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30 Day Business               Turnaround Program

Bestselling author & marketing authority, Ben Angel

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With the 30 Day Business Turnaround Program Ben Angel will show you exactly how to bring in hundreds of new customers fast. Watch the video to find out how. 




For a limited time only you can start your 30 day program now today for just $7.95 for a 7 day trial, then 47 each week for 3 weeks thereafter. And you can do so with the confidence in knowing that you can cancel anytime.

Get access to the ultimate 30 day business & marketing plan

This daily action plan will help you create effective marketing campaigns with ease.

Ben Angel - Headshot - CroppedMost business owners struggle on a daily basis to workout precisely which activities they must 'immediately' do to get more clients and make more money.

For a few of my select clients I have helped them get interviewed on national television and radio, featured in magazines from CLEO to Vogue and helped them generate $600,000 + in extra sales within less than 6 months, secure contracts of over $41,000 from their websites alone and help create bestselling books and profitable businesses...  in next to no time.

And, after many requests I've decided to launch a 30 day marketing plan, a series of highly affordable, "planned-for-you" marketing campaigns and daily business activities that you can easily implement within just hours or minutes of receiving them.

And, you can get started all for just $7.95. Hit play on the video above to learn more now.


Imagine what having a complete 30 day business and marketing plan could do for your business...

Each day you'll know exactly what to do, and how to do it in your business to boost your sales...without hours of thinking or preparation.

Here's exactly how this program will instantly transform your business:

With marketing strategies planned for you each and every day for 30 consecutive days, you can achieve laser like focus to bring in new clients and new revenue fast. Regardless of whether you're just starting out or you're an established business looking for that extra injection of sales and cash.

Here is just a tiny snapshot of what is delivered to you throughout this highly comprehensive program:

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    On day 15 of the program I'll share with you the exact same strategy I have personally used to build my database by tens of thousands that will also help you dramatically increase your sales, credibility and reach for next to nothing.

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    On day 5 you'll discover how to use the exact same business and marketing model that Apple computers have used to make billions of dollars and why it works for any product or service in any industry to massively boost profits and customer retention.

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    30 Day Program Quick Start Video Tutorial

    As soon as you subscribe, you'll gain immediate access to the exclusive members area in which you'll discover the 30 Day Program Quick Start Video Tutorial. In this tutorial you'll be guided as to how best to use the program, plus you'll discover my 7 Step Formula to Getting New Clients Within 30 Days or Less to help kick start your progress off instantly.

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    Identity Crisis? Create a Brand That Connects

    Creating a strong brand message is at the core of developing a brand that resonates with your prospective clients, no matter what product or service you sell or how long you’ve been in business for. You’ll discover how to find the right style for your offering that connects with your market on an entirely new level, plus you'll also receive access to 50 slogan ideas that can inspire you to set your business apart from your competitors. Get it day 4.

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    20 Point Marketing Checklist

    Ever wondered why a marketing campaign fell flat? Wonder no more. Troubleshoot your marketing campaigns with ease with this powerful marketing checklist that no business can ever do without! It will save you thousands on marketing alone. Download it day 28.

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    Planning Guide: 18 Ways to Boost Sales Within a Matter of Days

    This downloadable guide outlines for you 18 key marketing strategies and techniques that can quickly add thousands to your bottom line. Download the guide and schedule key activities in your diary immediately to help boost your sales within a matter of days. Get access day 8.

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    7 Step Sales Process to Success

    Hate selling but have to do it? I've got you covered. On day 26 of the program I step you through my time-tested and proven 7 Step Sales Process to Success formula that will dramatically boost your conversion rates. And, the best part is that you won't feel like you're selling at all. It is simply a natural conversation that closes, not a sales pitch that doesn't. Works for all types of businesses from all types of industries.

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    Build Their Desire to Buy And Drive Sales - Fast!

    If there is no need for your product / service, then put simply, people won’t buy from you. It is critical to build the need in the minds of your prospective customers for your products and services by sending out key communication material to them prior to making a serious offer. Discover how you can do this using the latest in marketing strategies called Native Marketing. Learn how day 7.

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    7 Steps to Crafting Email Campaigns That Your Prospects ‘CRAVE’ To Click On

    Get the same strategies I had one of my clients execute to take her online sales from $15,000 per month to well over $70,000 per month within a 6 month period. Discover the essentials of successful email marketing on day 20 and implement it the same day.

Plus much, much more over the course of the 30 days!


Ben Angel (far left) with Sandy Kaye and team from Channel 7's Today Tonight

Introducing your business coach, Ben Angel

Ben is followed by over 50,000 entrepreneurs & business owners worldwide

Ben Angel, author of CLICK, Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business and Flee 9-5, Get 6-7 Figures & Do What You Love, is Australia's leading personal branding, lifestyle and marketing authority. Ben specialises in helping individuals, businesses and companies achieve rapid results in every area of their lives, to transform your profits, yourself and your team into peak performers. He has worked with the likes of Toyota, Australia Post, The Real Estate Institute of Victoria and The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to name but a few.

