people to comment so keep an eye on sites like SourceBottle and HARO. And, if you’re up for a COMPLETE media and publicity strategy, check out this here >

  12. Webcasts or Podcasts: Create video or audio presentations and stream them online to engage your audience.

  13. Seminars or Public Speaking: You are an expert in your field so develop a range of topics that you’re comfortable speaking on and approach event organisers with an offer to speak.

  14. Online Articles: Write, write, write!   Place your articles online and on your top industry blogs to be noticed.

  15. Magazines: Whether a one-off feature or a regular column, writing for a professional magazine is a great way to have your brand noticed.

  16. Referrals: Ask the fans you have to spread the word for you.   If they love your brand and what you do, they will be happy to refer people to you.   Word of mouth is powerful.

  17. Sponsorships or Community Events: Connect with your local community through sponsorship of a sporting, fundraising or other local event.

  18. Charity Work: Source a worthwhile charity, one that you truly believe in, to promote and assist wherever and whenever you can.

  19. Networking events: Make sure you are being seen in all the right places and by all the right people.   Make authentic connections that will last you for years.

  20. Workshops: Attend or lead workshops so you can share your knowledge and show off your brand by demonstrating your expertise and skills in a live environment.

OK, now we have identified new marketing methods but before you swing into action, make sure you have clarified your core message.   You won’t leverage the power of these platforms unless your message is consistent and in line with your brand.

Think about the message from your audience’s perspective; what are you trying to get across to them?   Is your personal brand aspirational, informational or purely self-focussed?   The answer will give you a better idea about what methods might bring you the best response.

Facebook is a fantastic platform for sharing your brand message but it’s not the only one out there.   Move out of your comfort zone and share your brand – you never know who you might meet.

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Until next time,

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