CASE STUDY How to Increase Your Web Hits by 400% Using Publicity & Make a Real Difference in The World

One way to increase your website hits, conversion rates and sales is to get much coveted media coverage for your business, right?

Although it’s true, getting publicity isn’t as easy as many believe it to be. Having been mentored by a former Oprah producer and having helped my clients get featured in the likes of The Huffington Post, Vogue, CLEO and more over the years… I can attest to this.

It takes strategy, planning and solid execution and without it, most press releases and media pitches miss the mark and end up getting deleted by journalists, editors and producers alike.

So, how do you increase the likelihood of securing much needed publicity and ‘really’ capturing the media’s attention?

Well, you need to get focused and there’s no better way to learn how to get focused than through a case study that demonstrates this.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Kirsty and reveal to you how a solid strategy resulted in her heartfelt passion getting the much needed media attention it deserves and how yours can too.


Pitch a story that connects…

Kirsty Greenshields is the co-founder of The Centre For Resilient Leadership where she assists men, women and children connect with their authentic self in order to better the family, community and globe.

The Centre’s mission is to provide leaders – men, women and children – with the tools they need to create a life of meaning, so they can have a greater impact on their environment. The centrepiece of the Centre’s offerings is the Young Warrior rite of passage project as it is a gateway to family change, which leads community change.

Pretty incredible, right?

image 3

True Brotherhood comes from a unity of purpose, however to be balanced, must be grounded in authenticity. Centre for Resilient Leadership

The Centre has some impressive aims.

Ultimately the intention is to create a growing pool of conscious, emotionally literate, balanced, purposeful young entrepreneurs, who are empowered to follow their individual life purpose. They have support in mindset and business mentoring and can source financial backing to make their dreams a reality and contribute to a more sustainable community.

With harmony, through personal responsibility and emotional literacy, coming back to the family unit, domestic violence is no longer a burden on society.


The struggle to capture the media’s attention in a cluttered world is real…

While the project had been highly successful, Kirsty wanted to extend the reach further into the community.

“I was seeking a proven way to demonstrate the results of our project to more people, so we could touch more people, and receive full enrolment in programs,” Kirsty said.

The main drivers behind Kirsty’s decision to join my Publicity Project program were:

  • A desire to reach more people
  • The exhaustion of current avenues of publicity
  • A need for more media exposure
  • The current social media results were not proving sufficiently effective


The results she had been achieving were good, but not good enough to push beyond the existing boundaries.

Session in full swing.

Session in full swing.

Kirsty realised that by spreading the message about the project, she was likely to gain overwhelming support for what the Centre is doing. This support could be enough to transform families and entire communities, locally and eventually, across the country, so it was well worth the effort.

While she had written press releases before, and received some interest, Kirsty wanted more. She was driven by a commitment to the Centre’s vision.

Kirsty said, “I decided that if I could get more strategic training in writing and distributing promotional material, that it would assist us to gain more notice.”


How Kirsty succeeded in commanding media attention

Kirsty cleverly took advantage of her location when she began her new media campaign.

Securing local coverage is the first and most critical phase of a campaign, especially if your business is location specific and your events are run there. Your media objectives need to tie in with your overall business objectives relating to sales, enquiries and finding new long term customers. Targeting national media is not likely to bring the results you really want, especially when you want to build a reputation locally.

These objectives were first and foremost in Kirsty’s mind when creating her publicity campaigns. By building a solid local base for the Centre, she could go on to build on it and take her message nationwide as the Centre expanded.


The impressive payoff of Kirsty’s media campaign

image 5

The impressive pay off.

Kirsty was thrilled with the results, saying “We only sent the particular story to two papers, and received positive responses from both – the Sunshine Coast Daily and the Courier Mail. From this we opted for a feature in the Sunday Mail U Magazine, who asked for an exclusive.”

This story alone increased hits on the Centre’s website by 400% in the week following the article. An even more exciting result was that the hits converted into sales.

“…the response rate by way of emails from parents increased dramatically so we expect the June Young Warrior program to be full enrolment.“ Kirsty said.


The most important learning was…

One of the biggest benefits to come from The Publicity Project is confidence, knowing what needs to be done and how to do it so that you get the results you want.

Kirsty feels far more confident in being able to put their message out into the public eye and know that it will get through, and attract attention from the right media outlets.

She says that The Publicity Project…

“… has given us greater confidence in our ability to communicate with media outlets. It helped us confirm our knowledge that our inability to gain attention previously was not because of the project itself, but because of our lack of knowledge about HOW to gain appropriate attention.”

That is such an important distinction!


Get access to over 15,000 media contacts for your next press release

Kirsty found the structure of the program to be great, saying that following the bouncing ball ( so to speak ) enabled her to put the information together in a way that immediately attracted the media attention she wanted.

So, if like Kirsty, you’d love to attract serious media attention that not only boosts your web hits, increases your sales and conversions… and makes a real difference in people’s lives, click here to learn more about The Publicity Project now and how you can gain access to over 15,000 media contacts.

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This incredible program will teach you everything you need to know to get you started immediately.

Chat soon.

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