"Secured Radio & TV Coverage!"

Dr Elizabeth Celi, Psychologist and Author

"If you're thinking of investing in Ben's training and education, DO IT! His easy to apply techniques for standing out in a cluttered marketplace are GOLD. To date they have resulted in being booked to speak at the Australian Institue of Company Directors, being interviewed on radio and truly making my mark with my unique brand on a television segment for Channel 10."



See What Our Customers Are Saying!

What could you achieve with a complete 30 day marketing plan in your business?

"The 30 day marketing program has been amazing! I've tried to get help from others in this area but they kept telling me my business was not big enough for them to advise me. They also asked for of lot money! What you get in this is program is the same but without paying thousands of dollars for it. You get everything that you would get in a marketing plan. Doing this program is the best thing I've done for my business. Thanks Ben!"
David Greig



"Hi Ben! I just wanted to let you know that this step by step guide even after a few days, has helped more than some other programs I have purchased. It is simple and what has been missing for me. Looking forward to the next 26 days."

Julie Nelson

"This really works! I followed the daily program and I generated more sales. Hopefully one day I can meet you in person and gain more knowledge. Thank you!"

Wayne Tirka



For a limited time only you can start your 30 day program now today for just $7.95 for a 7 day trial, then 47 each week for 3 weeks thereafter. And you can do so with the confidence in knowing that you can cancel anytime.

This program is for you!

cutmypicThe Entrepreneur

You’re entrepreneurial in spirit and in practice. You’ve recently started your own business, or you’ve been at it for a while, and you are looking to put in place some structure around your ideas to increase your chances of success, generate greater exposure, boost your profit margins and most importantly increase your sales. You want a daily action and business plan to take your idea to its next logical stage.

cutmypic (1)The Marketer

You work for a business or company and are responsible for coming up with a solid marketing strategy to increase exposure and generate new leads whilst providing a high return on investment. You want fresh new ideas and strategies that leverage the current assets within the business to help improve the company’s bottom line under immense pressure.


cutmypic (2)The Business Owner

You own a business, it maybe new or well established, regardless you’re in need of a strong business and marketing strategy and you do not want to pay a consultant thousands of dollars to do it for you. You’re seeking a dramatic increase in sales and exposure whilst generating a high return on investment from your marketing campaigns. A clear sense of direction is what’s needed to successfully grow your business, you’re just not quite sure which direction to take right now to get an immediate result.

cutmypic (5)The Expert / Consultant

You maybe an author, speaker, coach or consultant that offers a service for a fee. You’re either looking to take on new consulting clients, get speaking engagements or turn your knowledge and expertise into products that sell while you’re asleep. You’re not quite sure where to start and what marketing and business strategies to implement that will immediately boost your profile, attract high paying clients and media coverage that cost very little to execute and that have an instant impact.

cutmypic (3)Just Getting Started

You’re brand new to business and you’re most likely feeling overwhelmed at the task of attracting a consistent stream of customers. The cost of marketing has also likely come to you as an unpleasant surprise. Thankfully, with a solid business and marketing strategy getting started isn’t as hard as it needs to be. You need focus, a vision and the ability to execute it. Your business and marketing plan are absolutely ‘critical’ to your success. Without it, you have the potential to burn through tens of thousands of dollars quickly ‘guessing’ what works and what doesn’t instead of doing the absolute ‘essential’ research and preparation beforehand.


Still Have Questions About the 30 Day Business Turnaround Program?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

I offer a service, how will it help me?

This comprehensive program will help you refine your business model and design a marketing strategy that will not only maximise your profit margins, but also help you identify other opportunities for growth and immediate sales. Regardless of the service that you offer, we've got you covered.

Does it suit brick and mortar businesses?

The answer is, absolutely! This program has been designed to assist all businesses, on and offline no matter what product or service you sell. A successful business is built on a solid strategy. That is what this program will give you.

I am in the expert industry...

Whether you're an author, speaker, coach or consultant, this program is ideal for you. It will help you establish a solid business and marketing strategy that will help you succeed where others before you may have not by teaching you how to successfully package up your knowledge and expertise into profits.

Will it help boost online sales?

Categorically, yes! This program will ensure you create a solid business and marketing plan that leverages the latest in online marketing technology to help build your digital profile, your database and your sales.

I'm designing a new website, should I wait until that is completed before I start?

No, and here's why. This program will help you identify gaps in your current business and sales model. Gaps that need to be seriously considered when building a new website or tweaking an existing one. Gaps that can cause a serious loss in income. If you build a business without getting these fundamental elements right, you end up with a business built on crumbling foundations that can bring the entire business down. And, for many this is the reason that there sales are suffering right now. Hence, it's critical that with the help of this program, these are revised prior to the completion of your site to maximise your return on investment from your online marketing. 

Plus, a very special 'secret bonus' when you subscribe today.

I can't wait to help you get your products and services out into the marketplace, regardless of which industry you are in or what you sell so you can make more money now. 

Subscribe today for your 7 day, $7.95 trial and get started immediately. 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside. 


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