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  • "Since working with Ben I have appeared in Woman's Day, Good Health, Women's Health & Fitness, Fitness First, CEO Magazine, Body & Soul, Yahoo News, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The British Naturopathic Journal... the list goes on. But the best part? Journalists now approach me!"

    Dr Rebecca Harwin
    Dr Rebecca HarwinAuthor, Speaker
  • "If you're thinking of investing in Ben's training and education, DO IT! His easy to apply techniques for standing out in a cluttered marketplace are GOLD. To date they have resulted in being booked to speak at the Australian Institue of Company Directors, being interviewed on radio and truly making my mark with my unique brand on a television segment for Channel 10."

    Dr Elizabeth Celi
    Dr Elizabeth CeliPsychologist and Author
  • "Sukkie has utilised Ben's education to increase regular sales by 400%, double our database and have Sukkie featured in several of the nations top magazines with subscriptions of over 40,000 athletes."

    Leon Harvey
    Leon HarveyFounder of Sukkie (Sports Drink)
  • "The strategies I have personally used to get major publicity over the past 10 years are all included in my Instant Publicity Marketing System. They are tested, proven and easy to execute for any product, service or individual in any industry and have resulted in my clients getting featured in major publications from The Huffington Post, Cleo to Vogue, on major TV and radio stations, blogs and in countless newspapers (local and internationally). I trust you will enjoy the simple, yet incredibly powerful strategies contained within."

    Ben Angel
    Ben Angel
  • "In my first year as a speaker, I was booked and paid to speak at over 60 business events alone. I soon realised that my approach was unique. Having spoken at events for companies such as, Toyota, Australia Post, Australia Institute of Company Directors, The Australian Pharmaceutical Society and The Tourism Alliance of Victoria to name but a few - I know what it takes to get booked consistently. I trust you will enjoy your exclusive guide and that it will help you kick off a massively successful speaking career due to the simple and powerful strategies contained within."

    Ben Angel
    Ben Angel