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[1 of 3] PR SERIES: Here’s Why You Need to Get Publicity

If you’re looking to dramatically boost your sales, build your profile and turn your business around. 

(It doesn’t matter whether you’re an author, coach, speaker, business or marketing consultant, sell art, create websites or design children’s clothing, that’s irrelevant).

How do you get publicity that gives you and your business more than 15 minutes of fame and helps you to create a business and life that matters, whilst generating sales and making money?

Some people get disheartened, thinking it’s impossible. “What could I possibly talk about in the media?”

But why is it that tens of thousands of experts and their businesses get featured in countless publications and on TV and radio shows every year becoming the go to experts within their fields?

Many believe, “so long as your business is unique, that’s what’s important!”

But how many do you know with unique stories that constantly go unnoticed, unrecognized and unpaid? 

Some feel, “it takes expensive publicists with influential contacts, and they’ll never have the funds to employ them.”

But how did I consistently generate media coverage every year from the age of 16 (I’m now 31, but thanks to Botox I still look 12!)… getting featured on national television, securing my own regular columns in lifestyle and business magazines, being quoted in publications such as the Herald Sun, The Age, GQ Men’s Magazine, The Australian and conducting countless radio interviews in Australia and in the U.S.? 

Plus, helping my clients get featured on national TV and in publications from Vogue to CLEO to international lifestyle magazines?

But more on that in a minute…

First let me share an attention-grabbing personal story… 

One that demonstrates why getting media coverage is PHENOMENAL for building your business. A story that reveals many of the other benefits you could experience by getting media coverage.

Prepare yourself for a bit of ego-stroking – I’m incredibly talented at it… 

Listen up!

The reason I’m sharing this story with you is so you too can see what getting tens of thousands in free publicity can do for your business… incredibly quickly.

As you know, I’ve been in business and lifestyle consulting for over 10 years now.

And as you also know, I give advice to thought leaders and entrepreneurs on how to shape the world we live in through creating influential business and personal brands.

It’s incredibly crowded in my market space. There are thousands that call themselves business and influence experts the world over.

Yet, I was able to set myself apart from all of them… as if I had a secret formula to getting countless amounts of media coverage and getting booked to speak at countless events.

In addition to amassing a following of more than 40,000, I gave a highly profitable book away to the internet for free that also generated 40,000 plus downloads within less than a year and built my database to over 20,000 email subscribers. 

Not to mention having one of the worlds biggest publishers seeking me out and proposing to buy the rights to three of my books in one hit!

The sales ramped up fast, and I was able to fill my national tours with paying participants and accumulate consistent online sales which meant that I can now travel the world, write and do what I love without needing to be chained to my desk.

But what I am most proud of is this: 

My clients who followed my step-by-step advice also achieved life-changing results.

Here’s what they had to say: 

“Sukkie has utilised Ben’s education to increase regular sales by 400%, double our database and have Sukkie featured in several of the nations top magazines with subscriptions of over 40,000 athletes.” Leon Harvey, Founder of Sukkie

“Since working with Ben I have appeared in Woman’s Day, Good Health, Women’s Health & Fitness, Fitness First, CEO Magazine, Body & Soul, Yahoo News, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The British Naturopathic Journal… the list goes on. But the best part? Journalists now approach me!” Dr Rebecca Harwin – The PCOS Expert

Regretfully, I must tell you this:

The fact that my information and delivery was unique wasn’t why it took off. 

The TRUTH is that my business and profile took off because I was able to get featured in mainstream media. Media that helped to get my message to the masses… and for FREE!

Just because you create a business, it doesn’t mean they will come. Doing great work just gets you in the game. Once you’ve entered the playing field you’ve got to get the attention of the masses.

And that’s why most who have inspiring businesses and interesting background stories (even those that don’t) struggle. They stay on the outer and don’t know how to get the attention of editors, producers and journalists.

Great news is, that can be taught, but more on that shortly.

Here’s the absolute best part: 

Yes, I amassed a following of over 35,000 within a short period of time in a competitive marketplace.

Yes, I did good work… and promoted it with as much audacity as Joan Rivers.

But, I also didn’t WASTE my time contacting the media every single day. 

If you look at my actions, I contacted less than 10 media directly each year (not each day or each week for that matter).


Because they came to me!

Just as I’ve trained my clients to get the media to go to them.

That means, if you’ve ever wondered, “there’s no way I could contact media daily,” the great news is, “you don’t have to contact them daily!”

In saying that, there have also been many other fantastic benefits to getting publicity.

