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Bestselling author Ben Angel has hit headlines in the U.S. for his brand new book, “Flee 9 to 5,” with CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and Fox8 featuring his story on their online news channels. “Flee 9 to 5” instantly became a bestseller under self-help and entrepreneurship on Kindle.

Ben Angel is gaining mass exposure in the states as his brand new Amazon bestseller hits headlines online. Followed by over 40,000 worldwide, Ben is currently in the New York promoting his new book that teaches people how to become part of a growing international trend of ‘Agent’s of Influence,’ that are turning their expertise and knowledge into profits. Major news sites including CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN featured his story within two short hours of it going live. Back home in Australia it’s been flying off shelves at airports, Big W and Dymocks.

"Great inspiring book!"

Jennie Maria Xue – Forbes Columnist

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“Agents of Influence are everyday individuals and entrepreneurs who are sick of making peanuts by sharing their knowledge and expertise with their employers who make millions from it,” says Ben.

Flee 9 to 5 was born out of a trip Ben took to New York in 2012 that saw him come face-to-face with Hurricane Sandy. Currently touring America, Ben says, “I was stuck in a natural disaster on the half of Manhattan that was plunged into darkness. It almost wiped out my business back home in Australia. The business was too reliant on me. I had to reinvent it within a matter of days before the hurricane hit and I went off the grid.”

Ben says that this game-changing book will put bosses on notice, redesign people’s lives around their passions and show people how to profit from their knowledge in simple and easy steps by doing what they love and already know, but in a brand new way. Ben’s top tips for fleeing 9 to 5 include using his EKP Solution;

  • (Expertise) List the expertise you currently have or would like to specialise in, i.e. health and fitness, business, marketing, weight loss, career, sales etc.
  • K (Knowledge) What specific outcomes can be achieved by this expertise?  What knowledge can you share that will help others? i.e. how to get a pay rise, how to lose weight, how to juggle kids and a career.
  • P (Products) If you could turn this knowledge into online products, what formats would you be interested in? I.e. audio, video, online courses etc.

“We’ve been educated into believing that we need to get a job and sell our skills straight to an employer instead of going straight to market,” Ben says, “Millions are searching for answers to their questions every single day online, questions that you can help them answer in a more leveraged way online in the new ‘automated economy. Popular Agents of Influence such as, Tim Ferriss, Betheny Frankel and Anthony Robbings are all paving the way for us.”

Just one year ago Ben was working 12 hour days and helping others make millions. The total transformation took less than six months and included selling digital products worth more than $100,000, paying off $50,000 in debt his business had accrued due to poor management, taking back full control and landing a small cameo role mentoring Mrs Andrea Moss on The Real Housewives of Melbourne that’s currently airing in Australia.

Ben believes that this will redefine the way people think about making money. “The most valuable asset known to us is knowledge,” Ben says, “It’s time we leverage it in a way that allows us to truly do what we love and help others in the process of doing it. It’s not surprising that the book is flying off shelves, people want a change and they want it now.”

Flee 9 to 5 in The Media

About the Author:

Ben Angel is an author, business and lifestyle columnist and marketing specialist on personal branding. Also known as the Agent of Influence, he is Australia’s number-one personal branding and influence expert, specialising in helping authors, entrepreneurs and companies become more appealing to the media and their target markets.

ISBN: 9780730307006

Print Price: AUD$24.95,NZD$28.99

Flee 9-5 is available as an e-book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and all good online retailers and bookstores.

Ben Angel is available for interviews and will be based in New York and then L.A. from March 27th – June 22nd 2014.

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