BENEFIT #1: How Getting Publicity Increases Your Conversion Rates 

If you asked me 10 years ago how much having media impacted my conversion rates, I would have ignorantly said, “it had little effect!”

Now I know better.

After measuring my high converting online product sales pages, I realized the sales pages and products that had key testimonials from influential media contacts were the ones that converted 10x that of the one’s that didn’t feature media directly.

Not to mention, securing clients that were paying over $1,200 per hour for consulting suddenly became a breeze.

BENEFIT #2: How Getting Publicity Secures You High Paid Speaking Engagements & Book Deals

To get speaking engagements in my first year was easy. Why? Especially when most professional speakers have to go begging for gigs and end up discounting their services by thousands!

You see, I leveraged at every opportunity I could the media coverage I was featured in for that month when meeting with key contacts.

My speakers kit included feature articles in prominent magazines and quotes in influential newspapers.

To them, it was a no brainer.

I had credibility that my competing speakers couldn’t begin to fathom.

I wasn’t banging my head up against the wall in frustration like everyone else.

This not only secured me speaking engagements, it also helped me to catch the eye of a major international publisher without me ever having to hunt them down.

BENEFIT #3: How Getting Publicity Helps You Amass a Following of Thousands 

Not long ago, I decided that now was the right time to build my online following not just by hundreds but by thousands… and quickly because I knew it would grow my cash flow and profit margins.

Now, I have over 7,000 Facebook Fans, 10,500 Twitter followers and over 16,000 email subscribers (growing by 50-100 daily).


Because being featured in the media provides people with the credibility factors they need to say, “hey I trust this guy and I want to find out more!”

This was one of the key tipping points to such online success.

BENEFIT #4: How Getting Publicity Can Help You Secure 6 (and even 7 Figure) Sales Within a Short Period of Time 

A few years ago I felt it was impossible as a consultant and speaker to generate 6 – 7 figure sales.

It’s a completely different story today.

Because of the media coverage that I generated and the credibility that flowed with it, I can send out a few emails and get hundreds of people booked into events all around the country… and effortlessly sell tens of thousands of dollars worth in online products within a few short weeks.

And, it doesn’t matter if you have a retail or service based business, the same can be true for you too.

Media = Instant Credibility and with Instant Credibility flows greater profits. 

Media exposure is something that I will forever be grateful for because it has been the catalyst in many tipping points in my business and career.

I’m still flabbergasted… 

The media coverage I’ve received is the reason why I was able to finally build a profitable business, secure paid speaking engagements and high paid consulting clients… and also help my clients get featured on major TV networks and international publications such as Vogue and CLEO.

The question is, how do you get publicity that builds your profile and increases your sales (whether you’re a photographer, author, speaker, consultant, website developer or entrepreneur)? 

That’s why I’m incredibly excited to announce a brand new series that I’ll be running on benangel.co over the next few weeks.

This is where you’ll learn incredible practical step-by-step strategies for getting publicity that can help you create a business and life that matters.

  • I’m going to take you behind the curtain and show you how I get the kind of coverage that myself and my clients attract – without having to hunt for it day in, day out.
  • I’m going to reveal common mistakes in publicity that will shock you.
  • I’m going to uncover specific high level strategies YOU can use to start getting publicity within just days.
  • And much more.

By the end of this series, I hope to motivate thousands of thought leaders and entrepreneurs to generate publicity that allows them to get paid for what they love doing – and shape the world while doing it.

And, if you resonate with what this series stands for and what getting publicity can do for your business, take a moment to share this with a friend or colleague. 

You can help us reach thousands!

In the meantime, I want you to post a comment below and answer one simple question: 

  • Do you believe getting publicity can result in a tipping point in your business? Describe why and how you believe it can help.
  • If not, let me know why not.

And finally,

If you’ve got any specific burning questions about publicity, leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it. I check in and reply to comments whenever I can.

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  • Ben Angel

    Post your comment below now. Let’s start a discussion. I pop in from time to time to answer everybody’s questions. 😉 Ben

  • Steve

    Is developing contacts with influemntial television producers the most important component to getting on television? How do you develop those contacts?

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Steve, it’s just one of many components. What many people don’t realise is that getting media coverage in a local paper or on a local radio station can provide the credibility for a TV producer to pick up the story. That’s how some of this worlds biggest stories are broken – from a local level.

      Secondly, you need to first and foremost prove to a tv producer that, a. you look great on camera, b. you’re interesting and c. you’re credible.

      Focus on these components before making any approaches and you’ll be in a fantastic position. For more info on how to get to them direct, I’ve created this program that will help you, check it out here > https://bit.ly/1cxGhfu

      Thanks Steve.

      Ben 😉

  • morgan

    Getting publicity would be great for any business! I have bedn in business for less than a month and gee its hard getting known!

    • Ben Angel

      Hang in there Morgan. One month is nothing. You’ve got to be in it for the long haul. Publicity will definitely help you gain exposure for your business quickly. 🙂

  • Sham Jamal

    Hey Ben, I’ve been following you for a while (in a completely non stalker fashion!) your info is fantastic. Thanks for giving away so much of it for free.

    Ive just started an injectables business on the gold coast, if you’re ever in town and need some brotox (see what I did there!) to keep you looking 12, I’d love to look after you in exchange for some of your time and advice on growing the business.

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Sham Jamal, thanks for the shout out. I really appreciate the feedback. I love the sound of brotox. lol 🙂 I’m not currently doing any consulting at all at the moment. But who knows in the future. Keep up the great work in the meantime. Sham. Ben

      • Kate

        Hi Ben, thanks for the free advice. It’s greatly appreciated. I’m reasonably new in my business, 12 months and yes it is a hard slog every day, but I do agree with you that publicity is the way to get credibility.

        • Ben Angel

          Thanks so much Kate. Publicity is absolutely perfect for assisting in increasing conversion rates, in particular getting people over the line that may have looked past you previously due to being relatively new, i.e. they need social proof to help validate the business and take action. Keep in touch and let me know how you go. Ben

  • Simon Hambrecht

    Hey Ben,
    I’ve only recently started following you & have found your material very insiteful & motivating.
    I have been in business now 8 yrs, 6yrs as a branded model. We’ve struggled to find new members to our pharmacy brand despite unbelievable performance (industry opinion – no I’m not blowing my own trumpet). The challenge we have is our competition is made up of brands (some wholesaler owned, others independent) who have either massive cash reserves or plenty of media presence.
    We have found it difficult to find credibility due to our small size & I was wondering how a small sensation like ourselves can achieve media exposure given most of the mainstream media are only interested in national brands who have huge amounts of stores?
    Your feedback & thoughts would be very appreciated

    • Ben Angel

      Hey Simon, thanks so much for the feedback. Never, ever, ever fear another brand and their size. Size is irrelevant. Great stories are EVERYTHING! Focus in on local coverage first and foremost and build from there. Keep following the PR series and you’ll see how to come up with the perfect angle to help get the exposure that you need. 🙂 Ben

  • anna m

    Publicity is a way to make my business a household name. When they’re struggling for gift ideas for that grandma who has everything, best friend is having a baby, Christmas time, mothers day any other day, publicity Will make people think of me. Sales will increase and further word of mouth will spread.
    Weirdly enough, publicity gives you credibility more than anything

  • Sandi

    Hi Ben,
    I’m following what you are trying to get across here, but feel that it seems to be aimed more at bloggers or the kind of “socialites” they use on tv shows for the 5 minute segments like Kochie’s Angels on Sunrise, people who have an opinion on anything.
    It would be nice to see an example of a business that is a small brand product, and how this all works for them.

    I have so much I want to say that I think I will email it to you as I don’t want to take up too much space and give out too many of MY secrets.

    for me, I have been in business for nearly 8 years, (although 16 years expertise in what I design and make),
    Out of adversity from spinal injuries and not being able to work a “normal” job 16 years ago, I turned my home based hobby into a fairly solid full time business.
    I found a niche market and my reputation & brand just slowly evolved & grew.
    I have done 15 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for nearly 8 years and totally enjoy what I do and I have very strong work ethics.

    I have been approached by a few publications in the past, one was a NZ bridal magazine that wanted to showcase one of my designs in a bridal special, another was a case study for an e-commerce website who ran my case study.
    I regularly get contacted to donate products for reputable charity fundraisers and gladly do so when I can, helping to get my brand more well known.
    I gift to bloggers to review products & to get them to run a giveaway competition of my products.

    but the past year there has been a huge influx of cheap knock-offs mass produced in China flooding the market, taking over $30,000 off my sales this year compared to last year. A HUGE STEP BACKWARDS !!

    celebrity gifting in Australia is a really hard nut to crack.. I’m doing it the hard way, one by one, but will little to no “thanks” or recognition from them.

    I have ideas of some campaigns I want to achieve with media / tv in 2015 so I’m hoping I am going to find the secrets to how to do this from you.

    So I DO believe getting publicity will result in a tipping point in my business !!

    I have a lot more to say, but am putting it into an email to you, Ben, and your team as I don’t want to give away too much of my plans and obstacles on this public forum.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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